Top Innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Startups Based in Denmark (2022)

The world of now and tomorrow depends on artificial intelligence. Corporate leaders have firsthand knowledge of AI’s influence and potential in the startup arena. Because of this, businesses all over the world are attempting to use AI to find solutions to a variety of challenges. In this article, let’s look at some of Denmark’s most promising artificial intelligence startups.


Veo is a sports video production and broadcasting application that provides high-quality automated video streaming, production, editing, and recording solutions to revolutionize sports broadcasting and streaming. Veo Cam 2 is a portable AI camera that can automatically live-stream matches. It provides an AI with the ability to record games independently. Two 4K cameras capture a 180-degree panorama of the entire pitch. The company’s software picks up on the activity and produces a video of high quality that can be streamed on its platform.


Corti provides tools that enhance the patient engagement process with a seamless AI-powered foundation for all patient calls that streamlines service while decreasing workload and fixing errors. Easily integrated into any program, Corti is a voice-based intelligent assistant. Corti is a real-time second opinion, note-taking, and quality assurance system that frees doctors to concentrate on the patient, who is what’s most important. Corti listens with experts and processes natural language using its speech recognition technology to produce insights and recommendations that can be put into practice.


The world’s thousands of scientists, pathologists, and image analysis specialists working in academic institutions, the biopharmaceutical industry, and diagnostic facilities are supported by Visiopharm’s innovative image analysis tools for drug discovery research. Visiopharm provides tissue data mining tools, accurate results, and workflows using highly developed and sophisticated deep learning and artificial intelligence. Through AI-based picture analysis and workflow standardization, they are revolutionizing pathology.


Uizard offers cloud-based tools for turning design into code. The offering provides a program that converts screenshots into lines of code using neural network technology. The product’s capabilities include automated wireframe importing and transformation, integration, drag-and-drop functional components for prototype creation, etc. Uizard AI design assistant can scan your sketches and transform them into attractive interfaces. Uizard makes it simple to design software interfaces, websites, and mobile and web applications.


Shield provides workplace regulatory intelligence solutions built on AI. By automating the whole data lifecycle, it transforms the way an organization manages risks and insights from electronic communications while fostering a secure, healthy, risk-free, and legal working environment. It enables a cross-regulatory compliance platform that automates the compliance lifecycle using AI, natural language processing, and visualization tools. To comply with rules, it includes eComms surveillance, a behavioral model for managing risks, compliance data management, etc.


For project managers, Forecast is a web-based project management tool that aids in providing visibility and understanding of the performance of projects. The application makes every effort to make things as intuitive as possible while using AI algorithms for automation. Its features include project-level resource scheduling, tailored processes, organization-wide overviews, and scope forecasts and timetables. Users may manage task schedules, project progress, and notifications in the event of anomalies.


Traditional EP recording devices have an undesirable status quo that makes it more difficult to accurately diagnose and choose a course of treatment for complex cardiac arrhythmia. These systems are expensive, have limited capabilities, and generate subpar electrogram signals. CathVision is trying to solve this problem with its AI-powered cardiac ablation therapy software and hardware. Their product can show electrophysiological signals to help with proper therapy delivery. CathVision Cube combines low-noise ablation therapy with high-quality signal streaming, analysis, and storage of EP signals. With the help of AI algorithms, the interface offers a real-time streaming review window for analysis and clinical decision-making.


Raffle offers a search tool that enables employees to quickly and efficiently discover information. It makes business search a reliable, low-maintenance solution that allows teams and individuals to get the information they require from all sources. It uses AI to give customer service representatives tools to handle complex issues and helps them find the relevant data to respond to customers’ questions. It contributes to higher customer satisfaction, time savings for internal teams, and delivers insights.


With the help of data-driven insights, organizations can use the Agillic omnichannel marketing automation platform to generate, automate, and send personalized communications to customers. It aids businesses in establishing and strengthening long-lasting connections based on distinctive client experiences. They optimize the user experience by removing communication pollution using data, content, and their platform’s AI-based personalization features. Some of its other capabilities are automation, email marketing, behavioral targeting, web marketing, mobile marketing, and product recommendations.

Blackwood Seven

Over the past two decades, due to media fragmentation, the complexity of analyzing and optimizing the consequences of media investments and marketing operations has significantly increased. Blackwood Seven has created AI algorithms to optimize and forecast future results that examine the impact of previous media investments and run several investment scenarios. Analytics is offered at the channel and single publisher levels and include sales made, cost per sale, and media ROI. The technology isolates various external elements like seasonality, rival activity, and macroeconomic peaks and troughs to quantify the actual sales impact of media campaigns.


For deploying machine learning and data science initiatives for enterprises of any size, 2021.AI has developed an industry-neutral AI platform. Three different versions of the company’s Grace AI platform are available, addressing the range of data science needs from simple entry-level data analyses to enormous collaborative, scalable, and secure business projects. The company also offers AI as a service, taking care of opportunity identification, proof of concept, and project management. Use cases of their solution include fraud detection, product placement, churn prediction, and consumer segmentation.


Pension administration is frequently a cumbersome process that causes hardship for all parties concerned. Grandhood provides a flexible, low-cost pension platform for European small and medium businesses with fewer hassles than other pension solutions. The Grandhood app enables SMEs to register in only a few minutes and begin contributing right away. It also makes investment decisions and language easier to understand. The platform uses machine learning and current asset management theories to determine investments.


It’s challenging for businesses to succeed online. Cobiro provides one user-friendly platform from which enterprises can flourish online. It includes a no-code website & store builder, simplified marketing tools, and simple advertising. Advertisers place bids on keywords on the Google platform for their clickable advertisements to appear in search results. Customers need to specify a target audience, an advertising budget, and the wording for the ad because Cobiro takes care of the production, maintenance, and bid administration for these ads. Additionally, the AI algorithm improves and modifies campaigns in real time.


Utilizing AI, Unsilo creates tools for publishers. It provides a means for manuscript preparation, screening, and publication, and a service for categorizing already published information. It uses unsupervised methods for interpreting and processing natural language that can discern the meaning of words and phrases inside a document. Every notion in a client’s text corpus is described in a mathematical semantic similarity model constructed by the program. The company’s manuscript tool, widely used for academic publications, aids in scaling capacities engaged in manuscript inspection and preparation.


Worksome provides a recruitment platform that matches freelancers with jobs using AI algorithms, allowing recruiters to concentrate on more crucial tasks. It costs nothing to post a position; however, the platform takes 4% of the compensation after a successful match. Worksome also handles the contract and billing, hastening the onboarding procedure. The platform has openings for a wide range of highly qualified professions, including project management, product management, and IT development. Worksome ensures efficient and integrated workflows throughout the company, modernizing how firms handle contingent workforces globally.


For those with diabetes, managing their insulin levels is a big challenge and a highly personal process. The Hedia Diabetes Assistant (HDA) is a class IIb medical device that aims to assist in better managing insulin-dependent diabetes and achieving targeted health goals, such as blood glucose level stability. The software makes recommendations based on trends it recognizes in the patterns and behaviors of people with diabetes using AI. The app determines the appropriate insulin dosages based on the number of carbs consumed, blood sugar levels, exercise levels, and insulin sensitivity. 


Dixa was developed in response to the growing commercial and impersonal character of customer support relationships. Dixa offers an AI-based customer service platform that integrates the functionality of call centers, contact centers, and help desks, routes and prioritizes inquiries depending on the significance of the client and the agent’s skill, and customizes customer interactions using the data at hand. It offers a cloud-based service. Increased conversion rates and customer retention are some of the platform’s advantages.


Rokoko provides motion capture hardware and software solutions at a reasonable price. The company’s black markerless Smart suit Pro jumpsuit is simple to set up and operate and is reasonably priced. It includes Rokoko’s Studio software, a creative hub that enables the recording, editing, and playback of motion assets using AI. Additionally, Rokoko provides a Motion Library marketplace where producers of movies and video game material can look through high-quality motion graphics made by reputable studios.


Cludo provides an automated search solution that saves time and money and delivers more relevant results. Their AI-powered search enhances the online experience by directing users to pertinent material. Their intuitive search rapidly ascertains how the company’s visitors react to search results and uses machine learning algorithms to enhance performance with each query. Cludo Search can improve an organization’s relevance, effectiveness, and success, whether it’s a website, app, intranet, or e-commerce platform.

Ento Labs

Ento Labs is working to optimize energy use in public and commercial buildings with its energy AI. It analyzes and monitors business energy consumption for the most efficient adjustments to enjoy lower operating expenses and carbon emissions. They use a sophisticated collection of machine learning (ML) algorithms to try and understand how much energy a building uses. Energy data is collected, enhanced with weather data and other building-specific information, and then examined to determine the most efficient energy optimization strategies.

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