Top Innovative AI-Based Startups in China

The AI startup culture in China has expanded quickly in recent years due to vast amounts of data and an abundance of people with technical skills. A wide spectrum of technology, including computer vision, natural language processing, and self-driving automobiles, has been developed by Chinese firms in the AI domain. Many of these firms have also successfully obtained sizable funding from investors, domestically and abroad. Let’s check out a few of the most cutting-edge AI startups based in China.

Horizon Robotics

Horizon Robotics is focused on developing energy-efficient solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart vehicles. It provides AI-based processors that can accurately and instantly identify pedestrians, moving vehicles, stationary objects, traffic signs, etc. In China, Horizon Robotics was a pioneer in the commercialization of integrated passenger-vehicle advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) technologies and is dedicated to providing and improving next-generation smart driving experiences by integrating hardware and software solutions, including low-power hardware computing solutions and open software development tools.


WeRide is a Chinese autonomous vehicle startup focusing on developing autonomous driving technologies. WeRide primarily focuses on creating Level 4 autonomous driving technology, which allows a vehicle to perform full driving tasks without human involvement in certain circumstances. WeRide offers a comprehensive product lineup that includes Robotaxi, Mini Robobus, Robovan, Robo Street Sweeper, and Advanced Driving Solution providing smart services in online ride-hailing, on-demand transportation, urban logistics environmental services, and acting as a solution provider. WeRide wants to create trustworthy and safe autonomous solutions that improve the accessibility, affordability, and safety of mobility and transportation.


Chinese artificial intelligence firm 4Paradigm focuses on offering AI-driven decision-making solutions for businesses. The primary goal of 4Paradigm is to create AI solutions to increase the efficacy and efficiency of numerous industries, including banking, healthcare, and finance. The platform of 4Paradigm uses a wide range of AI technologies, including computer vision, natural language processing, and machine learning. A few uses for the solutions include fraud detection, customer relationship management, and predictive maintenance. 


MiningLamp is dedicated to advancing the digital transformation of large and medium-sized businesses with extremely complex information and management using big data analysis, mining technology, and cognitive intelligence. To assist companies in deriving insights from their data and making better decisions, MiningLamp provides a variety of products and services, including data mining, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and cloud computing. The solutions are used in various industries, including finance, security, and precision marketing.


Dreame employs artificial intelligence (AI) and astrodynamics technology to create high-end cleaning appliances. DreamE is recognized for its creative, high-quality solutions that enhance cleaning effectiveness and user experience by utilizing cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT). The business offers a large selection of cordless vacuum cleaners, including stick vacuums, handheld vacuums, and self-cleaning robot vacuums, in addition to other cleaning supplies like mops and window cleaners.


DJI focuses on the production of drones and aerial imaging technology. These drones have excellent cameras, prolonged flight durations, and cutting-edge features like GPS stabilization and obstacle avoidance. DJI employs AI to improve the performance and capabilities of its drones. The drones utilize a mix of sensors, including cameras and ultrasonic sensors, to detect and avoid obstructions in their flight path using their AI-powered obstacle avoidance systems. Additionally, certain DJI drones employ AI-powered image recognition to recognize and follow particular objects or items in the camera’s field of view, enhancing the accuracy of the drone’s flight and camera controls. Their drones are used for various tasks, such as industrial inspections, photography, and filming.

Ubtech Robotics

Ubtech Robotics designs, develops and manufactures consumer and educational robots. Its robots use artificial intelligence (AI) to improve user experience and boost their capabilities. Humanoid robots, interactive robots, and educational robots are among its products. These robots utilize facial recognition, voice recognition, object detection, and natural language processing as core technologies. The company has created high-performance servo drives, control, and motion control algorithms. It focuses on application-oriented research and development and commercial implementation of fundamental technologies in AI and robotics.


SenseTime specializes in AI and computer vision technologies. The AI technology from SenseTime is used in various domains, including surveillance, autonomous driving, object detection, and facial recognition. The company’s offerings include facial recognition software for security and marketing needs and AI-based image recognition technology for usage in retail, finance, and healthcare sectors. Additionally, SenseTime has created AI-powered autonomous driving technology, which it licenses to manufacturers and other businesses in the industry.


Cambricon focuses on the technological innovation and R&D of artificial intelligence chip devices. It offers various smart chip products as well as platform-based fundamental system software with cloud-edge-end integration, hardware and software cooperation, training and reasoning integration, and a unified ecosystem. Server manufacturers and industrial businesses in the sectors like finance, transportation, energy, electric power, and manufacturing utilize its products.


Cloudwalk specializes in facial recognition technologies and artificial intelligence. Their facial recognition program employs deep learning to find and match faces in pictures and videos. They use a cloud-based platform to offer their technology, which includes 3D facial recognition, liveness detection, identity verification, age, and gender detection, and more. Cloudwalk’s technology has applications in various sectors, such as finance, public security, and aviation.


Rokid is a Chinese startup focusing on research and product development of Mixed Reality and AI. The company combines cutting-edge Al and AR technologies with industry applications through speech recognition, natural language processing, computer vision, optical display, chip platform, hardware design, and other research areas. It provides full-stack solutions for customers in various vertical fields, effectively improves user experience, aids businesses in increasing efficiency, and empowers public safety.


Roobo specializes in the development of artificial intelligence and robotics. They have created a range of products, such as smart speakers and personal assistants with AI, that can be used for entertainment and education. Roobo uses various technologies, such as machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing. Roobo also offers AI solutions for other industries, including smart security, smart retail, and smart homes.


Liulishuo is a Chinese AI startup that focuses primarily on English language learning. The company’s main offering is an English learning app powered by AI that employs machine learning to customize the learning process. It also utilizes cutting-edge deep learning and adaptive learning technologies. The software has features like social learning, adaptive learning, speech recognition, and interactive teaching. The Liulishuo app has millions of downloads and active users on both iOS and Android.


Chinese AI firm Megvii focuses on AI for IoT applications. Megvii has developed a system of AIoT products that combines hardware and software components for three key applications: supply chain IoT, city IoT, and consumer IoT. Megvii’s facial recognition technology, which can be included in various devices, including smartphones, cameras, and other IoT devices, is one of the company’s key areas of expertise. The solutions are widely employed in various domains, including finance, city surveillance, transportation, real estate, logistics, and more.


Momenta is a leading Chinese provider of autonomous driving technology that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve efficiency, convenience, and safety. The business has created a variety of hardware and software technologies, including high-definition maps, sensor fusion, and decision-making algorithms, that can be employed in autonomous vehicles. By providing technologies to enable various levels of driving autonomy, Momenta is committed to redefining the future of transportation.

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