Best AI-Based Photo Restoration Tools (2023)

Photographs play a crucial role in our lives by preserving priceless memories and significant experiences we can cherish forever. They serve as a way to keep us connected to our past, families, and communities. They are a physical representation of our history.

Yet, pictures can deteriorate, age, or sustain various kinds of harm over time. As a result, we can lose priceless moments that can never be restored. In recent years, solutions for AI-powered photo restoration have grown in popularity. These tools use cutting-edge algorithms and machine learning approaches to rapidly and easily restore outdated, damaged, or faded images. Let’s look at some of the best photo restoration tools powered by AI.


VanceAI is a leading provider of AI-powered photo enhancement and editing tools. They offer various capabilities, including image upscaling, sharpening, denoising, and background removal. This considerably simplifies the photo processing experience, freeing users from the complexities of traditional editing methods. It has a special feature called AI Old Photo Repair & Colorize, allowing users to restore old and faded photos using deep learning digitally. All their AI tools are available online, or their software can be downloaded for free.


Hotpot offers a vast array of tools for various purposes, such as art creation, image resizers, object removal, design, editing, and more. Among these diverse offerings, Hotpot also provides an AI photo restoration tool. It can repair damaged images by removing blemishes, scratches, and other imperfections, making it a valuable resource for photo restoration enthusiasts. It also has an image colorizer that can colorize black-and-white pictures. The tool is easy to use and has a simple interface. One can buy credits to use any of their AI tools.


Image Colorizer is a popular AI tool for restoring old images and bringing them back to color. This software effectively transforms worn-out images into vibrant and colorful renditions and is equipped with features like photo colorization, restoration, enhancement, retouching, and repair. Users can easily navigate its interface and enjoy the convenience of working with cutting-edge technology to preserve treasured moments. It has a free plan with 20 credits every month, and the paid plans start from $9/month.


Photomyne is a mobile app that offers AI-powered photo restoration capabilities for preserving cherished memories. This innovative app allows users to effortlessly scan multiple photos at once using their smartphone’s camera. Upon scanning, Photomyne’s AI algorithms automatically analyze the images, cropping, and color correcting as needed, thus streamlining the photo restoration process. It has a seven-day free trial with an annual $3.33/month plan.

Photo Works

This seemingly simple photo editing tool is powered by cutting-edge image processing technologies. Old and damaged images can be brought back to their former state with its AI-powered scratch and blemish removal tools. Moreover, Photo Works has effective colorization and enhancement features that let you breathe new life into your black-and-white photos or enhance their overall appearance. The software can be downloaded for free.


AVC.AI uses a deep learning algorithm to automatically and painlessly improve and restore photo quality. Users can denoise, sharpen, colorize, and calibrate to enhance the quality of the image and upscale it from low to high resolution. Upscale, Face Retouch, Denoise, Remove BG, Colorize, and Color Calibrate are the six main models in AVC.AI. A user has to upload the image, select the model, process the image, and download the result. Users can buy credits to use the tool.

Colourise is a free online tool that can be used to restore old damaged photos with deep learning. Users can remove scratches and creases, sharpen color and enhance faces in a single click. It is designed for colorizing black-and-white photos. The user has to upload the black and white image, process it, and download the result. The tool is easy to use and has no limit on the number of photos processed.


Imgkits offers a comprehensive suite of AI-driven tools for image editing and enhancement. Its primary functions include Inpaint, Anime Filter, Photo Restoration, and Background Remover. With Photo Restoration and AI Unblur Image, users can effortlessly colorize black and white photos and restore their clarity in just a few seconds. Additionally, Imgkits allows users to resize images without compromising on quality, providing an all-in-one solution for various photo editing needs. It has a free trial and pricing options starting from $0.5/image.


MyHeritage has expertise in restoring historical photos, but it can also efficiently restore modern images. With MyHeritage, you can quickly colorize black-and-white photos from decades ago using artificial intelligence. Moreover, the website can revitalize faded or yellowed images and bring them back to their former glory with vivid colors. In fact, MyHeritage’s tool may even improve the images beyond their original state.

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