Google India Begins Complex Process of Identifying Written Medical Prescriptions with AI-Powered Assistive Models

Understanding a doctor’s handwriting in the prescription is a problem for everyone in a non-medical professional field. Doctors write prescriptions in a hurry, making it extremely difficult for the patients to interpret them. Many tech companies have attempted to find a solution and have had hard luck. 

Google, the tech giant, has taken up this challenge of deciphering inscrutable texts. Google will develop AI models to decipher physicians’ handwritten prescriptions to accelerate the number of medical records. This will not only help the chemists to understand the handwritten texts easily but also will help in faster digitization of medical records. Google announced this idea at its annual conference in India on the 19th of December 2022.

Google has already started associating with pharmacists to start with the plan. The project is in the prototype stage, and it will take some time in order to release the feature in the market. This will be a feature of google lens in the future. The user just has to take a picture of the prescription using Google Lens, and the trained AI model will start deciphering the text immediately and will keep the medical information only in focus.

Enhancing the humans involved in the process, such as pharmacists, will serve as an assistive technology for digitizing handwritten medical papers. However, no decision should not be made simply based on the output produced by this feature.

Google holds an event every year for its South Asian market where it displays all the recent developments which will help South Asian users. India is the prime market for Google; it is planning to make a unified model which will include about 100 Indian dialect languages and text. This model’s primary use was not announced but will help digitize medical records and can be used for many more tasks. Google has not committed to the launch of this feature but has announced a research prototype in the conference.

It is easy for medical professionals to read prescriptions; however, patients purchasing medications from pharmacies have a hurdle. The assistive model will be of considerable use to many people if it can help link prescriptions with purchased medications. Digitization of the medical records will also be a great step because the current state of India on digital medical records is really serious, and is necessary to come up with a solution for this problem.

Even though a difficult challenge is taken up by Google, with its brightest minds, it will come up with some solution or the other which will help in some way in deciphering the medical prescriptions. 

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