Top AI-Based Startups/Companies in Switzerland (2023)

Given the rapid breakthroughs in technology and Artificial Intelligence, an increasing number of people are investing in developing AI-based solutions. There are a lot of creative AI-based startups and businesses in Switzerland. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Neural Concept

Neural Concept creates 3D Deep Learning algorithms for industrial engineering. By speeding up R&D cycles, augmenting product performance, and solving their next engineering challenges, it revolutionizes how customers design their products. The company was founded in 2018 in a top-notch AI research lab in Switzerland.


Yokoy provides an accounting and finance platform that aids businesses in managing their expenses. Yokoy enables a seamless and automatic accounts payable process by utilizing artificial intelligence. The method ensures compliance and accurate booking in downstream systems while extracting information from invoices and receipts. Additionally, it guarantees total transparency and provides detailed spending insights in real time. The no-code solution can be seamlessly integrated with all important third-party tools.


The mobile-first platform from Beekeeper enables businesses to automate paper-based procedures, stay in constant contact with staff members from any location, and raise frontline teams’ engagement, productivity, and safety. Team members may access shifts, pay slips, and training via a single app with their mobile phones. Despite making up the majority of the world’s workforce, deskless employees have historically been neglected in terms of office technology, which is why it was initially created and tailored for them.

Terra Quantum

Terra Quantum is a major global autonomous full-stack quantum technology business. They provide businesses with end-to-end solutions in quantum algorithm design, quantum computing, and quantum security. The company’s goal is to use quantum technology to deliver useful solutions. The chemical, energy, pharmaceutical, automotive, logistics, and financial industries are among its clients.


PriceHubble enables businesses to make more informed real estate decisions. Their solution allows real estate professionals to gain insights into their portfolios by combining data from various sources. It uses AI and big data to produce the most sophisticated valuations and market insights for residential real estate. PriceHubble targets banks, asset managers, developers, property managers, and real estate agents with its digital solutions as a B2B company.


Ava is a cutting-edge technology business that advances the reproductive health of women. It provides a proprietary, FDA-approved, multi-sensor bracelet that enables women to conveniently and accurately forecast fertile days. In order to follow individual fertility cycles, Ava leverages AI for large data analytics. The Ava bracelet tracks five physiological markers solely when users sleep. The five most fertile days of the menstrual cycle are extracted from this data using machine learning algorithms. is an online resource for public affairs specialists. The tool recognizes pertinent political deals, acting as a second brain for businesses, associations, and political parties. With, they can all be automatically tracked, managed, and reported. All available Open Government Data and its interfaces are gathered and processed by the comprehensive, safe, quick, and independent platform known as PolitAnalytics. It automatically visualizes all recent and prior political elections and political transactions.


In order to improve patient outcomes, Diagnostix is utilizing the most recent technological developments to develop effective systems for health monitoring and analysis. Diagnostix gathers data from various sources and analyses it through sophisticated algorithms to acquire in-depth insights into patient health. The organization creates customized solutions for specific patients by fusing this data with the most recent medical research and knowledge from top healthcare experts.


Farmers’ lives are made easier by Ecorobotix’s precise, dependable, and reasonably priced robotic solutions for agriculture. They develop, manufacture, and market cutting-edge, energy-efficient farming equipment that lessens the environmental effect and the financial burden of modern farming. The Ecorobotix-created ARA high-precision sprayer allows for the ultra-targeted spraying of fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides. Row crops, pastures, and lawns can be treated with ultra-localized Smart spraying technology.

In order to help venture capitalists uncover outstanding startups to invest in, has developed a data-driven deal-sourcing engine. Raised makes venture capital more intelligent, data-driven, and automated via AI, allowing VCs to concentrate on what counts. Their self-learning AI engine chooses the top startups for VCs’ investment thesis using data from previous investments. Thanks to their data-driven methodology, they find the startups earlier in the development cycle. It has four price tiers and operates on a subscription-based model.


KNIME develops software that enables all parties in the data science process to concentrate on what they do best while creating and productionizing data science in a unified, simple, and intuitive environment. Its two main products are the KNIME Analytics Platform and the KNIME Hub. Users can create studies of any complexity level using the open-source KNIME Analytics Platform, which has an easy-to-use visual interface. KNIME Hub offers a centralized workspace where users with varied expertise can collaborate.


Gamaya provides attractive digital agronomy solutions using remote sensing and AI. These solutions help to increase crop production’s efficiency and sustainability. They provide a variety of customized client-specific solutions in addition to crop- and region-specific digital agronomy tools with a concentration on sugarcane and soybeans. In order to reduce costs and environmental impact, these systems use agricultural inputs in a targeted manner. They also make superior risk predictions and early disease and weed detection.


Advertima empowers retailers, brands, and media agencies to exploit the full potential of in-store as a marketing channel in their omnichannel Retail Media strategies. They transform in-store shoppers into digital Retail Media audiences in real-time using Computer Vision and advanced AI technologies. Advertima’s In-store Audience Creator integrates seamlessly into any existing Retail Media ecosystem and enables performance media capabilities, such as real-time targeting, audience analytics, and programmatic audience activation. By upgrading any existing Digital Signage and In-store Radio system with 3D sensors, their data brings light to the shopper touchpoints at the bottom of the funnel – from front-of-store to in-aisle to checkout.


Sirin Labs offer consumer electronics enabled by blockchain. It provides the Finney Smartphone, a blockchain-enabled, cyber-protected smartphone with a built-in cold storage wallet and a special Safe Screen for secure cryptocurrency transactions. By addressing the two biggest obstacles to the cryptocurrency market—security and user experience—the company hopes to close the gap between the blockchain economy and the mass market. Customers can buy Sirin Labs products and services with SRN tokens, their exclusive payment form.


The need for human pilots is diminishing over time as technology in aviation advances. Daedalean develops software for pilotless air travel. The software employs cutting-edge neural networks, deep learning, and computer vision technology. Its system can carry out various tasks, including detecting and avoiding risks and emergency landing instructions to a safe spot.

Screening Eagle Technologies

Screening Eagle Technologies offer a technological platform for the intelligent examination of the built environment. Intuitive software and potent portable sensors are combined in their full-stack inspection solution to give accurate data for construction and asset maintenance decisions. Screening Eagle aims to provide predictive healthcare that extends asset life and boosts long-term value for asset owners using intelligent and autonomous inspection data.

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