Top Innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Startups Based in Belgium

Belgium is home to a thriving AI startup ecosystem, with companies working on cutting-edge technology in areas such as computer vision, natural language processing, and machine learning. These startups are developing innovative solutions for a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance, and transportation. From early-stage startups to well-established companies, the AI landscape in Belgium is diverse and exciting. In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the top AI startups in the country and what sets them apart in the industry.


A company that offers image services through a network of tiny satellites. The organization processes datasets made up of data from multiple sources for surveying and monitoring, combining satellite images with non-geospatial data. Additionally, it adapts the tools to include the user’s datasets. The business is also developing tiny satellites with sensors to gather optical data repeatedly from the target regions.


NGDATA is a platform for customer data that provides tailored customer experiences and consumer information. All data sources that include consumer contact data are connected via the NG Data platform, which then uses machine learning to deliver insights into the data. Then, businesses can utilize this information to tailor experiences for every client across all platforms. ING, AXA, Toyota, and Johnson & Johnson are a few of the clients.


Rombit sells wearables and operates a platform for monitoring offices. It provides a safety wearable with contact tracking and social distance alarms using UWB range technology. Additionally, it gives a real-time safety monitoring and analytics platform and an equipment tracking device. Additionally, it offers industrial applications using AI-based solutions.


Icometrix creates AI-based software for the evaluation of MRI scans of the brain. Its main product, MSmetrix, aids doctors in the diagnosis and management of multiple sclerosis by quantitatively analyzing brain MRI scans for atrophy and lesion burden. Additionally, the business offers specialized services for neuroimaging analysis for clinical trials using anatomical functional, diffusion, perfusion, and spectroscopic MR images, as well as anatomical CT scans.


Manufacturer of a smart bulb for elderly fall detection. The light helps caregivers in a residential care facility keep track of residents’ and elders’ falls. When getting out of bed, the integrated gadget provides automatic illumination and may measure blood pressure. The device can take continuous readings of the air quality or room temperature. Some features include fall prevention, night watch, air quality monitoring, smoke & CO2 detection, and body vitals care records.


A platform for workforce analytics in the cloud. Based on employee data and interactions with your HR software systems, it employs AI to monitor your team’s abilities automatically. Software for strategic workforce planning for businesses and intelligent matching software for staffing and recruitment agencies are among the available goods.


Ovizio is developing a microscope imaging system. The business has created microscopes and software for machine learning. It has created an AI-based program called OsOne that, among other things, can provide continuous data capture and 3D picture processing. Its microscopic products include, among others, the I Line engineering platform, QMode, and iLine F.


Drone deployment software with artificial intelligence. The program, aimed at commercial solar sites, building projects, and mining sites, enables users to operate drones via a tablet interface. Sitemark Platform, a browser-based aerial data platform. Pilot App, a drone app for managing site inspection, and Pilot Network, an international network to expand operations, are all products offered by the business.


Plastic recycling plants and garbage sorting facilities may use PolyPerception’s real-time end-to-end waste flow monitoring services. We monitor garbage at an object level from entering a facility until it leaves using cameras and AI models. With the help of this information, we can see what is entering in real-time, how well each sorting procedure is working, and what is making it to the output streams. Our dashboard makes it simple for plant operators to monitor, comprehend, and take action on this data. These facilities can function more effectively, are better equipped to handle new regulations, and get better economic terms thanks to traceability and transparency. Additionally, it gives them more power to contribute significantly to the transition to a closed-loop waste system.


Sentiance offers the broadest range of motion insights. It is a business that uses data science and intelligence to alter behavior. We customize interaction for safer and more sustainable transportation experiences by converting motion data into contextual insights and using behavioral change methodologies.

Sentiance provides technology for a new human-centric economy where the user is in charge of data, enabling the top firms in the world to offer customized engagement services and products using intelligent contextual recommenders.


The platform for data monitoring, known as Soda, ensures that your data is reliable, verifiable, and suitable for the purpose. We detect data concerns, notify the appropriate teams, and start resolution procedures to find the root reasons for impeding data quality. Data engineers, operations, and the business collaborate on our open-source testing projects and monitoring platform to provide reliable data. Data-driven companies use Soda to ensure their data’s integrity and recognize its worth.


Creators and fans may purchase, sell, and discover exclusive digital goods. The NFT marketplace for artists and producers of digital content is called The PlayTreks. One of the first online markets to allow artists and digital content producers to mint their works into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and display their crypto valuables is PlayTreks. Playtreks can help you meet the music industry’s rising need for openness. Unlimited music data, free music distribution, tracking of airplay, a blockchain-based NFT marketplace, NFT copyright management, and NFTs.


A high-tech startup called ScriptBook aims to use artificial intelligence to transform the storytelling business completely. They aim to help film industry professionals by offering artificially intelligent screenplay analysis and financial projections. Their smart system uses simply a film/TV screenplay as input to give data-driven predictive decision assistance by combining machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing. They use story- and character-driven prediction algorithms to precisely forecast the box office and critical success of motion pictures and television shows.


Using all available building and weather prediction data, DeltaQ is a SaaS solution that continually steers the HVAC systems of buildings. The business is a division of 3E, a sustainable energy technology corporation with headquarters in Brussels. The open design of DeltaQ makes it simple to connect with current BMS and Proptech platform technologies.


A complete video identification system in the world is provided by Sensifai and is also included inside the gadget. The company created a deep learning technology that recognizes video content by combining dynamically and concurrently audio and visual data from videos. Everyone may subscribe to and utilize the program since it is active and accessible on the Amazon Web Service Marketplace.


BrighterBins produce waste collection smart sensors and software at a reasonable price. Our sophisticated sensors stop overflowing trash cans, keeping cities tidy. Our sensors gather the information that enables garbage collection vehicles to optimize their routes. This translates into fewer clogged roads, lower CO2 emissions, and greener cities. Our approach reduces garbage collection costs by up to 40%.


Businesses and governments can learn more about the resources in public spaces because of geckomatics. They are particularly qualified to provide you with services based on flexible and current data. The Geckomatics user interface runs on a cloud-based platform. Users can always get the most recent update on their scalable, secure platform.


By providing specialized computer vision AI that increases productivity while reducing expenses, Piximate empowers enterprises. They already have items ready for use in the retail sector, and they can quickly introduce their technology to other industries like the automobile, healthcare, security, fashion, or construction. Through our platform, we build valuable information from photographs and videos, and the API makes it easy to access. To train the model via automatic and manual annotations, users only link cameras or an e-commerce website to Piximate.


An emerging leader in location intelligence, Accurat is involved in big data, geo, advertising, and consumer behavior. They monitor and split app users into usable categories to provide solutions for better understanding app users’ offline behavior. They anticipate that their future actions will directly influence publishers and advertisers alike, and they can trace the effects of various marketing initiatives beyond mobile. They stand out from rivals by providing a flexible solution (plug-and-play SDK), first-party rather than third-party information about your app’s users, and going above and beyond by using artificial intelligence to give actionable insights.


The business Robovision specializes in software development and computer vision. The collaboration platform Robovision AI (RVAI) was created for AI-led organizations to span the whole project lifecycle. Domain specialists may train AI models using readily accessible computer vision algorithms and simple toolkits without the necessary skills, then deploy computer vision applications at production locations. Everything was completed in one place.

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