Top Innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Startups Based in Finland (2022)

Artificial intelligence is experiencing exponential growth and is being used by thousands of businesses worldwide. It is easing our daily lives and offering solutions to the most challenging issues. Let’s look at some of the most cutting-edge AI startups established in Finland.


Although digital or online learning is developing quickly, it still has many shortcomings, including a lack of simplicity and personalization. Claned is a personalized online learning platform revolutionizing the digital learning arena. The platform is integrated with learning design components that naturally help teachers make better online courses. Additionally, Claned automatically collects and analyzes learning data from each interaction on the platform using machine learning so that users may better comprehend and enhance the efficacy of the courses in real-time.


The healthcare sector is a large one, and insurance fraud, waste, and abuse are all too widespread and can result in losses of billions of dollars. With its machine learning solutions for the health insurance sector, Kirontech seeks to reduce these inefficiencies while simultaneously raising the quality of service through better monitoring of providers. The business provides an insurance platform that reduces inefficient processes, automates fraud detection, price adherent risk, and assesses healthcare providers using extensive data archives of medical claims.


Valossa’s cognitive AI assists video-based enterprises in managing and expanding their operations securely as the world deals with increasing video volumes. Utilizing computer vision, machine learning, audio-visual intelligence, and video information retrieval, Valossa has created a platform for video recognition and content intelligence. Users can follow and identify faces, search and tag anything in a video clip, flag offensive material, or do analytics on the content. AI-generated content and metadata can help businesses promote their internet videos more quickly. They can utilize AI automation to provide users with rich, over-the-top (OTT) and video-on-demand (VOD) user experiences.


There is a ton of consumer feedback data accessible that is underutilized because it is challenging to analyze, but it has excellent potential for business growth. Lumoa has developed a platform that turns massive amounts of client feedback into meaningful insights. Lumoa’s AI algorithms target mid-sized to large-sized businesses in various industries, including banking, healthcare, and software development. They offer real-time customer feedback analytics, identify the factors that impact customer satisfaction most, and analyze customer feedback to determine the best course of action. All of this aids businesses in sorting through vast amounts of data and developing actionable insights to raise Net Promoter Scores (NPS), a crucial indicator of client loyalty.


User testing has always been a time-consuming process that didn’t necessarily find all potentially harmful bugs. Usetrace is an artificial software tester that provides a cost-effective cloud-based, codeless, automated web app and website testing solution. Using Usetrace, cloud computers automatically test client websites by simulating visitor or customer behavior. Tests are run regularly, and when the code is modified, Usetrace notifies developers of any bugs discovered.


Tidy is a platform for the automated mass production of websites used by agencies, freelancers, and directories. Users can utilize the platform to create websites using templates or by taking advantage of the platform’s AI-based automatic and semi-automatic site-generating features. The system can also develop webpages based on information retrieved from a pre-selected source, such as an API, a CRM system, or an older website. The service assures improved revenue through the use of their websites and search engine optimization as well.


With AISpotter, professionals can transform vast amounts of recorded and live video into shareable, meaningful information that improves decision-making. It uses AI to quickly make production-ready highlights available by identifying the critical moments in any recorded video, even several simultaneous live streams from various cameras and setups. Since its inception, AISpotter has assisted production professionals, 24/7 live streams, coaches, and even security firms in Europe in turning a video into actionable knowledge and insights. The company was founded initially to assist sports teams in quickly obtaining the most helpful information from game videos.

For complicated operations, businesses are searching for straightforward solutions. With Aito, customers can use predictions with any automation platform and test, deploy, and maintain a machine learning classifier without worrying about writing code. For immediate predictions, future estimates, and recommendations, Aito’s predictive database applies machine learning to existing relational data. Aito allows users to test AI project ideas, create prototypes, and quickly scale them to production. Aito is completely run and hosted in the cloud.

Real-time customer experience is becoming a significant competitive advantage for product and service development because of Aiwo’s innovative qualitative analytics artificial intelligence solution. This is redefining how customer and employee experiences are generated. The service from Aiwo can generate incredibly precise analytics from many data sources in real time. Using analytics from their client connections, Aiwo assists large B2C organizations in identifying operational inefficiencies, providing better service, and reducing expenses.


Pathologists and scientists in preclinical and clinical labs can advance their image analysis activities and workflows with the help of Aiforia’s robust deep learning and cloud-based technologies. The technologies provided by Aiforia increase workflow productivity and scalability, facilitating fresh insights, better decisions, and more individualized patient care. Scientists and medical professionals can use the Aiforia Platform seamlessly and directly. There is no requirement for coding, specialized hardware, countless annotations, or images to use AI using Aiforia.


Aibidia aims to modernize and improve the way transfer pricing experts do their jobs. Artificial intelligence, business intelligence, and digital innovations are combined with in-depth legal, tax, and economic experience to help organizations foresee the future and provide them with the data and insights they need to get there. Using data and intelligence, the Aibidia TXM, the Digital Transfer Pricing Execution Management System, offers multinational corporations, professional services businesses, and tax authorities a contemporary method for carrying out and managing cross-border transactions and business operations. automates recurring customer service instances and guides agents through complex tasks with answer recommendations. Its AI-powered customer service automation solution helps deliver individualized client experiences and frees support personnel from repetitive inquiries. With AI-powered chat and ticket automation, it scales up customer service. Customers would receive prompt, consistent resolutions across all digital support channels. Processes should be streamlined, and support costs should be decreased using


Zyfra creates technology for industrial digitalization and enhances the environment for the Industrial Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. Zyfra AI uses numerical optimization techniques and deep learning to optimize industrial operations. It offers end-to-end solutions for optimizing manufacturing speed, quality, and prices by combining cutting-edge data science with industrial expertise. The company’s primary target markets are in the industries of machinery, metallurgy, mining, oil & gas, and chemicals.


With the help of artificial intelligence, Talentadore provides a Virtual Recruitment Assistant for the hiring process. By concentrating on the applicant experience, the solution assists businesses in improving their employer branding. It simplifies the hiring procedure. An applicant tracking system, candidate interaction technology powered by artificial intelligence, and sophisticated automation are all integrated into the solution. It saves time by automating the elements of the hiring process where human involvement has a minimum requirement.


Every day, enormous amounts of voice data are produced online. Businesses can process this data accurately, affordably, and instantly with Speechly. The most crucial natural language processing features are easily integrated into their speech recognition technology, allowing them to grasp what the users are saying immediately. Speechly combines proprietary modeling and cutting-edge machine learning to understand speech with a 95% accuracy rate. It is ideal for sales support, online moderation, AI agent assistance, and audio and video transcription.

MVision AI

To simplify cancer treatment planning, MVision automates segmentation and standardizes organ-at-risk contouring in radiotherapy. Automatic segmentation and contouring software from MVision uses ground-breaking deep learning technology to fuel its artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to enhance patient outcomes and healthcare infrastructure. Their deep learning model delivers reliable contouring in minutes while upholding every patient’s highest standards of excellence.


The one duty that takes the longest for doctors to complete is entering patient notes. This time is not being used to treat patients. Inscripta Medical is a cutting-edge, low-cost solution for dictating, optimizing, and storing patient notes on a company’s health record system. The package includes dictation software, AI-powered speech recognition, and a system for managing employees and workflows. The language model improves itself automatically based on corrections and annotations designed explicitly for medical jargon.


Headai is developing General Semantic AI to provide secure, explicable, and predictive decision-making for the employment, investment, educational, and training sectors. The foundation of the Headai business has been established by extensive research in cognitive science and AI paired with executive-level business intelligence. It approaches corporate intelligence and ongoing growth from a data-driven perspective. Headai is used by Governments and ministries, investment funds, international organizations, colleges, educational institutions, corporations, and private businesses.


Understanding the origin of your patients’ symptoms requires knowledge of CT and CBCT imaging data. There is a lot of time commitment and risk of human error involved in manually extracting this information from medical photographs. The analytics software from Disior is a quick and economical approach to getting accurate data from three-dimensional medical images. Disior uses intelligent 3D analytics software to replace hazy 2D medical photos with numerical data. Numerical data is completely clear, but images can be misinterpreted. Compared to conventional approaches, it helps doctors to make better diagnoses and treatment decisions based on accurate, consistent, and comparable data.

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