Google Integrates Generative AI Features To Gmail And Docs In Google Workspace

Imagine traveling to some unknown destination without the help of Google Maps. Or not having access to your emails on Gmail when the workday begins. Yes, it seems improbable just to consider this concept! There is barely any aspect of our everyday lives that the technology giant has not yet entered. For over 25 years, Google has been developing tools and services that aim to make our lives easier. From Search and Maps to Gmail and Docs in Google Workspace, their products have been extremely instrumental in adding value to people’s lives. Furthermore, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology in their products has allowed them to dominate the market. Google has already added a number of AI improvements to its Workspace products over the past few years, some of which include Smart Compose and Smart Reply in Gmail, text summarization in Docs, improved video quality in Meet, and security against malware and phishing attempts. And now, Google has something planned to completely change how its users use Workspace!

Google has now revealed that it will incorporate generative AI into its Workspace cloud applications, which include Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Meet, and Chat. This will enable users to take advantage of generative AI’s power to create, connect, and collaborate in ways that have never been possible. Google’s Workspace has always remained true to its mission of creating, building, and growing for everyone, thus making it the world’s most widely used and secure cloud-based communication and collaboration suite. The current advancements in generative AI will allow the company to carry out this mission in new ways. These new features will include drafting documents and email content, generating response mails, sorting emails by priority, automatically correcting document content, adding images, audio files, and videos to Slides presentations, analyzing raw data in Sheets, and creating formulas or contextualized categories. Some other features will also include automatically adding the background or capture records for Meet or using Chat as the control endpoint to integrate the automation process. The organization wishes to thoroughly evaluate these generative AI experiences with testers before making them available to the general public. These innovative and captivating features will be introduced gradually over the year.

As a starting step, the first set of AI-powered writing features will be deployed in Docs and Gmail. From beginners to amateurs in writing, the new generative AI embedded in Docs and Gmail has something in store for everyone. The first set of features primarily aims to assist the user by producing the first version on any topic the user chooses to write about. The users can then alter the template’s tone and format according to their writing style and even by the suggestions provided by their collaborative AI partner. Additionally, Google has added new generative AI capabilities to help users rewrite their original draft in order to achieve the tone and style they want. For instance, if they wish to make their email more formal before applying for a new job or turn their meeting notes into a more polished summary before sharing it with their team. The United States English-speaking consumers will be the first to test these new Docs and Gmail experiences. After being fine-tuned and making the appropriate changes based on feedback, these functionalities will then be gradually extended to consumers, small businesses, medium and large corporations, and educational users in more nations and languages. The company has yet to give any statement on when the Meet, Slides, Sheets, and Chat features will be launched.

Google has always done things at a previously unachievable scale, and they wish to continue doing so the right way with the new set of generative AI experiences they plan to launch. The organization has learned from its earlier research into AI and productivity that creating AI features involves considerable care, careful experimentation, and numerous modifications based on user response. Aware of all this, the firm is committed to developing products that adhere to its AI principles and lets consumers choose whether or not they want AI to make suggestions, tweaks, or edits to their work. All of the products are being developed in a way that protects consumers from misuse, preserves their privacy, and acknowledges their data governance restrictions.

Using AI, Google hopes to realize its larger vision of Workspace growing into a collaborative partner who is always there to support you in achieving your goals. The billion-dollar corporation is adamant that its efforts will transform creation across Workspace like they revolutionized co-authoring and collaboration in Docs 17 years ago. Google aspires for its attempt to be seen by the world as a first step in realizing the full potential of generative AI throughout Workspace. The company welcomes all organizations that aren’t already using Workspace to test out its AI tools with a free work account called Google Workspace Starter.

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