How To Use Third-Party Plugins In ChatGPT? 80+ Plugins Just Added by ChatGPT For Public

How To Use Third-Party Plugins In ChatGPT?

Step 1


Step 2

Click on the left bottom three dots and then click on settings

Step 3

Click on ‘Beta Features’. Turn on the ‘Web browsing’ and ‘Plugin’

Step 4

close the pop up and hover over the GPT 4 or GPT 3 on the top bar. Then choose ‘Plugins’ and Open the plugin store. Choose a plugin and install. More details here.

OpenAI recently released 86 ChatGPT plugins to the public.

Plugins are tools that help ChatGPT to access the latest information, run computations, or use third-party services. See below for more information about these plugins.


Track meals and gain insights from 1M+ restaurants and stores to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

World News

This plugin summarizes news headlines. Users can ask for the latest news from various sources.


Users can create apparel with any image description and get it delivered right to their door.

Portfolio Pilot

This plugin acts as an investing guide and answers questions about portfolio assessment, recommendations, etc.


Change allows users to discover impactful nonprofits to support their community.


Yabble is the ultimate Al research assistant. It can create surveys, collect data and analyze it.

Playlist AI

This plugin creates a Spotify playlist for any prompt.


Metaphor allows users to access the internet’s highest-quality content.


With this plugin, users can get real-time and historical market data like asset prices, news, research, and analysis.

Klara Shopping

This plugin lets users search and compare prices from thousands of online stores.

Video Insights

Using this, users can interact with online video platforms just like Youtube.


OwlJourney ensures an engaging journey by providing lodging and activity suggestions.


This plugin enables the searching of Youtube transcripts.

Prompt Perfect

Using this plugin, users can type ‘perfect’ to craft the perfect prompt each time.


This is a product development plugin. Users can ask about best practices and get top gurus’ product thinking.


Users can ask about recipes, find their desired ingredients, and get them delivered.


Users can search for the perfect Turo vehicle for their trip.

There’s an AI for that

Using this plugin, users can find the right AI tools for any use case.


Users can schedule and send daily messages and inspirational SMS with ease.


This plugin allows users to access real-time datasets for legal and political information.

C3 Glide

Pilots can get live aviation data.


Users can ask and learn about the latest property listings in Ontario.


Using this plugin, users can get current factual data on companies.


This plugin converts text to audio.

Word Sneak

The AI has to sneak three words into the conversation, and the users have to guess it.

Savvy Trader AI

Users can get real-time stock, crypto, and investment data.


Users can retrieve USA stock insights as well as earning calls.


Wishbucket allows users to search across all Korean platforms and brands.


Using Noteable, users can create notebooks in SQL and Python, explore and visualize the data, and share the notebook with others.


Redfin helps users find answers to their questions about the housing market.


Using this plugin, users can compute answers using technology.


This plugin allows users to interact with any pdf file.

Link Reader reads the content of the entered URL.

Options Pro

This plugin is a personal options trader for all kinds of markets.

Hauling Buddies

Users can locate dependable animal transporters using this plugin.


KAYAK searches for budget flights, stays, and rental cars.


This plugin helps users find tours and other travel activities.


Users can find courses of all levels from leading universities.

Weather Report

Users can get the current weather data of all cities.

ABC Music Notation

Users can convert ABC music notations into wav, postscript, and midi files.

Comic Finder

This plugin finds the best comics for the user.

Keyplays Live Soccer

This plugin lets users get the latest standings, plays, and results.


Users can compare prices and discover the latest offers in Australia.


Users can interact with over 5,000 apps like Google Sheets, Salesforce, etc.

Tasty Recipes

Users can get ideas for recipes, meal plans, and even cooking tips.


This plugin allows users to ask questions to any pdf file.

Crypto Prices

This plugin enables users to access the latest crypto prices.


This plugin has endless music, videos, and podcasts.

Crafty Clues

This is a guess the word game.


Users can get TV, movie, and podcast recommendations.


This plugin acts as a sales agent and generates revenue from potential customers.


This plugin provides users with fast, reliable, and peer-reviewed data.


Upskillr allows users to create a curriculum for any topic.


Using Zilliow, users can search listings and view property details.

ndricks Sports

Users can get information about NHL, NBA, and MLB pro teams.

Cloudflare Radar

Users can conduct housing market research for their next house.


Users can find keywords and SEO information.

Dev Community

This plugin recommends articles of users from the Dev community.


Users can play chess in ChatGPT.

This plugin simplifies flight and hotel bookings.


This plugin provides business and finance news.


Users can find the best coupons on all online stores.


Users can search the US census, find datasets, ask questions, and visualize the data.


Users can search for millions of products from the biggest brands.


Users can access affordable and on-demand tutoring.

Yay! Forms 

This plugin allows users to create AI-powered forms, quizzes, and surveys.


Expedia allows users to bring their next trip to life.


Users can learn how to speak in different languages.


Users can make their photos and videos perfect using Polarr’s user-generated filters.

Rentable Apartments

Users can find all the budget-friendly apartment options in their city.


Users can search for thousands of jobs near them.


This plugin gives gift ideas and gets them wrapped and delivered to the user.


Using WebPilot, users can browse webpages and generate articles.

Vivian Health

Users can find healthcare jobs using this plugin.

Lexi Shopper

Users can get product recommendations from their local Amazon store.


Users can write 2D/3D programs using this extension.

Open Trivia

Users can get trivia from numerous categories.


Polygon has all the market data about stocks and crypto.


Users can shape their virtual life in this life simulator.


Users can find restaurant reservations in Japan.


This plugin provides fun and educational activities for children.


Users can find listings for rent.


Users can search the web using a custom search engine.

Show Me

Users can create and edit diagrams in chat.


Using OWD, users can find the perfect one-word domain for their business.


Users can make bookings at restaurants using this plugin.

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