Top Innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Startups Based in Israel (2022)

Revolution in Artificial Intelligence is causing a paradigm change in almost every field of the tech industry. Various startups around the world are transforming and making lives easier using the aid of AI. In this article, let’s look at some of the most innovative AI startups founded in Israel.


Voiceitt has created a speech recognition app to make it easier for those with speech disorders, disabilities, or impairments to be heard and understood. Its proprietary automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology converts irregular patterns into understandable speech in real time. It employs machine learning to recognize and learn each user’s distinctive speech pattern and then uses that information to communicate with other people or smart homes. The company’s goal is to enable universal access to speech.


Extensive industrial facilities require operators to continually be aware of the activity, equipment, and ongoing processes to maintain safe, effective operations. The end-to-end drone solution from Airobotics goes well beyond conventional drone alternatives. It is an entirely automated system for gathering aerial data and gaining valuable insights. A multidisciplinary team created the platform to meet the needs of the energy, mining, and oil & gas industries by offering a secure, affordable solution available on-site and on demand.


Cortica has created autonomous AI that mimics the physiological functions of the mammal cortex. Its unsupervised learning strategy allows machines to interact with the world, learn, and collaborate without human supervision, simulating how the brain processes information. Based on this technology, it offers large-scale, real-time AI and computer vision solutions for smart cities, medical imaging, picture management, and autonomous vehicles. These solutions include facial identification, general visual recognition, and autonomous driving.

By disclosing customer mindsets, empowers revenue teams to reach their full potential. Every client encounter is recorded and understood by the company’s proprietary Gong Revenue Intelligence Platform, which disseminates insights at scale, enabling revenue teams to base decisions on facts rather than perceptions. Gong records the broadest range of customer contacts in the market to save time and provide insights and direction, including video conversations, phone calls, emails, and more. This allows teams to make decisions supported by data and drive revenue growth.


Leadspace’s B2B Customer Data Platform, Studio, enables businesses to regain control over their marketing and sales data. The Studio employs artificial intelligence to assist sales and marketing teams in discovering, developing, and prioritizing closeable business. The Studio enables teams to identify the Total Addressable Market for their sector and develop highly effective marketing campaigns targeting the optimal buyer profile. It allows teams to perform graph searches, divide and score audiences, and then activate those groups across the marketing automation systems and online media channels.

It can take a lot of time to monitor a complex cloud-native system. One requires a monitoring solution that is more scalable as their environment expands and their data volume soars. is helping solve this problem by providing open-source monitoring tools on a fully managed cloud service. Its cloud-based system employs machine learning and predictive analytics to identify problems. The four solutions that make up the platform—Log Management, Infrastructure Monitoring, Distributed Tracing, and Cloud SIEM—collaborate to streamline the monitoring, troubleshooting, and security processes.


SentinelOne seeks to address the issue of endpoint security for mobile workers who must connect to a company’s network, as well as for cloud servers, personal communications services, and Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets. It is an autonomous cybersecurity system designed to equip modern businesses with the tools to defend more effectively, quickly, and across a broader range of attacks. The company’s SingularityTM XDR Platform integrates AI-powered threat hunting, prevention, detection, and response across user endpoints, containers, cloud workloads, and IoT devices.


With its next-generation AI code assistant, Tabnine helps software engineers and developers write their code more efficiently by auto-completing strings of code. Based on context and syntax, Tabnine anticipates and recommends the following lines of code to the users. As a result, development is more efficient and less prone to mistakes. An artificial intelligence system is fed open-source code to learn patterns and recommend lines of tested, debugged code from running programs. The AI completions offered by Tabnine can be used locally, on the cloud, or a server inside a firewall.


Nexar provides a portfolio of technology designed to make driving and cities safer. Nexar-powered dash cams enable new vision-based applications for better driving. The startup uses machine vision and sensor fusion algorithms to utilize the in-built sensors on iOS and Android phones. Drivers join a network that powers new applications for traveling and driving when they combine Nexar-powered dash cams with the Nexar app. To make roads safer and more effective, Nexar has created a portfolio of vision-based data services for public and private sector partners using anonymized, aggregated data from this network.


Beewise is tackling many of the inefficiencies of conventional hives and greatly enhancing the well-being and lifespan of bees by entirely revamping the beehive. Their invention, called BeeHome, houses 24 bee colonies and enables beekeepers to monitor their hives remotely while also taking care of their bees. Beehomes uses artificial intelligence to detect when a colony may be getting ready to swarm and automatically stops the occurrence by altering conditions. It also uses AI to combat pests and automates honey collection. Additionally, it can notify the beekeepers of any critical issues.

Deci AI

Complex neural models frequently bloat during development, slowing down their production. Deci’s deep learning development platform, driven by Neural Architecture Search, makes it simple to create, improve, and deploy quick & accurate models. It quickly outperforms SoTA models in terms of accuracy and runtime performance. Additionally, it saves money spent on cloud computing by up to 80%. The company’s goal is to free up AI developers and engineers to concentrate on what they do best: tackling the world’s most challenging issues.


Percepto delivers end-to-end inspection and monitoring software that completely automates visual data operations, from collection to insights, revolutionizing how visual data is gathered and evaluated. For secure, dependable, and ongoing data collection, the portfolio of solutions includes ground robots, drones, and fully integrated sensors. The drones have day and night camera systems, and they employ AI to spot operational issues and potential hazards to people’s health and safety in real-time. Modeling & measurement, Remote operations, Gas leak detection, Emergency response, Security, and Construction monitoring are some applications for the solutions.


Prospera addresses agriculture’s most significant difficulty by providing a transformational, digital farming system to vegetable greenhouse growers worldwide that generates insights and optimizes the growing process. It uses computer vision and machine learning technologies to track and assess plant growth, health, and stress continuously. The technology empowers producers to make better educated, practical, and scientific decisions by working from the ground up. With Prospera, agriculture can be optimized across the entire growth cycle and made predictable.

Run: AI

Run:ai offers Atlas, which enables businesses to streamline and complete their AI journeys. Atlas facilitates running AI efforts everywhere (on-premises, on edge, in the cloud) by utilizing a multi- and hybrid cloud platform backed by a cloud-native operating system. To control the allocation of graphics processing unit (GPU) resources and boost cluster utilization, it provides deep learning (DL) orchestration platform. Using built-in connectivity for IDE tools like Jupyter Notebooks and PyCharm, Atlas provides a straightforward manner for researchers to interact with the platform.


Syte assists businesses in designing user-friendly customer journeys that improve product discovery and navigation, increase conversion, and raise average order value. It provides a platform for product discovery that uses visual AI to identify and suggest related products with over 95% accuracy in only a few milliseconds. With next-generation search and discovery experiences supported by visual AI, NLP, and hyper-personalization, it helps to drive revenue and brand loyalty.


Theator analyzes real-world medical procedures and extracts and annotates each crucial step using AI and computer vision. As a result, surgeons can get a profound scientific understanding of their own and their colleagues’ performances worldwide. Through automated EHR connectivity, Theator combines surgical video footage with outcomes data to offer innovative insights that can improve treatment, expedite procedures, and reduce outcome variation. To facilitate more consistently successful surgeries and, ultimately, a healthier planet, the business seeks to offer a whole new experience of AI in surgery.


For enterprises to integrate Security directly into their continuous development process, the Snyk platform instantly identifies and resolves security concerns in proprietary code, open-source dependencies, container images, and cloud infrastructure. Snyk interfaces with developer tools and processes to continuously determine and automatically patch vulnerabilities, allowing developers to guarantee Security at scale without degrading pace. Leaders at hundreds of firms, including Google and Anheuser-Busch InBev, rely on Snyk to protect their products.


Optibus provides an end-to-end software platform for fairer, environmentally friendly, and effective transportation services for agencies, operators, cities, drivers, and passengers. The world’s top transportation companies benefit from their cutting-edge optimization algorithms, machine learning, and user interfaces that are clear and simple to use while delivering superior passenger and driver service at lower operational costs. Additionally, the ability of Optibus to simultaneously execute driver and vehicle optimization (run cutting and blocking) results in greater optimization outcomes and time savings.

Deep Instinct

The most sophisticated type of artificial intelligence is deep learning. Basic machine learning (ML)-based products either lack the accuracy, speed, and scalability to forecast and block unknown malware or defend too much, slowing down operations and inundating your team with false positives. Deep Instinct uses a deep-learning cybersecurity framework to stop ransomware and other types of malware. The technology has the industry’s best accuracy and lowest false positive rate, stopping unknown threats before they can enter the environment.


The traditional pillars of embedded computer architecture—memory, control, computation, and the relationships between them—are redefined by Hailo’s comprehensive approach. A ground-breaking AI processor from Hailo is specially crafted to speed up embedded deep-learning applications on edge devices. Edge devices can now perform deep learning applications at full scale more effectively, efficiently, and sustainably than conventional solutions by creating an AI hardware architecture that solely relies on the fundamental characteristics of neural networks.


Bots and false users make up about 40% of all web traffic. This hinders marketing effectiveness, interferes with on-site conversion attempts, and skews data and analytics, impacting go-to-market strategies. Cheq provides a go-to-market security platform that protects analytics, paid marketing, on-site conversion, and data against bots, fraudulent traffic, and malicious users. Built by alumni of the Israeli Military Defense Intelligence, CHEQ is at the cutting edge of cybersecurity innovation, driving the expansion of Go-to-Market Security (GTMSec).


Explorium’s External Data Cloud brings together the greatest data sources from around the globe on a single platform, assisting businesses in account enrichment, lead and account scoring improvement and opportunity identification. It provides a brand-new type of automated data and features a discovery-driven data science platform. It automatically finds pertinent data to produce strong analytical answers and innovative market-moving strategies. Explorium’s catalog constantly expands and offers superior company, individual, and location data coverage, accuracy, and breadth.


Predictive AI technology from Aquant monitors equipment, gathers data, and assists in identifying equipment failure before it occurs, providing excellent customer service. Service intelligence collects all the service data, uses service artificial intelligence to analyze it, and then includes service leaders, technicians, and agents with the vital information they require precisely when needed. So escalation no longer occurs. Sometimes before they even see the problem, technicians are already aware of the proper fix. Systems from the company are used in various industries, including manufacturing, life sciences and medicine, HVAC, communications, office and computer equipment, and home appliances.


Construction requires monitoring above and through structures continuously. It needs connecting, intelligent, predictive, and conclusive data. Buildots specializes in converting construction sites into digital and data-driven environments. It uses artificial intelligence and computer vision technology to overcome inefficiencies in the construction process. It provides a comprehensive dashboard with all sites automatically combined data, allowing users to understand precisely what is happening and what is not.


With ground-breaking assistive technology that enables people with vision and reading impairments to read easily once more, OrCam is transforming the lives of tens of thousands of people worldwide. It provides three products. People who have trouble reading can use the mobile artificial intelligence tool OrCam Read to interactively and instantly read text from any surface, intelligently choose points of interest, and more. For those who are blind or visually challenged, OrCam MyEye is a ground-breaking wearable artificial intelligence technology. It allows them to read text from any surface, recognize faces, distinguish colors, and more. OrCam Study is a unique artificial intelligence learning system that works with each learner as they learn and develop their skills and confidence.

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