Check Out This Tool That Uses Machine Learning To Animate 3D Models In Real-Time And Will Soon Be Compatible With Unreal Engine

Imagine software that could make up anything you want to see. Suppose you wish to see the pyramids of Giza, and software makes it in a virtual world.

A revolutionary platform called Anything World combines layers of behavioral intelligence with AI, voice computing, and 3D rendering. We allow consumers to order and play with any object they can think of. It is the simplest and quickest method for developers to produce voice-activated, AI-driven 3D experiences.

With 3D characters prepared for usage in games, interactive experiences, and immersive tech development, such as augmented reality and virtual reality, where 3D is at its core, Anything World enables you to bring your projects to life.

With a free tier for educational and private usage, Anything World released its machine learning-powered animation software to the general public (opens in a new tab). Aside from offering the Unity integration I witnessed, the firm also disclosed that Unreal Engine support will be arriving in December and that it had recently raised $7.5 million in fresh funding.

The software from Anything World is also promoted as an expert game development tool. Ubisoft already uses it for prototypes. According to Midwood, it is also helpful for fast rigging 3D models—specifying the models’ bones and joints—and creating animations that can be manually adjusted.

The recently published version of Anything World can rig and animate quadrupeds and vehicles, but according to Midwood, the company will soon begin adding more categories, such as people and other bipeds, swimmers, insects, and so on. By the middle of next year, Midwood hopes Anything World can compete with Mixamo, another existing application that automates rigging for human characters. Additionally, he claims that the business will release an upload tool the following year that will enable users to submit their 3D models—rather than just those found in Anything World’s database—to the automated rigging and animation algorithm.

Midwood does not anticipate Anything World to be categorized with image generators in terms of its application of machine learning, primarily because AI illustration is far more unique than animation automation in video games. It is already common for video game animation to be produced using code, which combines poses in an algorithm and applies physics to produce behaviors. For instance, independent developer David Rosen discussed the usage of algorithmic animation in Overgrowth at a 2017 GDC talk(opens in a new tab).

Rigging models is not the most exciting aspect of a normal 3D animator’s job; instead, it is the most monotonous. For this reason, Midwood believes Anything World will be well-received as middleware for game development.

Anything World aims to leverage its platform for consumer goods, including a Twitch extension, and serve as middleware for other developers. Microsoft ought to hire the business to create a new iteration of 3D Movie Maker, but it needs to be even more bizarre than the first.

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Rishabh Jain, is a consulting intern at MarktechPost. He is currently pursuing in computer sciences from IIIT, Hyderabad. He is a Machine Learning enthusiast and has keen interest in Statistical Methods in artificial intelligence and Data analytics. He is passionate about developing better algorithms for AI.

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