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10 Unbeatable Prompts to Conquer ChatGPT Like a Pro

1. Teach ChatGPT to come up with prompts on its own.

Prompt: “You are an AI designed to help [insert profession]. Generate a list of the 10 best prompts for yourself. The prompts should be about [insert topic].”

2. Request assistance from ChatGPT to help you use it more effectively.

Prompt: “Create a beginner’s guide to using ChatGPT. Topics should include prompts, priming, and personas. Include examples where necessary. The guide should be no longer than 500 words.”

3. Discover any challenging topic in just a few minutes:

Prompt: “Explain [insert topic] in simple and easy terms that any beginner can understand.”

4. Get ready for a hiring interview. 

Prompt: “I am interviewing for [enter position]. Can you give me a comprehensive list of questions interviewers will ask me during this interview? Also, provide brief answers to each question.”

5. React to emails from clients.

Prompt: “You are a customer service representative dealing with a customer upset about late delivery. Write a 100 word apology email offering a 20% discount.”

6. Request that ChatGPT writes in your voice.

Prompt: “Analyze the writing style from the text below and write a 200 word piece on [insert topic].”

7. Consult ChatGPT for assistance with your career-related issues. 

Prompt: “Act as an expert career coach. I [explain problem]. Give me a list of 5 solutions that could potentially fix this problem.”

8. Ask ChatGPT for employment assistance:

Prompt: “I am looking to hire [insert job]. I have no experience with hiring [insert job]. Give me a list of 10 online communities and job boards where I can source candidates for this job.”

9. Get rid of the obstruction.

Prompt: “I’m writing a blog post about [insert topic]. I can’t come up with a catchy title. Give me a list of 5 suggestions for the blog title for this piece.”

10. Develop fresh concepts.

Prompt: “I want to [insert task or goal]. Generate [insert the desired outcome] for [insert task or goal].”

Credit: https://twitter.com/heykahn/status/1650125248568893441

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