Best AI-Based Customer Support Tools (2023)

Second Nature

The conversational technology built into Second Nature’s sales training software simulates real conversations with sales representatives. This enables sales representatives to hone their selling techniques in a risk-free, low-pressure setting. The program assists sales representatives in closing more agreements by helping them comprehend the consumer’s demands. Moreover, it offers sales managers perceptions of the representatives’ performance, allowing them to concentrate on areas that need development.

TheLoops AI

TheLoops AI for the CX platform is a potent tool created to assist businesses with a customer experience by delivering the voice of the customer analysis, real-time troubleshooting, agent quality monitoring, and more. TheLoops platform combines data from several sources to provide insights into customers’ use, sentiment, and health. It also allows process automation with low-code support workflows.

Yuma AI

A powerful AI technology called Yuma AI Ticket Assistant is used to speed up customer assistance procedures. It automatically writes replies to client inquiries and connects with help desk software like Gorgias. Yuma can produce chat thread summaries, change the writing style, and translate automatically into 15 other languages. Moreover, it collects current data from Shopify sites and goods, enabling agents to provide precise, customized solutions that meet company goals.


Free Live Chat on Tiledesk with Chatbots, WhatsApp, and Agents With the help of the platform offered by UNLIMITED, companies can integrate free live chat with open-source chatbots to boost ROI and provide a single inbox for all consumer contacts. It includes features like a Live Chat Widget, Chatbot, Unified Messaging, Adaptive Multichannel Chatbot Design, Mobile Applications, Chatbot Knowledge Base, and Integrations with WordPress, Facebook Messenger, PrestaShop, WordPress, WhatsApp for Business, Dialogflow, Rasa, Zapier, and WhatsApp.


An AI-powered call management solution called Echowin assists enterprises in managing connections, tasks, and client inquiries. It is intended to comprehend natural language and provide tailored solutions for each situation. Moreover, it provides a complete real-time view of client interactions, enabling organizations to make smarter choices. Businesses may save time and concentrate on operating their operations since it is completely automated and available around the clock.

Caffeinated CX

By automating the response process, Caffeinated CX is an AI technology created to assist organizations in increasing the effectiveness of their customer care employees. By examining primary support data, Caffeinated CX trains its autofill AI to react to customer inquiries more quickly using machine learning techniques, reducing support expenses and increasing profitability. It promises native integration with popular support platforms like Zendesk, Intercom, and Freshdesk, allowing companies to operate smoothly with their current software.

With the help of the program, users of major messaging services may get automated responses to their messages. For a more effective messaging experience, users may personalize their answers and automate the procedure. Such messaging services as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, Signal, and Viber are supported by this program. Users may set unique rules for various messages on, which gives infinite messaging.


OneContact Suite is a collab omnichannel contact center software that promises to provide contact centers with simple AI capabilities to improve customer interaction. By combining CRM, speech analytics, and other cutting-edge features like gamification, workforce efficiency, and agent scripting, the platform is intended to simplify customer interactions. OneContact Suite also provides contact center as a service (CCaaS) and cloud PBX solutions with intelligent routing, IVR, and bot self-service options. OneContact Suite effectively administers phone, video, email, instant messaging, and social media channels via a single interface and offers real-time reporting and quality monitoring tools.

Chatfuel AI

Using cutting-edge AI technology, Chatfuel AI is a chatbot builder allowing organizations to advance consumer interactions. The platform provides a quick and effective approach to building chatbots that can interact with clients in a warm, human-like manner and provide thorough answers to their questions. The solution enables companies to inform clients about their goods and services, respond to their inquiries, provide product recommendations, and more by using built-in ChatGPT by Open AI.


Knowledge management (KM) platform Knowmax offers AI-powered features to enhance customer interaction and communication. The platform provides several tools, including decision trees, visual device instructions, learning management, and knowledge base software, to streamline complicated corporate processes and improve client self-service options. The platform employs a search engine similar to Google, cognitive decision trees, and visual instructions to speed service, automate response processing, and simplify troubleshooting procedures.

An AI customer service automation tool called offers end-to-end workflows for AI email management and smart mailbox automation. Cookies monitor traffic, provide social networking features, and customize content and adverts. Moreover, it utilizes cookies to determine whether a visitor has accepted the cookie permission box, whether the user’s browser accepts cookies, and differentiates between people and bots.


A messaging software called QuickReplai uses cutting-edge AI technology to respond to messages effectively and quickly. This program offers consumers on-demand virtual assistant services, making communication simple and hassle-free. QuickReplai uses AI technology to guarantee that replies are customized to the user’s requirements, making the application very effective and efficient. Individuals and corporations wishing to simplify their communication process might benefit from QuickReplai.


The first AI-driven knowledgebase platform in the world, Brainfish, was created to aid companies in enhancing customer service. In addition to analyzing assistance articles and making change suggestions, Brainfish also creates new articles depending on the prompts. Customers may ask any inquiry and get an immediate response thanks to it, and it also exposes client blind spots. Existing knowledgebases may be transferred in minutes and are simple to use. Instant proofreading, AI-powered search, analytics, and multilingual assistance are all offered by Brainfish.


YOUS is a messaging software that offers real-time translations for voice and video chats using AI-based technologies. With a free edition and a premium Plus membership, it is accessible on iOS, Android, and web browsers. Users are advised to have meetings and call in calm areas with a strong internet connection since the messenger is safe, encrypting all communications and never recording conversations. The AI-based translator can be used for audio/video meetings, phone conversations, and messaging and is eight times less expensive than human translators. It also can continuously improve its accuracy.


An AI reply generator called Quickreply makes replying to communications easier. It analyzes incoming communications using sophisticated algorithms to provide relevant, tailored answers quickly. The application offers choices for adjusting the tone of the response (friendly, professional, informative, or funny). Currently, in testing, Quickreply will soon release version 2. Those who sign up for their notification list will be informed when the new version of the tool is launched. CRET Studio designed the program. This AI technology is intended to improve communication for organizations and people while saving time and effort.


Users of the AnyBot platform may build unique AI bots for every use case. It is supported by OpenAI GPT-3 technology, which makes it simple to alter the personality and commands of the bot to provide users with a fun and tailored experience. The platform also allows users to build a customized chatbot trained on their website, Document, or knowledge base. AnyBot is easy to use and needs the most fundamental data to construct a bot, like a chatbot’s name, personality, and instructions.

Persana AI

By identifying qualifying leads, extracting consumer insights, and mass distributing targeted outreach, the AI tool Persana AI helps organizations increase the efficiency of their sales teams. Using past email campaign data, CRM and internal data, and publicly accessible data sources, the tool creates comprehensive client profiles. The sales crew will be assisted by this Persana AI model that has been fine-tuned so that they may concentrate on selling rather than strenuous activities. Businesses may discover the most promising prospects and prime possibilities with Persana AI’s hyper-personalized AI technology, which aids the sales staff in maximizing productivity.


Freeday is a digital staffing company that provides artificial intelligence-powered virtual workers to organizations so they may outsource their repetitive and laborious duties. The platform aims to help teams free up time, eventually improving productivity and elevating experiences that may generate more money. Freeday provides digital workers for businesses in several functional areas, including accounts payable, know your customer, employee engagement, and customer service centers. The platform’s partners, which include Google Cloud Partner, nl-ai-coalitie, and nen, provide secure and accurate outsourcing for its customers.

Norby AI

Norby AI is an AI chatbot created to provide human-like customer support for online retailers, healthcare providers, cryptocurrency enterprises, and fintech companies. It offers a 30-day free trial and upsells and shopping cart recovery options. Cookiebot, a service for managing permission and cookies, powers the tool. Its objectives are to provide website owners the ability to customize content and advertisements, offer social networking features, track website traffic, and stop cross-site request forgery. Norby AI uses cookies to identify mistakes, provide visitors IDs so they only register once, gather information about visitor activity, follow visitors between websites, and improve the relevancy of advertisements.


Olvy is a changelog tool driven by AI that helps businesses quickly alert customers of product changes. Users may design their changelog and choose from various in-app widgets using Olvy to bring product announcements within the app. Olvy’s no-code experience enables customers to tailor their changelog to match their product without creating a single line of code. Bespoke CSS may be added, and the domain can be changed to better match the product. Olvy provides language assistance, which has been included in feedback widgets to enhance the user experience for users who do not speak English as their first language.


An artificial intelligence (AI) application called Brandmate helps companies manage their brand reputation and improve their internet visibility. It provides several AI-driven services that simplify brand management, sentiment analysis, content production, reputation monitoring, and review management. With Brandmate, companies can quickly and professionally respond to online reviews, use AI to personalize and effectively respond, produce high-quality marketing content, such as blog posts and emails, with ideas and suggestions generated by AI, track engagement and performance, and get alerts when new reviews are posted.

Relevance AI

Without coding knowledge, Relevance AI is a platform that enables users to analyze and visualize unstructured data rapidly. Users may quickly classify and analyze text, picture, and audio data using the platform’s many capabilities, which include question and answer, automatic classification, AI workflows, and semantic search. Users may easily send their evaluated data back to data warehouses thanks to Relevance AI’s ability to interact with various databases and services.

Relevance AI is appropriate for various use cases, including analytics and insights, market research, customer experience, employee experience, and customer experience. The platform has over 100 pre-trained AI/ML processes for all user scenarios.


An AI integration tool called Aide makes it possible for customer support employees to work more productively by giving them a smart overview of client problems, facilitating quicker response times, and boosting customer happiness. Aide recognizes prevalent issues and proposes solutions for faster answers using machine learning technologies and smart ideas. With the tool’s inbound analytics, teams may identify areas for improvement, develop better products, and develop resolution strategies for persistent problems.


A chatbot-building platform for businesses and startups is called BotDistrikt. With an emphasis on user experience, it enables users to construct chatbots without coding. It offers templates and resources for creating virtual characters that consumers can interact with. To facilitate informed dialogues and conversions, the platform aids in monitoring data points, including clicks, impressions, and funnels. The chatbots from BotDistrikt are designed to qualify leads for companies using drip marketing and data on consumer behavior. Instead of only utilizing buttons, the chatbot platform enables non-linear dialogues with clients, making it more interesting.


An artificial intelligence (AI) platform for customer service called PolyAI, powered by Cookiebot, enables 24/7 phone response without human operators. Cookies are used by the tool to improve loading times, tailor content and adverts, and store user permission. Cookies are also used to implement forms, identify people from bots, and detect mistakes. Visitors’ devices and activity are tracked using Google Analytics, while Vimeo is utilized to store visitor preferences for video content. Lastly, marketing cookies monitor users across websites and provide relevant advertisements. offers AI-optimized consumer and staff experiences. The platform deploys AI-first virtual assistants and process assistants to automate interactions for every sector. Experience Optimization (XO), which combines conversational AI with digital UX, is made possible by the platform. For customer interactions, it provides several solutions, including SmartAssist for contact centers, BankAssist for banking, HealthAssist for healthcare, and RetailAssist for retail. It provides WorkAssist, an online collaborative workspace, IT Assist, and HR Help for the benefit of employees. A cognitive search tool with conversational help is called SearchAssist.

Delve AI

With the use of an AI platform called Delve AI, organizations can quickly develop data-driven customer personas for both their own and those of their rivals. Live Personas, Social Personas, and Competitive Personas are the three alternatives available in the tool for persona creation. Whereas the Social Persona option creates social personas for a business’s social media audience, the Live Persona option leverages Google Analytics data to construct personas for a website. Users may also utilize competition data to hone their ideal customer profile and blend it with information from their desired segment. Delve AI provides a free trial period and several price tiers for single and numerous enterprise users.


Kaizan is a platform for client intelligence that helps client success teams increase revenue retention. To facilitate client success, it leverages sophisticated language models and conversation intelligence to extract crucial tasks and actions from talks. It fills client work streams with summaries of all discussions, recommendations for the next steps, and risks and opportunities that help the team maintain and get new clients. Insights on hot issues, mood, and an objective assessment of what’s occurring throughout the client portfolio are also provided by Kaizan. Moreover, it provides tools like a manual for consultative selling and an investigation of customer information as a crucial tool for the company.

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