Meet Rokoko Video: A Free AI Motion Capture Tool that Allows Projects in Motion from the Browser

Rokoko, a Danish company known for its motion capture and animation technology products, aims to make itself an animation hub for all jobs. The company started with its two products, Smartsuit pro, and Smartgloves, which help to capture intricate body movements. Now, they launched the Rokoko video, enabling the use of the features of Rokoko for free from the web browser.

The free tool users can upload videos of people moving or record themselves using a webcam or phone. The motion file will be automatically extracted and utilized, among other things, to generate avatars in games and movies, track athletes’ development, etc.

How to use Rokoko Video?

Users just have to launch Rokoko Video on their browser and upload their video or record their movements with a webcam or smartphone camera. The clip will be immediately submitted to Rokoko’s AI-driven motion engine after being edited and cropped. Users in Rokoko Studio may then access the motion data. They can enhance the data using sophisticated filters like foot locking before exporting it into their preferred 3D tool, such as Blender, Unreal, etc.

Rokoko provides users with this cost-free solution, but with this comes limitations. Without the Smartsuit and Smartgloves, it is difficult for Rokoko video to provide real-time animations. Since the Rokoko video uses just computer vision techniques for recording the body movements, it might not be able to produce higher fidelity captures. So, for more high-quality animations, the user needs Smartgloves and Smartsuit.

Even though the limitations, this solution works well for small startups and creators who want cheaper solutions for Mocap. The CEO of Rokoko, Jakob Balslev, said that numerous aspiring designers struggle to discover inexpensive and user-friendly motion capture technologies. With Rokoko Video, they may now explore motion capture and character animation in a simple and cost-free manner.

This solution was successful because of adding more AI-infused software tools to the pipeline. Jakob explained how Rokoko’s video web app solution works without the use of hardware solutions by commenting on it that their hardware and software development have always been intertwined, despite the fact that the hardware has been more apparent to the public. Rokoko is well positioned to develop AI-powered motion capture, editing, and analysis tools due to the massive volume of motion data at their disposal. As they transform Rokoko Studio into a cloud-based animation powerhouse, their product roadmap includes an expanding number of comparable AI-infused software products.

Even though the limitations on the high-quality captureRokoko video is a great solution, that is a challenge in the motion capture application. It serves many purposes, such as trying out a new idea or pre-imagining it. Rokoko provides advanced filters like foot locking and many features which can help the creators for more interesting content. This also offers an affordable solution to the creators who need Mocap for their content.

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