Top Innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Startups Based in Canada (2022)

Artificial intelligence is transforming the innovation landscape around the world. There are numerous instances of startups leveraging AI to address issues of all sizes. In this article, let’s look at the top AI-powered startups founded in Canada.


Travel has become a luxury for most individuals due to its high cost. Hopper has created several innovative fintech solutions that assist users in making financial savings and improving their travel experiences by utilizing vast amounts of data and machine learning. The platform gathers, arranges, and analyzes travel data using AI algorithms to produce historical reports and forecast models. It provides data-driven forecasts on when it is best to purchase airline tickets & hotel rooms. Users can search for and reserve services using the Hopper mobile app.

Deep Genomics

With the approval of novel medications for rare diseases and vaccines, RNA has become a recognized therapeutic modality on a global scale. RNA biology data must be mined to find treatments. But because this data is so large and intricate traditional techniques for drug development are costly and time-consuming. Deep Genomics offers the solution with its AI Workbench that deconstructs the complexity of RNA biology, identifies new targets, and assesses thousands of options to pinpoint the most promising therapeutic alternatives. Their in-house AI Workbench is built for exponential development, positive feedback loops, and data-driven prediction.


Visier Workforce Analytics helps corporate executives and HR professionals by providing them with the knowledge they need to take decisive action to cut labor expenses, boost output, recruit and retain top talent, and tailor their people strategy to their company’s business strategy. It makes data available from the many sources an organization uses, allowing human resources (HR) personnel to develop dashboards and data visualizations. Natural language processing within the program can directly respond to end-user inquiries concerning business procedures and human resource data.


Cohere is a platform that enables developers and enterprises to use NLP powered by the most powerful generation of large language models to make their digital lives simpler and more productive. With a few lines of code, one may incorporate natural language understanding and generation into their product using the Cohere platform. Cohere’s massive language models can handle various natural language use cases, including content generation, semantic search, paraphrasing, and classification. Users can build huge models trained on their data and personalized to their use case through finetuning.


Large businesses must also manage their data from a quality, governance, privacy, and security standpoint to grow and decentralize their data initiatives and enable data democratization. To generate value on an enterprise scale, Ataccama reinvents how data is managed. Ataccama combines data governance, quality, and management into a single, AI-powered fabric across hybrid and cloud environments, enabling organizations and data teams to innovate at an unprecedented rate while maintaining trust, security, and data control.


AlayaCare is assisting organizations that provide care in homes and communities to advance toward innovation and the future of home care. AlayaCare’s innovative platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to provide a comprehensive technological solution to handle the whole client lifecycle, including referrals and intake, scheduling, client health records, clinical documentation, care worker administration, billing and payroll, reporting, remote patient monitoring, and a mobile caregiver app, in one integrated, highly resilient, and secure, cloud-based system. Providing real-time insights for healthcare professionals, it also aids in analyzing wearable devices to retrieve patient data for processing through machine learning technology.


Delivering valuable encounters at scale without automation is impossible in a digital world where people expect their demands to be satisfied with a quick chat or button click. Ada’s chatbot platform automates customer engagement with a no-code builder and various out-of-the-box capabilities. The cloud-based messaging platform offers conditional logic, API & authentication, and analytics features. Ada automates numerous conversation topics across the most well-liked digital platforms under a single platform using AI and cutting-edge NLU. It has applications in the fields of travel, e-commerce, fintech, telecom, retail, finance, insurance, etc.

Untether AI

Untether AI helps businesses use at-memory computing to conduct AI inference workloads more quickly and affordably. It has created an artificial intelligence neural net processor to enable inference activities like machine vision and speech recognition on power-restricted devices like wearables and augmented reality headsets. Untether AI’s ground-breaking at-memory architecture, which relocates the computation element next to memory cells, offers unmatched compute density, boosting AI inference for various neural networks, including vision, natural language processing, and recommendation engines.


The crucial issue of safety for advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles is being addressed by Algolux, a well-known computer vision startup. It offers reliable autonomous vehicle perception and is based on ground-breaking research at the nexus of deep learning, computer vision, and computational imaging. It provides embedded AI software technologies and machine learning capabilities that allow new and old camera designs to deliver industry-leading vision performance in all driving scenarios.


Automation of advertising is necessary for brands to manage the consumer journey. Leading technology provider AcuityAds offers marketers an all-in-one omnichannel digital advertising solution. Its flagship platform, illumin, uses patented artificial intelligence to deliver innovative programmatic capabilities to connect the consumer journey and aid advertisers in realizing the true worth of a consumer to their brand. The company brings an integrated network of privacy-protected data, inventory, brand safety, and fraud protection partners to the table, providing trusted solutions with proven, above-benchmark results.


LANDR has transformed the music-creation process by making the studio-quality sound more accessible to musicians and audio professionals of all skill levels. LANDR offers millions of independent artists and labels a unified platform to research, collaborate on, master, release, and monetize music online, utilizing big data and machine learning for the music industry. It provides musicians with tools that level the playing field, merging them into an accessible, price-effective self-serve platform essential at every stage of the music creation lifecycle.

MindBridge AI

MindBridge enables financial professionals to access improved working methods by discovering, surfacing, and assessing risk across large financial datasets. The application integrates audit and finance experience with data science and AI innovation to support professional judgment and meet financial openness needs. MindBridge’s patented platform helps users trust their figures and lessen ambiguity by offering crucial insights into the company’s financials.

Zetane Systems Inc.

Zetane helps industrial AI practitioners work more productively and persuade operational leaders more successfully, which leads to more ML projects being authorized and deployed. To help teams easily debug, test, optimize, validate, and track machine learning solutions, Zetane Systems specializes in developing cutting-edge software tools that offer the most precise knowledge of machine learning projects. To aid in the adoption and implementation of AI solutions across many industries, Zetane also provides a comprehensive range of consulting services.


To make AI more accessible for improving daily lives, Deeplite offers AI-Driven Optimization to make Deep Neural Networks quicker, smaller, and more energy-efficient from cloud to edge computing. Their flagship product, Deeplite Neutrino, uses a cutting-edge multi-objective design space exploration approach to optimize high-performance DNN models for real-time and resource-constrained AI environments. This results in significantly faster, smaller, and more power-efficient models without compromising performance. It enables users to extend their deep learning development with one piece of standard software and make the most of their investments.

Stradigi AI

Every day, a vast amount of data is generated and gathered from internal systems, processes, and external sources. With the aid of Stradigi AI, teams can improve their decision-making processes by using machine learning to activate better insights and realize the actual value of their data. Massive volumes of data are automatically processed, organized, and scored using AI to determine the likelihood of a future event. 

Miovision Technologies

Miovision aims to find practical solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s traffic issues. It enables communities to decrease traffic congestion and car emissions while enhancing public safety through scalable, intelligent transportation solutions utilizing computer vision and AI. It offers suggestions on how to improve accessibility, raise security, and lessen traffic on city streets. Its precise data and insights help improve overall mobility and make existing transportation systems more efficient.


Even while experiments form the backbone of research & development, most of them fail to advance our understanding of medications and targets. By providing researchers with the most sophisticated biomedical artificial intelligence, BenchSci significantly increases the pace and quality of life-saving research. It collects the most extensive data from vendor catalogs and life science studies, decodes and organizes the data using its machine learning models, and then delivers quick insights through a simple, user-friendly interface for turnkey deployment across an organization.

Brainbox AI

Commercial buildings largely produce Greenhouse Gas emissions. BrainBox AI has developed revolutionary technology that combines deep learning, cloud computing, and proprietary algorithms to proactively reduce the energy consumption of buildings, one of the most significant contributors to climate change. For building optimization, BrainBox AI uses AI that is predictive and self-adaptive. The existing HVAC system becomes a predictive brain that learns how to spend less energy to improve comfort in all zones, at all times, by introducing autonomous AI to the built environment. Building owners worldwide can use their autonomous systems to cut carbon emissions while realizing significant savings significantly.


Ambyint provides AI-powered optimization tools for the oil and gas sector that significantly boosts the results and margins of E&P production. This is accomplished by automating workflows for production optimization across all well types and artificial lift systems by fusing cutting-edge physics, subject-matter expertise, and artificial intelligence. The autonomous optimization AI technology from Ambyint enables continuous remote system performance monitoring from any location. It also generates fresh insights, automates management, and boosts productivity. 


Every business faces rivals. Their information is dispersed throughout the company in emails, chats, documents, and ppts and online in the digital traces that companies and their employees have left behind. Klue offers a window into the world of its rivals, constantly updating and making connections to aid businesses in gaining new customers. It is an artificial intelligence tool for competitive intelligence that allows for competitor analysis and the distribution of sales battle cards to B2B sales teams. It’s a new method for gathering, controlling, and communicating company-wide and online market insights.

Peak Power Inc.

The current centralized electricity system is unsustainable. The system requires a significant revamp because of the climate issue, state-wide blackouts, deteriorating infrastructure, and rising expenses. Peak Power creates technology that enables businesses and industrial facilities to function as hubs in developing clean electricity infrastructure. Peak Power concentrates on AI-based software solutions that estimate grid needs and optimize the functioning of energy storage systems. This has allowed building owners and developers to get more significant investment returns.


Many businesses want to integrate AI into their production and quality inspection processes but see a barrier to getting a sustainable, scalable solution. DarwinAI provides a defect detection platform for PCBs to help manufacturers get started with less data and quickly hit their ROI goals to provide their clients competitively. Their futuristic approach, which accurately catches a broader range of PCBs on a single inspection point using cutting-edge AI, requires less supervision than competing Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) solutions. is assisting developers by developing tools for privacy-safe machine learning and analytics for the dispersed future of data to extract value from sensitive data without raising risks. So that one may concentrate on their products, the platform removes the difficulty of creating and administering federated learning and analytics infrastructure. APIs effortlessly include the workflow for federated learning and analytics into the final product. It also provides users with a full range of data science tools.


To provide customers with more unified and smooth shopping experiences, retailers now need solutions that can help manage both their in-store and online customers simultaneously. Unlike traditional personalization, automat offers AI-powered experiences that consumers love and encourage growth. Automat asks questions, listens to client needs, and makes recommendations about items and bundles to assist businesses in creating personalized shopping experiences that boost sales. With product badges, ratings, and reviews included, the site personalization displays to specific customers the products that are best for them in real time.

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