Meet Deepbrain: An AI StartUp That Lets You Instantly Create AI Videos Using Basic Text

TTS systems and artificially intelligent video creators are revolutionizing how we engage with information. In today’s increasingly digital environment, people value having ready access to a wide variety of content, including human voices. Modern technology has made it possible to hear articles, novels, and other written works read aloud by a synthetic voice that sounds completely human. To do this, TTS software equipped with sophisticated algorithms and natural language processing is used to create unique voices and audio files that accurately reflect the intonation and rhythm of a person’s speech. Listening to information, particularly human voices, seem more genuine and interesting.

Creators may benefit greatly from using AI-generated videos. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, videos are generated from text or other input sources. The videos are exciting and well-made. An excellent artificial intelligence video maker is DeepBrain AI. Compared to other AI video SaaS, the quality and realism of its Avatar in AI Studios are unmatched. This program has simplified the process of making AI-generated films from simple text. There are over 80 fully licensed AI avatars, a Text-to-Speech function, pre-built video templates, and a simple online video editor. In addition, it allows users to create their avatars and enables Text-to-Speech in several languages. Last, but not least, it contains an interactive 3D Digital Human component. A video may be made quickly and simply by inputting a script. The chroma key and ppt to video features make it even simpler to create an AI video.  

DeepBrain stands out because of its capacity to generate films with AI human avatars that mimic human speech and movements, resulting in a convincingly humanlike presentation. The site also has several Asian human avatars, which may be useful in certain sectors. Also, with DeepBrain, you can make a computer program that acts and sounds just like a real person.

The avatar’s physical appearance and vocalizations may be tailored to your needs, thanks to the extensive personalization possibilities provided by DeepBrain AI. Because of this, it’s a great option for companies and groups who want to create interesting video tutorials or explainers but need help hiring professional videographers or actors.

To begin making an AI video with DeepBrain AI Studios, choose an AI presenter from the library of more than 30 characters. TTS (Text-to-Speech) in more than 80 languages is supported, as are native AI avatars. Then, paste the script for your artificial intelligence video. The ChatGPT feature of the platform may quickly and easily develop scripts for you. After making your AI video, you can share it online or translate it.

Deepbrain AI Video Generator Tool’s ChatGPT Feature Has These Benefits:

This program uses cutting-edge AI technology to produce text that sounds and reads like it was written by a human, saving you precious time and energy. First, it makes scripting a breeze with its ChatGPT feature, which can generate scripts with a single click. You will no longer have to scratch your head for material or fret about grammar mistakes.

Second, AI avatars that look and move like actual people provide a more interesting and realistic experience for the audience. Avatars may be tailored to your brand or message thanks to the many personalization possibilities. The gender, clothing, and accessories of your virtual self are all up for grabs.

Third, it has adjustable settings, so you can change the color scheme or voice used for the text-to-speech function to suit your needs. The settings may be tailored to your company’s aesthetic or the tone of your message, giving your film a distinct voice. This tool may be used to create either a serious or lighthearted mood.

Fourth, it’s possible to generate films in various languages thanks to the tool’s support for numerous languages. This program may help you reach a wider audience by generating scripts and allowing you to build avatars in many languages.

How It Functions:

One of its functions, ChatGPT, uses cutting-edge AI algorithms to produce scripts in response to user input. All you have to do is give this tool a subject and some keywords, and it will handle the rest. The script may be revised before going on to the next stage.

Second, you may create an AI avatar representing your company or campaign. Because its avatars are modeled after real people, your audience will feel more drawn into the action. You may be whatever you want, dress as you wish, and add anything.

Third, the program will merge your script and avatar to produce a high-quality video when you’ve finished making both. You may check if the video is up to snuff before you commit to downloading it by using this handy tool. You may customize the end product by switching out the background and the text-to-speech voice.

ChatGPT’s video creation tool integration may cause a sea change in the media landscape. Creating an AI video generation tool with Deepbrain’s ChatGPT integrated might revolutionize the video production and content creation industries by making them more user-friendly and time-saving. This application may aid both content producers and companies make high-quality, compelling films that resonate with their target demographics by increasing productivity, customization, and insight.

Note: Thanks to the Deepbrain AI team for the thought leadership/ Educational article above. Deepbrain AI has sponsored and supported this Content.

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