Top AI Chrome Extensions To Hack Your Life And Save Time (April 2023)


Wiseone is a browser add-on that provides a fresh approach to reading and discovering web content. With a new AI-powered browser extension, you can easily grasp any topic you’re reading, simplify knowledge, and have quicker access to real data, enhancing your online reading experience.


Eesel filters your browser history to show your work documents in the new tab. Everything is accessible and completely searchable. Your work may be automatically categorized into Folders. Forget about bookmarks and tab managers. Directly in the new tab, you may share folders with the team and get any new pages they create. Staying up to date without constantly checking Slack is also beneficial.


The FinalScout Chrome extension allows you to scrape LinkedIn profiles with emails from LinkedIn search results or click a button to obtain the business email address for any LinkedIn profile. Also, there are buttons for Click and Clip that allow you to generate customized emails for each use case and retrieve the email address from any LinkedIn profile (powered by ChatGPT). You receive 100% validated emails with FinalScout.


With the Vento Chrome Extension, you can record videos on a stress-free website that lets you go back and fix problems. With the help of this plugin, you can effortlessly stop and start recording, annotate your screen, and point and click as you go! Vento supports link sharing, presenter bubbles, and more.

Text Blaze

Using keyboard shortcuts, users of Text Blaze may store programmable text snippets and inject them into any web page. Snippets may be simple text or dynamic templates with placeholders, business logic (if/else), the ability to read data from any website, and interfaces with other applications. Snippets can also be plain text. While Text Blaze offers many more fantastic features, it’s time to try it. To begin, install the extension!

ChatGPT Writer

It is a Chrome plugin for Gmail that uses ChatGPT to produce emails or answers to your inquiries. Logging into OpenAI is the sole requirement to utilize the extension. Then, by clicking on it, the extension must be opened. It then asks for context-filled input containing the topic or content of the email. Please provide background if you’re responding to a previous conversation.


The tldv meeting recorder for Google Meet and Zoom allows you to record calls in a way that has never been possible before. You may record any Google Meet call’s insights in high-quality voice and video with the tldv Chrome add-on. You may watch recordings right away, and you’ll also get a transcript for your video. Use tldv to timestamp, edit, or share your recordings. It FREE automatically records and transcripts Google Meet.


A free and simple-to-use online data scraper is AnyPicker. With a robust pattern recognition engine backed by artificial intelligence, you can quickly and effectively extract any website data. It has a user-friendly but potent graphical interface and works with any website, including those that need logins. It can scrape and download images and export data in XLS Excel and CSV formats.


ChatOnAI enables the full potential of ChatGPT. Together with Google, Bing, Ecosia, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, and other well-known search engines, it displays ChatGPT’s answers. The prompts offered by ChatOnAI range from SEO, content, and video to your favorite poetry. Your browsing experience is improved by ChatOnAI using OpenAI ChatGPT’s features, focusing on dependability and being up-to-date.


Like Grammarly, ContentBot is another plugin that uses AI to help writers. The extension is a content writer and SEO pro who produces top-notch content to help you increase the number of visitors to your site. The software can create blog posts, advertisements, and social media updates.

Compose AI

Since Compose AI presents itself as an AI that composes your emails, it is obvious why and how it succeeds. If you’re more interested in using an AI writing extension to help you with your emails and the occasional Slack discussion, Compose AI is a great tool. Furthermore, it is simple to use. To access the prompt, which is already there in the window, open an email.

ChatGPT Prompt Genius

You can do a ton of cool things using ChatGPT. You may write anything from little essays to complex programs. To fully appreciate the chatbot, there may need to be additional prompts left. ChatGPT Prompt Genius bridges that gap by giving customers all the prompts they could ask for and other capabilities. Users may find many more prompts in the creators’ dedicated subreddit. Thanks to the Prompt Genius add-on, you may experiment with as many inputs as you’d like.


While reporting bugs might be annoying, it doesn’t have to be. Meet Jam, who makes reporting problems 20 times quicker so you can return to work. With only one click, Jam enables you to give your devs the ideal bug reportā€”no paperwork, no complicationā€”just clear documentation of the browser problem in one simple link. Moreover, Jam interacts with the applications you currently use (such as Jira, Asana, Slack, etc.) to enable submitting issues to the appropriate places as soon as possible.

ChatSonic AI

Similar to ChatGPT, ChatSonic AI is a chatbot platform driven by AI that enables businesses to build tailored, human-like consumer experiences. Without using a lot of code or human resources, it offers a variety of features and capabilities using contemporary NLP and adaptive learning technology. Users may communicate with the chatbot via SMS messages or voice instructions. It can accomplish tasks that require using the most recent information nearly immediately.

YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

The free Chrome Extension YouTube Summary with ChatGPT lets you quickly get the summary of the YouTube videos you are now watching using OpenAI’s ChatGPT AI technology. Also, you can view and access the video summary by clicking the summary buttons on the video’s thumbnail while browsing YouTube videos. Use this plugin to learn faster and save time.


You can quickly save transcriptions from your online meetings, including Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams, using the free transcription tool Tactiq. With just a few clicks, you can easily and quickly transcribe meetings, highlight text, annotate key passages, and distribute transcriptions to your team. To ensure you get everything, you may use Tactiq to record every word said during sales conversations, team meetings, online courses, customer interviews, product research, presentations, and master classes.


You can write more effectively using QuillBot, use fewer words, and organize your thoughts better. Choose the Correct Synonym With a built-in thesaurus feature that makes changing individual words simple, QuillBot assists you in finding the ideal term every time. It offers data regarding the writing style and tone you use. Check for grammatical and punctuation mistakes in your work. Also, it aids in reading comprehension of complex or challenging literature.


A personal writing assistant, HyperWrite streamlines authors’ tasks by producing ideas for writing content. Based on the text’s content, the plugin suggests the appropriate words and phrases complete your sentences. In addition to the writing assistance function, HyperWrite built a text-to-image portion for its website.


Any video, conference call, or meeting may be instantaneously transcribed using a machine learning system with AI. This transcript is further edited by the computer, which separates the information for each speaker and produces perfect sentences. is the best add-on for transcribing meetings, chats, and video conversations.

Podcastle AI

A specific web page’s text is read by the Podcastle Chrome extension and converted into a podcast. With the help of this plugin, users may turn every word they write into audio so they can listen to news or magazines on the move. You may also make your playlists and share them with others.

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