Salesforce Presents AI Summarist: A Conversational AI Tool That Helps User Manage Their Information Consumption As Per Their Work Preferences

Slack is an effective productivity tool used by professionals and teams worldwide to stay in touch and update on the latest work-related information in an asynchronous fashion. But as the number (and types) of conversations in Slack that a user follows grows, so does their overall information intake. This may cause users to experience an ever-increasing cognitive burden, which can be distracting and impede deep work.

The cognitive load of a user can often increase when they are actively participating in several Slack channels throughout the day while also managing their business.

To assist users in effectively processing the constant stream of content updates from various channels, DMs, and threads on Slack, Salesforce has developed new work using cutting-edge conversational AI. By reading summaries to catch up on information, users of their service dubbed AI Summarist can tailor their information consumption and (indirectly) manage their notifications on Slack channels.

The benefits of AI Summarist are mentioned below:

  • Enhancing information: Users can receive automated summaries from channels that are less directly relevant to their day-to-day job while still keeping up with the most important channels.
  • Personalizing Information Consumption: Users can tailor how and where they get their work-related information. They may customize how often and when to receive summaries using AI Summarist.
  • Users can discover new (and more) channels to follow by reading overviews of recently discovered or suggested channels.
  • If a user has been away from work for a few days, they can rapidly catch up on messages by reading channel summaries, from which they can choose to delve deeper (read full content) if they deem it necessary.
  • Try to pick out the main ideas: When an AI Summarist is tasked with summarising a vast volume of discussions, it uses the reactions and replies to determine which topics are most significant.

End-to-end, impromptu operation of the summarising process. The following procedures are carried out when a summary request is made using AI Summarist:

  1. Messages can be sent via API: Calls are made to the Slack API to retrieve all conversation threads from the requested time frame.
  2. Conversing in a less tangled fashion: Artificial intelligence summary software can pick out individual talks from a large group of communications.
  3. Artificial intelligence is the wizard: A summary of the discussions is generated using an AI algorithm.
  4. Conveyed Synopsis: A private summary, prioritized for the requesting user, is delivered after time has elapsed.

Since AI Summarist understands that the contents of a user’s Slack messages are private and confidential, it takes great care when processing user data and reading private communications. Neither the raw conversation logs nor the summarised version is stored. Everything is done on an as-needed basis whenever the user makes a request. The fact that AI Summarist does not save any of the data it summarises gives customers peace of mind when utilizing it for private and sensitive topics on Slack.

Users can provide critical comments on the created summary, and AI Summarist only retains metadata relating to the functions invoked by the users. AI Summarist’s dialogue summarising capabilities can be enhanced by learning more about where it falls short concerning user expectations, which can be gleaned from this feedback. Users are urged to use caution when providing feedback that could be interpreted as personally identifiable information.

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Tanushree Shenwai is a consulting intern at MarktechPost. She is currently pursuing her B.Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Bhubaneswar. She is a Data Science enthusiast and has a keen interest in the scope of application of artificial intelligence in various fields. She is passionate about exploring the new advancements in technologies and their real-life application.

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