Best LinkedIn Automation Tools (2023)

LinkedIn is undoubtedly the best social media platform for professionals. It enables users to make connections with others who share their interests, expand their network, find employment, attract candidates for open positions, and exchange ideas with people. It’s crucial to consistently engage on the platform, whether by growing your network, sharing content, or sending direct messages, to have a strong presence and attract people. LinkedIn automation can assist with this. 

LinkedIn automation utilizes tools to carry out manual tasks on LinkedIn, like sending out connection requests, messaging potential clients, sending follow-up messages, and more. Let’s look at some of the Top LinkedIn Automation Tools.


Expandi is a powerful cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool. It provides intelligent features that mimic human behavior, such as a random delay between activities, an auto-warm-up feature, and smart message and connection request limits.

Personalization is the cornerstone of Saleshub, a powerful LinkedIn tool for sales outreach. Users can quickly send all of their prospects highly tailored messages with images. Further capabilities include integrating email and LinkedIn in campaigns, an advanced automation option, an email finder, and a verification feature.


Phantombuster assists users in obtaining leads from all significant networks and websites, including LinkedIn. It offers a data scraping capability that provides useful information to run successful campaigns. The cloud-based tool automates tasks like sending connection requests, liking and commenting on posts, sending personalized messages, and much more. It is code-free and can be easily integrated with other tools.


Dux-Soup is a simple LinkedIn automation tool that can be accessed via a Chrome extension. It can automate outreach and profile visits, LinkedIn messaging, connection endorsements, and more. Additionally, it can design LinkedIn drip campaigns that end when a lead responds. Further, it can personalize messages to make them more pertinent and enhance engagement.


MeetAlfred is a cloud-based automation solution that empowers teams by automating their job and sending countless personalized follow-up messages on Linkedin, Email, and Twitter daily to help them reach sales targets more quickly. It has features like an integrated LinkedIn CRM that makes managing the outreach team and campaigns simple, many campaign sequences, a powerful analytics dashboard, built-in safety usage limitations, and many integrations.


LinkedHelper is a user-friendly LinkedIn automation tool for smart outreach. Its advantages include automating outreach efforts to your second and third-degree connections, having a built-in CRM for tracking leads, having unmatched integration abilities, and exporting your contact list as a CSV file.

Reply is an all-in-one sales engagement platform that can generate new prospects at scale while maintaining the human nature of every touchpoint. It is available as a chrome extension. It streamlines cold outreach through many channels. It is a full-cycle sales engagement platform with analytics, an email finder, CRM integrations, and an AI assistant.

Linked Radar

Linked Radar is a user-friendly LinkedIn lead generation and automated messaging tool. It has features like a LinkedIn Scraper and Viewer, Automatic Messaging, Steady Country-based IP, Time Zone Selection for Best Results, Smart Limiting, Cloud-Based Activity, and Customized Templates to boost response rates.


Lempod is a well-known browser-based LinkedIn automation tool. It promotes engagement, which expands the LinkedIn network. Lempod makes it easier to locate and join pods in the targeted sector. Every pod member automatically likes and comments on the user’s postings when they are made. This increases engagement and reach. Lempod only permits one post per user daily and caps the number of participants in each pod at 50 to guarantee that pods stay hidden.


TexAu is a growth automation tool that allows users to increase their company’s visibility on LinkedIn and other sites. With its workflows and data scraping feature, TexAu makes automation simple. It automates Connecting, sending messages, commenting on posts, and many other tasks. Users may also scrape the data of group members if they belong to a LinkedIn group.

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