Top AI-Based Startups based in Poland (2023)

Advancements in Artificial Intelligence are revolutionizing the startup landscape worldwide. Poland is swiftly emerging as a significant force in the artificial intelligence sector, with a number of startups and businesses driving the development of cutting-edge AI solutions. Let’s look at some of the top AI-based startups/companies in Poland.


Nethone is a cybersecurity business that employs AI and machine learning to spot and stop online fraud. Its solution examines user behavior on the internet to spot fraud and shield organizations from losses. Its AI-powered fraud prevention solution thoroughly screens every user to filter out potentially dangerous ones with minimal inconvenience to the customers. Global e-commerce and financial services firms employ Nethone’s technology.

Cream Finance

Founded in 2012, Creamfinance LLC offers consumer finance services. Creamfinance takes a highly tailored approach to the personal loan procedure and wants to become a global one-click loan provider for consumers by utilizing cutting-edge algorithms and machine-learning technologies to evaluate and score quickly. Creamfinance aims to make money accessible, and it accomplishes this goal by offering customer loans quickly and conveniently online.


Nomagic offers Intelligent Robotics services to help e-commerce and retail companies move closer to complete automation. Their robotic solutions provide effective item handling to pick from storage, sort, or pack a wide range of SKUs. They offer scalability, performance, and reliability. Nomagic combines experience in logistics with competence in robotics, cloud computing, and deep learning to bring out these solutions.

Cosmose AI

Cosmose AI combines the best of offline and online experiences to give customers a seamless shopping experience and boost sales for retailers. It provides marketers and publishers with an analytical tool for displaying tailored online advertisements to retailers’ offline visitors. It enables advertisers to only pay for ads that specifically result in offline purchases. World-renowned companies, including L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, LVMH, Cartier, and Walmart, employ Cosmose.


Synerise is a technology startup that offers a marketing automation platform driven by AI to organizations. It is an API-first, headless, scalable, adaptable, and low-code platform with real-time interaction management. The platform offers a variety of marketing tools and analytics to assist organizations in increasing consumer engagement and revenue growth.


Kontakt creates smart IoT devices, cloud solutions, and powerful APIs to assist in the transformation of buildings into smart interior spaces. The business offers insights into location and sensor data, building the data foundation for improving and automating resource planning, operations, and customer experience workflows. The company provides services to various markets, including manufacturing, airports, healthcare, and transportation & logistics.


Tuatara helps businesses to optimize their conversion rates with user analytics. From back-end integration solutions, through process digitization, to creative business models, it combines consulting and technology to create great customer experiences. Its products include Actionbot, Fintin, TASIL, RETIXA, and SENS ID. These help businesses gain a competitive advantage by offering services to improve customer experiences and increase conversion rates. offers AI-powered organic synthesis design software. Its artificial intelligence (AI) tools forecast the most effective ways to manufacture potentially useful chemicals, an essential step in developing new medications and treatments. It provides bench-focused AI technologies that aid chemists in developing novel concepts and enhancing the speed of chemical reactions. Their platform also facilitates the development of novel discovery pipelines, shortens the DMTA turnaround time, and improves R&D results.


Bin-e is a smart building solution firm that delivers smart waste bins for offices and public spaces. It separates the garbage, compresses it, and deposits it in the appropriate chamber after using a set of sensors to determine the sort of waste being disposed of. The embedded computer tracks every item that is disposed of. It offers a long-term option for straightforward recycling in every green workplace.

Edward is a smart sales department AI assistant who supports the work of mobile traders and their managers by assisting them in making the best decisions. The system gathers information from numerous sources, including e-mail, phone, and calendar, and then uses artificial intelligence (deep learning) algorithms to analyze it. It maps the customer’s sales processes using its own conversational engine, turning tedious work with CRM into a dialog with a personal assistant.


Addepto is a machine learning and business intelligence software company that creates unique solutions for large businesses and global startups. It offers complete, end-to-end AI, machine learning, and business intelligence solutions that can be customized to any company’s size, industry, and needs. It always begins with identifying a company’s bottlenecks, goals, and capabilities to ensure that the project can improve operational performance, decrease costs, limit risk, and ultimately maximize outcomes.

Let’s Enhance

Let’s Enhance is a deep-tech AI business creating end-to-end photo optimization and enhancement imaging solutions. This makes it easier to manage the user-generated content’s quality and improve its appearance for increased conversion rates. Using deep learning techniques, it provides cutting-edge AI technology for enhancing photo quality, reducing compression, automating retouch, and low light correction.


ReSpo.Vision uses AI to revolutionize football for spectators. It improves sports statistics and uses 3D sports tracking data driven by AI & computer vision to visualize the game in AR & VR. It uses cutting-edge Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms to obtain incredibly precise positioning data about players. It then analyzes this data and develops prediction models to assist organizations, bookmakers, and the media with player/team analytics, live tactical suggestions, and the probability assessment of game events.


In order to engage with consumers more authentically and attract younger segments, brands are turning to influencer marketing. Digital marketing company Influencify focuses on influencer marketing. The strategy used by Influencify comprises finding influencers who share a company’s principles and objectives and creating content that appeals to their followers. To assist marketers in reaching their target audience through social media influencers, the company provides services such as influencer identification, campaign design, content creation, and performance analysis.


Infermedica is a healthcare technology startup that employs AI and NLP to improve patient triage and diagnosis. Its Medical Guidance Platform supports patients and healthcare professionals throughout the primary care journey, from symptom to outcome. The platform enables medical professionals to compile patient data, evaluate symptoms, and provide a precise diagnosis.

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