23 Artificial Intelligence AI-Fueled Secret Websites That Will Blow Your Mind (2023)

The year of artificial intelligence (AI) is 2023. In a world where technology is king, it’s crucial to remain on top of trends and use all available resources. Because of this, we searched the internet for hidden, AI-powered websites that can boost your success in 2023 and beyond.

Below are some AI-powered cool websites that will connect you to various AI models with cutting-edge video technologies and will provide you with a competitive edge in 2023 and beyond. Get ready to hear about the future of success and how these AI-powered tools could make achieving your objectives simpler than ever.

Hostinger AI Website Builder

Hostinger uses the power of a cutting-edge artificial intelligence engine to create the best AI website builder for all website owners. The builder guides you through the design process, suggesting layouts, color schemes, and content placements tailored to your needs. Embrace the freedom to customize every detail while maintaining responsive design for various devices.


Exclusive access to our cutting-edge Speech-To-Speech, Performance-To-Performance Speech Synthesis technology from Altered Studio expands the possibilities for using Voice. An advanced audio editor, Altered Studio, combines various Voice AI technologies into a user-friendly tool. It utilizes local computer resources to run on Windows and Mac locally and online.

With its innovative technology, you may alter your Voice to any of their carefully chosen voices from their library or even create custom voices for captivating professional voice presentations.


Storytelling is crucial in all aspects of life, including business and relationships. It enables us to communicate with and comprehend others more fully. It allows us to express our thoughts and feelings and develop empathy for others.

Tome is a platform for AI-powered storytelling that leverages AI to assist you in telling your tale as effectively as possible. With the help of Tome, you may create your finest work by facilitating your ability to express your thoughts and insights in an interesting and approachable manner.

Since the platform is currently in beta, testing, and development are ongoing. The platform might be buggy or have limited functionality at this point, and the company might be gathering user feedback to make changes before a complete release.


A legal technology startup called Donotpay offers several services intending to make the judicial system easier and more accessible to people. The company’s main offering is a chatbot-based platform that offers automated help with a range of legal chores, including but not limited to the small claims court filing, ticket appeals, and document creation.

Donotpay employs artificial intelligence and machine learning to help people through the legal system and offer solutions tailored to their individual needs. The platform’s user-friendliness and accessibility are intended to help those who might lack the resources or legal knowledge to successfully traverse the judicial system.

ChatSonic AI

Writesonic’s ChatSonic AI is an AI-powered chatbot platform, similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, that allows companies to benefit from AI’s capacity to customize customer experiences and increase customer engagement.

An AI-powered chatbot platform that replaces ChatGPT enables companies to design personalized, human-like customer interactions. Without a lot of code or human resources, it provides various features and capabilities that may be leveraged to build interesting, customized user experiences. Modern Natural Language Processing and Adaptive Learning technologies are used.

With the aid of the Google-integrated chatbot Chatsonic, it is possible to do activities that need the use of the most current information almost instantaneously, such as providing a summary of the day’s most important news.

Users can also speak commands to the Chat Sonic substitute instead of repeatedly writing them out, saving time. But SMS messages can still be used to contact ChatSonic.


A platform called Synthesia.io provides various tools and services for producing and disseminating interactive video content. Synthesia.io offers a collection of tools for making interactive movies, including a drag-and-drop video editor, templates that can be customized, and a library of pre-made pieces that can be used to improve videos, according to their website.

The goal of Synthesia.io is to make it simple for people and businesses to produce interesting and interactive video content for various uses, such as product demonstrations, advertising campaigns, and educational materials. The platform has tools for measuring and analyzing video performance and options for including interactive components, like quizzes and surveys, to films.


With Brancher.ai, users can link and leverage AI models to build effective apps without knowing how to code. Users may quickly and simply construct Al-powered apps with Brancher.ai, utilizing Al’s potential to create one-of-a-kind, sophisticated applications. The platform also gives users a chance to commercialize and distribute their works, giving them a chance to make money from their efforts.

The platform uses cutting-edge security mechanisms to safeguard your data and creativity, guaranteeing the safety and security of your work. A variety of Al platforms and tools are compatible with Brancher.ai. This makes it simple to integrate and combine Al models from various sources to produce strong, original apps.

NVIDIA’s Eye Contact

NVIDIA, a pioneer in the fields of artificial intelligence and graphics processing, invented a technique called Eye Contact. An AI-powered application called Eye Contact simulates eye contact during video conferences using computer vision and machine learning techniques, making virtual meetings and presentations more authentic and interesting.

Eye Contact analyses the speaker’s face and gaze during a video conversation to maintain eye contact before changing the camera position. This makes the call experience more intimate and immersive for both the speaker and the listeners. Eye Contact was created by NVIDIA to work with various video conferencing services, including Teams, Zoom, and Skype, among others. No specific setup or equipment is needed to use the technology, which is made simple.


The Detangle software can break any legal document into understandable sentences. The document also gives background and details regarding the applicable legal framework to fully comprehend the document.

In our opinion, Detangle is an essential tool for anyone wishing to comprehend legal documents. Its quick and easy usage lets you concentrate on what matters most, which is always beneficial.


Midjourney is one of the best AI picture generators thanks to its many capabilities and quick image creation. Midjourney will take care of the rest if you send it a text prompt. Many artists use Midjourney to produce the images they require as inspiration for their work. The artificial intelligence piece “Théâtre d’Opéra Spatial,” made with Midjourney, took first place against 20 other painters in a fine art competition at the Colorado State Fair. However, Midjourney is being hosted on a Discord server. To create images, you must log in to MidJourney’s Discord server and utilize the commands in the bot. However, that’s easy, and you may start right away.


No-code web automation software called Browse AI extracts and keeps track of structured data from any website. By simply recording your actions, Browse AI enables you to teach a robot to interact with websites and retrieve structured data. Automatically identify data patterns on a page to quickly select and classify all the required data. This tool can create hundreds of selects for each element while running in the background, dynamically adjusting to website changes.

When you set up any robot to continually check the extracted data for changes, you may get real-time data that updates automatically. By changing the input parameters for each monitor, you may use the same robot to keep an eye on hundreds of pages with similar layouts on a website. To ensure everything gets noticed, you may also configure email alerts to be sent out whenever your robot detects a change.


RunwayML uses machine learning models to produce excellent photos from text input. There are numerous available image styles. However, using AI to create animations and edit movies is the main focus. When generating films, RunwayML has a video editing option that lets you change the background of your still photos. The application, for instance, can remove the background from recordings that don’t use green screen technology.

In addition to a library of pre-trained machine learning models, a straightforward graphical user interface for testing, and connection with well-known creative programs like Photoshop and Unity, RunwayML offers a variety of tools and resources for creative exploration. These resources and tools are made to assist creative people in exploring the potential of AI and machine learning and in putting their ideas into action.


Poised is an AI-powered communication coach that enables you to talk clearly and with assurance. Private and secure, it’s a crucial tool for offices that prioritize technology. Poised AI reviews your online meetings and offers advice on improving your communication abilities. Over 500 platforms are supported by the program, which runs in the background while your meeting takes place. You can examine your meetings with this application.

Poised AI lets you control your meetings and enables you to compare and learn from them. AI can also spot your errors as you create the meeting topic and prepare in real-time, allowing you to correct them.

Poised provides immediate feedback on various topics, including filler words, confidence, energy, empathy, and more. Nobody else is aware that you use it. What’s best?

Playground AI

Playground AI makes it easier and more convenient to control image-generating AI. To achieve the precise look you desire, combine Playground’s filters with DALLE-2, Stable Diffusion 1.5 & 2.0. 1000 image production per day and a free commercial license are included with a free membership. Playground AI lets you generate any image from your imagination using Stable Diffusion or DALL-E. Even if you’re completely new to AI painting and image creation, preset filters will help you produce excellent outcomes.


Unscreen’s web-based platform offers a tool for artificial intelligence-powered video background removal. It makes it simple to produce video content with translucent or personalized backgrounds by enabling users to swiftly and simply erase the background of video recordings. The software analyses the video using machine learning algorithms to segregate the foreground and background features, which can be done with just a few clicks. This makes it a helpful tool for content creators, video marketers, and other people who work with video material because it can save time and effort compared to standard video editing techniques.


An AI-powered tool for erasing watermarks from photos is available on the web platform WatermarkRemover.io. The software analyses the image using machine learning algorithms to detect and automatically remove watermarks, logos, and other undesired things. Anyone who needs to remove watermarks from stock photos, product photos, or other images, as well as anyone who wants to clean up or restore an image, can benefit from this. However, removing watermarks or other elements from a photograph without authorization may be prohibited and violate someone’s intellectual property rights.


A web-based platform called ImgLarger offers an image hosting and resizing service. Users can upload photographs and resize them by providing the new dimensions or the % size increase. Without being concerned about the size restrictions imposed by other hosting services, the platform is designed to make it simple for users to host and share photographs. When using these platforms, it is crucial to use caution, as with any image hosting site, as they may collect personal information or display objectionable content.

Magic Studio

Magic Studio’s platform offers a selection of AI-powered tools for altering photos and videos. Users may edit their films and photographs with its capabilities, which include object removal, backdrop removal from videos, and photo enhancement. In contrast to conventional editing techniques, the platform uses machine learning algorithms to evaluate the video or photo and make intelligent modifications. Because Magic Studio is designed to be user-friendly, it can be a helpful tool for content producers, video marketers, and other people who deal with video and photo content.


You may get immediate responses to your queries from Texti, an AI in your browser. Texti employs artificial intelligence and natural language processing to provide prompt, precise answers to your queries. Simply enter your question, and Texti will deliver pertinent details from many sources. It can comprehend complicated subjects, so you will save time choosing the appropriate phrases.

Texti also considers the context of the query and the website you are now on. This implies that it can direct you to relevant material and make suggestions based on what you’ve already read or seen.


With a single AI-powered API, AssemblyAI is a tool that can both transcribe and comprehend audio. You can use it to create more text content out of your existing video and audio. This can be helpful for tasks like transcribing speeches, turning audio recordings into text, comprehending real-time audio streams, and making the content easier to read and comprehend.

AssembleAI is the best tool for converting music files or streaming audio streams into the text because it can handle complicated file formats like MP3 and AAC. Choose the output format (text or PDF) and upload your media file before pressing the “start” button. The process of having AssemblyAI convert the file into text format will then be able to be followed. When finished, you can quickly share the document online or print it for future use.


Try StockAI if you’re seeking a simple approach to producing stunning photographs. By carefully choosing the best photos from your collection and seamlessly combining them into one seamless image, this AI-powered tool enables you to create breathtaking images in a matter of seconds. You must select a theme or topic, indicate how many images you wish to use, and press the start button. Your photographs will be promptly evaluated by StockAI, which will then decide which ones to integrate.

Additionally, it will modify each image’s brightness, contrast, and saturation per your preferences. Therefore, StockAI is worthwhile looking into whether you need a new profile image or some amusing visuals for your website. Additionally, it is free to use!


During meetings, Sembly, a cutting-edge AI transcription tool, can, free of charge, automatically convert your voice recordings into text. This helps you save time and guarantees that everyone in the meeting knows what is being stated.

Sembly.ai will transcribe your audio file into plain English so everyone can follow it when you upload it. You shouldn’t be concerned about accuracy because Sembly has been taught to produce accurate transcripts of more than 1 million English talks.

Thanks to Sembly, you won’t ever have to stress about forgetting important meeting details again; just let this tool handle everything!


You can convert text to speech using the Murf.AI tool, which has a flexible AI voice generator. By using Murf.AI, you can easily convert your ebooks into audiobooks with a single click by giving your text human-sounding voices. You’ll be able to save some time and effort while also enabling your readers to appreciate your publications in a novel way! This tool is a fantastic choice if you’re seeking a simple solution to provide your ebooks a polished, professional tone.


Good images are crucial to standing out for branding, marketing, and internet presence. SuperMeme now makes it simple and quick to make memes. Use our AI-powered meme generator to create your own amusing and provocative memes. After you enter some words, SuperMeme can handle everything. You can get both humorous and thought-provoking results from this resource. In other words, launch SuperMeme and enjoy yourself!

Prathamesh Ingle is a Mechanical Engineer and works as a Data Analyst. He is also an AI practitioner and certified Data Scientist with an interest in applications of AI. He is enthusiastic about exploring new technologies and advancements with their real-life applications

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