Top AI-Based Startups in Turkey (2023)

Artificial intelligence (AI) has quickly emerged as a revolutionary technology in a number of fields. Massive amounts of data and AI have led to a thriving startup ecosystem. Turkey has a flourishing startup ecosystem, with many of these companies focusing on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Let’s look at some of the most innovative AI-based startups in Turkey.


Segmentify is an AI-powered customization tool that assists businesses in providing individualized consumer experiences. The platform analyzes client data and behavior using machine learning algorithms to increase consumer engagement and loyalty before delivering customized recommendations and offers. Without an IT team, Segmentify may be added to any website quickly by adding two lines of JS code.


By eliminating silos and utilizing a unified solution with omnichannel fulfillment, Oplog assists businesses in accelerating growth and better managing consumer expectations. It enables customers to sell on any platform they choose, picking, packing, and shipping their goods so they can concentrate on expanding their businesses. It also allows companies to sell across the world.


Vispera provides grocery retailers and suppliers with image recognition-based retail execution and tracking services, allowing them to increase their field operations’ efficiency and efficacy significantly. One of Vispera’s most notable offerings is Shelfsight, a shelf-monitoring solution that uses computer vision to find and assess product placement and availability in retail establishments. The solutions provided by Vispera are intended to assist businesses in streamlining their inventory and supply chain management procedures, as well as their approaches to customer engagement.

Invent Analytics

Invent Analytics provides retail supply chain solutions that assist organizations in modernizing and orchestrating their supply chain. They offer Omni-AI, an intelligent supply chain solution package that integrates network planning, inventory and price optimization, and fulfillment into a single framework to manage a retailer’s complete supply chain. Retailers are liberated from having to manage conflicting KPIs, which helps improve their financial performance.


Cameralyze is a no-code platform for creating computer vision applications for organizations that employ live video streams and edge devices. For developers, it offers ready-to-use integrations, and for business people, it provides ready-to-use applications. Drag-and-drop building blocks are available for customers to install and roll out apps, automate workflows, and manage edge devices, desktops, or servers connected to cameras.


Reengen offers an Internet of Things (IoT) platform for energy. The business uses sensors and big data analytics to measure and optimize energy use at various locations, enable industrial machinery to be maintained in advance, and track the operation of solar plants and power grids. Banks use the service to manage uninterrupted power supply during outages, malls to bill subtenants appropriately, and utility providers to track customer consumption trends to understand their clients better.

Tarentum AI

Tarentum AI creates artificial intelligence-driven products and services that increase the revenue of the gaming and energy industries. It offers corporations and business clients data insights that make it possible to implement end-to-end plans. The business uses AI and machine learning to provide customer insights to the gaming sector, cash management to the retail banking sector, forecasting to the renewable energy sector, and online engagement prediction to the e-commerce sector.


Virasoft provides cancer diagnostic tools based on computer vision technologies. Its algorithms examine digital tissue slides to deliver an initial diagnosis and analysis considerably faster than manual work by human clinicians while eliminating errors. Additionally, it provides a mobile imaging application that enables doctors to take digital photos of analog slides being examined under a microscope and a remote consultation app for healthcare facilities.

Tazi AI

Tazi is a platform for adaptive machine learning used by business users. Thanks to Tazi, business experts, and data scientists can quickly design, update, deploy, and take actions using ML. Using the democratization of AI, Tazi assists the insurance, retail, pharmaceutical, healthcare, financial, and manufacturing industries in making wiser business decisions. Tazi offers numerous services, including client retention, churn prediction, sales forecasting, and demand forecasting.

Ango AI

Ango AI provides a data labeling platform for projects of any scale and scope, including those in the banking, healthcare, and other sectors. It can deliver annotations rapidly and effectively while upholding the highest quality standards thanks to a scalable and well-managed labeling team, cutting-edge human-computer interfaces, and AI assistance. Its features include support for many file kinds, including medical files, QA/QC tools, performance analytics, and strong project management.


Yolda is a cloud-based and AI-powered transportation management software company. Its features include partial truckload cost calculation, delivery planning, estimated time of arrival (ETA) forecasting, shipping status tracking, access to delivery documents, invoicing and development of payment requests, and reporting. Using Yolda’s API-based system, which offers integrated solutions and end-to-end automation, logistical processes may be made more effective.


Wellbees help companies promote employee well-being. Using an AI engine, Wellbees provides personalized routes to each employee. Yet, it makes well-being a topic of cultural discussion because it addresses not just the individual but the entire business through social functions. Wellbees features an AI-powered Insights panel for people professionals that provides actionable insights and helps HR direct its well-being offering depending on usage.


Keeping up with trends is essential for success in today’s fast-paced fashion world. T-Fashion is a platform for generative design and trend forecasting powered by AI that offers fashion businesses personalized fashion analytics and AI-generated product recommendations. Through the use of AI, it understands trend dynamics through billions of online interactions. Companies can use T-Fashion to remain on top of market dynamics, pay attention to their target market, validate their creativity using market data, and develop the best-selling items.


Lifemote is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for Internet service providers (ISPs), which utilizes AI to find and fix problems with subscribers’ home WiFi. Lifemote also provides ISPs with numerous snapshots and insights, allowing them to see the quality of their subscribers’ home WiFi. By implementing Lifemote, ISPs may offer quick and efficient customer care, increasing subscriber satisfaction and lowering the cost of customer ownership. 


SmartAlpha provides AI applications for ultrasound guiding so that any healthcare professional can access medical imaging anywhere, at any time. Their AI technology enables any healthcare worker to do ultrasound scans in any healthcare environment by transforming grayscale ultrasound images into intuitive, anatomy-aware ones in real-time. The entire line of AI-on-Ultrasound products from SmartAlpha is adaptable to different devices, simple to use, and mindful of regulations.

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