9 AI-Powered Tools For Human Resources And Resume

Both, Hiring and getting hired are difficult tasks that demand careful strategy, preparation, and execution. AI has completely changed how human resource professionals handle resumes and conduct recruiting processes. It has also greatly facilitated the resume-building and job application processes for candidates. Let’s examine a few of the resources that are quite helpful for and during the hiring process.

Cover letter AI

This simple tool enables users to create their cover letter for free in a few simple clicks. A user only needs to input their email address, upload their CV, enter the company’s name, and provide the job description for the position they’re applying for. The AI will automatically create and email the user a tailored cover letter.

Hire Hoc

Hirehoc provides an AI-assisted recruiting tool to aid businesses in automating their Recruiting Process. The platform’s Project Skill Extractor can automatically determine the skills needed to build a project. Based on the position, it can also use AI to produce job descriptions and interview questions.


HireYaY is an AI-powered hiring tool for startups. They can use AI to create compelling job ads that can be instantly distributed to millions of job seekers. It makes it simple and hassle-free for applicants to apply. It automatically generates Job Descriptions, including skills, responsibilities, qualifications, etc. It can also provide salary insights based on location and industry. It sends the job posting to top job boards in one click. 


Hirex.ai offers a No code voice AI platform for level-one interviews. It has voice-based AI bots that conduct and score interviews at scale. Using AI, ML, and NLP, it can quickly and effectively screen applicants. Shortlisted candidates with high scores may be invited for personal interviews. Under a single dashboard, it offers a full range of assessment tools, including code interviews, MCQ tests, hackathons, video interviews, and WhatsApp chatbots.


Hire Quotient provides a one-stop solution for all of a company’s talent sourcing and screening needs. It helps fill positions quickly and without delays by making the hiring process shorter & more effective. Its simple user interface makes it simpler to create effective skill tests that produce outcomes. Its capabilities include an AI-powered Job Description Generator and an ROI calculator that allow users to determine how much money they can save with the right hire.


LazyApply automates the Job Application Process. Based on the information provided, its intelligent AI fills out job applications automatically. It can automatically apply to any position posted on portals like Linkedin, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter. It can be used by adding it as a chrome extension.

Resume Worded

Resume Worded assists users in improving their resume and LinkedIn profile, increasing their chances of being recruited. Its AI-powered platform, created by top recruiters, instantly provides users personalized feedback on their CVs and LinkedIn profiles. It rates any resume and LinkedIn profile based on important factors that hiring managers and recruiters consider. Also, it provides examples of excellent resumes and aids in tailoring a CV to a position in accordance with the job description.


To help tech recruiters avoid costly hiring mistakes, Rankode employs AI to rate programmers based on their source files or publicly git repositories, like GitHub. It enables hiring managers to determine whether candidates fit their company’s requirements based on their experience, knowledge, and coding ethics. The user only needs to paste a link to the candidate’s GitHub or other git repository or upload a zipped project; the machine learning tools will then analyze the work and produce a full report grading them.


Springworks creates software for human resources departments to address issues with hiring, background checks, and employee engagement using blockchain and artificial intelligence. With background checks that are seamless, adaptable, and exceptionally reliable, all driven by the blockchain, it lets businesses spend less time on paperwork and processing and find the right talent faster. Additionally, it incorporates a platform for staff rewards and recognition as well as interactive games for team building.

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