Top AI Random Face Generator Apps (2023)

Random Face Generator creates random faces using cutting-edge image processing methods. Big data techniques may make random faces that seem genuine but are not truly present in the real world.

These faces are certain to feature genuine facial details, matching gender, age, and emotions. These programs are available across a wide range of systems and file types. Apps for random face generators are available online, on desktop computers, and on mobile devices. Recent advancements in artificial intelligence and related fields have made random face generator applications possible to produce random faces in seconds or less. Since this technology has made further strides, it has steadily been tested in visual media like video games and movies.

Random AI faces are often used to protect user anonymity and display photos on social networking accounts and other websites. Similar to how you need specialized false but real photographs while working on digital platforms, you need them to fulfill your diverse needs for marketing, project presentations, advertising, etc. People often use these face generators to conceal their identity since they produce sharply detailed pictures. Yet these photos may also provide inspiration for character design for graphic artists. AI-generated characters are always original because they are unique.

The best random face generators are listed here.

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Generated Photos

The leading AI-based face-generating app is called Generated Pictures. Its flawless quality and amazing editing skills have gained popularity for prestigious platforms like BBC, Forbes, and Daily Mail.

Because of its extensive library of faces that seem very lifelike, this top-of-the-line tool is worth the money. Several software packages can rapidly manufacture faces, but Generated Pictures goes a step further by offering a variety of powerful features that make it simple to tailor your work precisely as you want.


With the help of the BoredHumans Generator’s well-known strong algorithms and machine learning skills, users may easily create faces that seem realistic. It pulls from a large library of more than 70,000 actual human photos to produce faces that are as realistic-looking as feasible.

The site also has an older version with animated visuals that, although not perfectly realistic, may nonetheless be engaging. And that’s on top of all the other AI-based technologies accessible on this web platform.

This Person Does Not Exist

The idea of producing random faces has been completely transformed thanks to the unique program This Person Does Not Exist. Its distinguishing quality is the speed with which realistic-looking faces may be produced with only one click.

To give the produced faces a more realistic appearance, the technology uses a variety of aspects and facial traits, including teeth, hair color, backdrop, and accessories. This application is extraordinary due to its complex features, which quickly provide users personalized digital identities for their intended purposes.

Fake Face Generator

Anybody may create accurately created faces on the fly with the fake face generator. This program quickly creates many unique photos and employs AI-based technologies for the best outcomes. The faces generated range in age, gender, and appearance from children to adults with blond to unkempt hair.

This practical mobile program offers many chances to alter profile photographs, produce creative works, and more. Previous versions have been launched, and new upgrades will be available shortly.


Digital portraiture and avatar creation are made easier using Prototypr. With only a few clicks of their fingers, users can quickly and effortlessly create bespoke photos thanks to the interface’s well-built customization possibilities.

Using cutting-edge features like auto-smoothing and real-time photo enhancement tools, you can add life to your images with incredibly realistic effects. Moreover, Prototypr offers customized options like color changes or warping, allowing you complete control over the final output.


Any user wishing to produce realistic faces from only photographs may do it with the help of Datagen, a strong and accurate program. It provides cutting-edge features like total control over intrinsic and extrinsic camera settings and various structural combinations for hair, skin, age, etc.

Also, you may choose from various face measurements that can be precisely adjusted to suit your demands and various lighting alterations. This amazing application can create up to 100,000 faces with accurate high-resolution scans and more than 5,000 different hair and beard style choices.


SnapCraft is a dependable random face generator that is simple to adapt to suit unique requirements. Because of the user interface’s simplicity and intuitiveness, no previous knowledge is needed to create the desired product.

Moreover, SnapCraft uses AI techniques like pypy-agender to precisely determine each image’s age and gender. Users may rest easy knowing that their photographs are constantly being examined by a reliable algorithm since they stay current with the most recent advancements in AI technology.

Vance AI Toongineer Cartoonizer

Toongineer Cartoonizer by Vance AI may be the best option if you seek an AI face generator from a picture. This program uses its most recent neural network technology to create high-quality cartoons from images.

The platform has been created so that all user data will stay entirely private to guarantee data privacy. It lets you modify your photographs in a cartoon or sketch style to suit your demands. Also, it helps you upload several pictures rapidly and batch-process them to save time and work.


Meragor is an internet tool that generates random faces and gives a vast selection of already-made pictures and portraits for you to pick from. All the random faces may be found by scrolling around the website and in categories including portraiture, European, popular, and more. The types assist with a more specialized search, even if this site is identical. Needless to add, you may choose the portrait’s size before downloading, saving you the time and effort of cropping if necessary.


Fotor can quickly and easily build realistic faces from scratch thanks to artificial intelligence and deep machine learning. You may generate a random face with Fotor’s online, free AI face generator. By textually specifying the gender, age, and other details of the desired face, you may create a face image. You may even choose facial accessories like glasses, cosmetics, scars, and other features to design a false face that exactly meets your requirements and preferences.

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