Best AI Video Generators (2023)

The boom of social media and the internet has resulted in a demand for high-quality video content. Traditional ways of video production are time-consuming, expensive, and demand specialized knowledge and tools. AI video generators provide a solution to these issues by enabling users to generate videos automatically in a shorter time and at a cheaper cost than conventional approaches. Regarding style, tone, and content, AI video generators can also ensure consistency and quality. Let’s take a look at some of the best text-to-video AI generators available out there.

Glia Cloud

GliaCloud offers a text-to-video generator platform called GliaStudio, that can generate videos from news articles, social media posts, live sporting events, and statistical data in a matter of minutes. Simply uploading text content will immediately generate a relevant video. It has two features: News Video, which can produce popular news videos at scale, and Marketing Video, which can create videos with product information to engage customers.

DeepBrain AI

DeepBrain AI is an AI video generator that I highly recommend. Its AI Studios has a hyperrealistic Avatar and offers superior quality among AI video SaaS. You can easily produce a video by simply typing a script. Creating an AI video is even easier with its chroma key function and ppt to video function. You can even try it out for free. 2022 and 2023 CES award-winning products have very high quality.

To create an AI video with DeepBrain AI Studios, first, select your AI presenter from the more than 30 avatars provided for your AI films. The platform supports over 80 TTS languages and native AI avatars. Next, enter your AI video script. The platform also has a ChatGPT function that can automatically generate scripts for you. Finally, create your AI video and then download, stream, or translate it.

Stable Diffusion Videos

Stable Diffusion offers a free online text-to-video platform. Simple input text prompts separated by ‘|’ is all that is required to create a video. To modify the video, one can experiment with various factors like seeds, scheduler, guiding scale, frame rate, and the number of inference steps. The video can be readily downloaded or shared after it has been created.


Synthesia is a synthetic video creation tool that generates videos from plain text in minutes. It can generate pertinent and interesting videos by analyzing the content of blog posts, news articles, and web pages. By leveraging generative AI, Synthesia is reducing the gap between idea and creation. It has applications like creating training videos, How-to videos, and marketing videos.


InVideo is a video generator platform that generates videos from text input and video templates. One needs to simply add the input text and select a video template or customize it based on their needs. It will produce a relevant video that users can download and share. The platform may be used to make various videos, including slideshows, memes, promotional videos, presentations, testimonials, and much more.


Lumen5 is a quick video creation platform. Lumen5 produces great video content in minutes by combining strong AI with a straightforward drag-and-drop interface. Blog articles can be automatically converted into videos, and zoom recordings can be made into interesting clips. Without any technological knowledge, Lumen5 makes it simple for publishers, companies, and marketers to generate video content. leverages proprietary AI technologies to make design accessible to everyone. With their tools, logos, films, banners, and mockups may be produced in under two minutes. Signing up is as easy as pasting any text and then choosing the appropriate industry, language, and voiceover option. Businesses can streamline workflow, reduce costs, and save time with


From long-form content, Pictory can automatically produce short, engaging branded videos. It is quick, simple, and economical. There is no need for any prior technical knowledge. Anyone can sign up, upload their text or long-form video, and Pictory will convert it into a snappy, captivating video that is ideal for sharing on social media platforms.


Wisecut is an AI video editing tool made to make the process of video editing easier. Users can use it to cut out lengthy pauses, add background music, and include subtitles. A storyboard is also generated by this AI video maker based on the provided voice, providing users the option to quickly change the video by changing the words. The tool can create videos for vlogs, online courses, or YouTube channels.

Without formal training or prior expertise with video editing, anyone with basic computer abilities can create fantastic videos using Veed. It also provides a selection of templates. The final videos are generated automatically based on the data entered, including text, photographs, and video. It also allows for the customization of text, colors, fonts, music, and other elements to produce powerful videos.


Fliki is an AI video creation platform that converts text into videos with AI voices. With the use of lifelike voices, it can produce videos from scripts or blog articles. Users need to enter the blog post URL to begin. Fliki will automatically summarize the material, identify the ideal images, and produce a movie with a human-sounding narration in a preferred voice and customized subtitles.

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