Top AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) Tools/Platforms in 2022

Artificial intelligence (AI) and associated technologies, such as machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), are used for daily IT operations tasks and activities.

AIOps supports IT Ops, DevOps, and SRE teams working smarter and faster to identify digital-service issues earlier and address them quickly, preventing disruptions to business operations and customers. This is accomplished through algorithmic analysis of IT data and Observability telemetry.

With AIOps, operations teams can control the enormous complexity and volume of data their current IT infrastructures produce, preventing outages, preserving uptime, and achieving continuous service assurance.

When IT is central to digital transformation initiatives, AIOps enables businesses to operate quickly and provide excellent user experiences.

What Is the Difference Between MLOps and AIOps?

Organizations throughout the world are increasingly looking to automation technologies as a means of improving operational efficiency. This indicates that tech leaders are becoming increasingly interested in MLOps and AIOps.

While MLOps and AIOps are entirely separate disciplines involving various technologies and procedures, machine learning and artificial intelligence play a significant role in aiding businesses in achieving operational efficiency. Most importantly, they accomplish distinct objectives.

By automating incident management and machine diagnostics using machine learning, AIOps improves the effectiveness of IT operations.

Putting models into production more quickly makes it simpler to bridge the gap between data operations and infrastructure teams. Putting machine learning models into production is known as MLOps. MLOps doesn’t specifically refer to a machine learning capability, unlike AIOps.

In other words, MLOps standardizes processes, whereas AIOps automates machines.
What does an AIOps platform perform, exactly?

AIOps platforms are pieces of software created utilizing the principles of AIOps to combine machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data to automate, improve, and support IT operations.

They function by consuming and analyzing data produced by a network and systems of an enterprise. They allow you to combine various data collection techniques with presentation and analysis tools, acquiring exceptional insights from your data and identifying concerns early on while averting more severe issues in the future.

Platforms for AIOps carry out tasks like:
  • Data gathering and aggregation: AIOps start by gathering and combining data from many sources, including monitoring tools, IT infrastructure applications, components, and databases.
  • Real-time data analysis is done at the point of data ingestion. This seeks to pinpoint significant trends and occurrences associated with network and system performance and availability problems. It also entails reviewing old data kept on your systems.
  • Reports and diagnosis: As soon as problems are discovered, AIOps systems take immediate, informed action. They are even capable of diagnosing problems without assistance from a person. It aids in addressing the underlying issues and reporting them to the pertinent IT teams for prompt action.

Top AIOPS tools and platforms


Using Dynatrace, you can combine automation, cloud-native applications, AI, and observability into one platform to simplify cloud complexity. It automates DevSecOps, interacts with cloud platforms and technologies, and streamlines cloud operations. Dynatrace provides the best capabilities for monitoring infrastructure and applications and enjoying application security and digital advantages. It can provide a user-friendly platform to support your entire technical team.


Improved operations, ROI, business continuity, and quicker issue resolution depend on higher uptime. PagerDuty aids you in doing that. It is among the top AIOps platforms for tracking and analyzing data from networks, websites, and other sources. You will have configurable schedules, alerts, escalation, runbook automation, event management, operational analytics, and automated issue response.

PagerDuty offers more than 650 integrations for your operating apps, including AWS, Slack, Okta, New Relic, Zoom, etc. It helps your firm thrive and maintains you at the top of your game to handle any problems.


Utilize Datadog’s advanced security and monitoring tools to peek inside the application and stack at any size throughout your network. Everything is available in one location, including your servers, clouds, applications, and teams. View all services, programs, and systems at once. Turnkey connectors across the entire DevOps stack enable Datadog to aggregate events and metrics.

You will get cloud providers, SaaS providers, standard server components, mentioned integrations, automation tools, instrumentation, monitoring, bug tracking, and more.

New Relic One

With New Relic One, you can improve, debug, and track your full-stack observability. It is one of the top observability platforms where “Dev” and “Ops” teams collaborate to tackle data-related problems. Get all of your events, logs, traces, and metrics in one secure cloud, along with a dashboard, alerts, and queries. Additionally, work together, debug from your IDE, and receive AI support at every stage.


Your Dev and Ops teams can disable manual observability and application monitoring features with Instana. It provides fully automated full-stack observability with context to assist you in making wise decisions and ensuring improved application performance.

All of the services and applications are monitored, traced, and profiled automatically by Instana. You can profile every process, track every request, and watch every service with Instana. It also automates discovery, configuration, and mapping without requiring human design.


Instead of wasting time troubleshooting, invest more time in your creativity. The AIOps platform from LogicMonitor enables your company to spot potential problems before they impact your application. AIOps uses machine learning and AI to give context-rich alerts, predictive analytics, pattern recognition, automation, and relevant alerts. Its early warning indications find symptoms that aid in problem-solving.


To quickly determine the fundamental cause, Moogsoft automatically detects abnormalities and connects the alarms’ networks. With Moogsoft’s automated correlation, collaboration, and noise reduction across the workflow, you can guarantee the availability of your application. It allows you to have fewer downtimes and reduces alert noise by 99%, so you can concentrate on expanding your organization. Continuous delivery, which results in ongoing modifications, will be your experience.


For easier infrastructure observability and monitoring, use Grok’s AIOps platform. It provides a cutting-edge method for resolving complicated issues quickly and scales to meet your business demands. You will obtain a machine learning platform with vital artificial intelligence to eliminate crucial operational duties like correlation, root cause analysis, incident prediction, and noise reduction.


With Netreo, you can automate your workflow for simple enterprise-wide observability on a single dashboard. With data derived from historical baselines and trends spanning more than 20 years, Netreo’s AIOps engine delivers precise answers. It provides full-stack insight into the infrastructure, user interface, applications, and IT systems. To help you make wise decisions at the appropriate moment, you will receive dynamic automation, full ITSM integration, and real-time dashboards.


The AIOps automation platform from BigPanda enables infrastructure and application observability and empowers technical Ops teams to maintain the digital economy.

The AIOps platform from BigPanda allows you to:

  • Reduce the cost of IT operations by at least 50%.
  • Reduce MTTR by 40% to increase the availability
  • Boost DevOps innovation and corporate processes.
Splunk Enterprise

Splunk Enterprise’s machine data platform is made for data access, comprehensive service monitoring, robust analytics, and automation. It offers complete stack visibility for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid systems.

With Splunk, you can choose data sources (websites, applications, sensors, etc.) from which data will be automatically collected. After that, it enables you to search, examine, and display this data. The stream of information is then indexed and parsed with event data so you can view, search, and receive alerts. Regardless of the source or format of the data, Splunk offers insights and proactive and predictive insights (through AI/ML) to help businesses make better decisions.

MicroFocus OpsBridge

An automated platform for event correlation, analysis, and performance monitoring, OpsBridge by MicroFocus is powered by AIOps. It is made to work in various scenarios, including hybrid IT, SaaS, multi-cloud, and on-premises environments.

More than 200 different technologies and tools can be used to collect and integrate monitoring (metrics, logs, and events) data into OpsBridge. Big Panda offers ML and AIOps-based big data analytics and centralizes the data in a single access point. It discovers the topology to give monitoring capabilities and event correlation to identify the source of issues.

Zenoss Cloud

An intelligent application, service monitoring, and AIOps solution are Zenoss Cloud, a SaaS offering. It can offer full-stack monitoring capabilities for various IT environments, including cloud, on-premise, hybrid, and dynamic multi-clouds.

The Zenoss Intelligent IT Operations Management Platform can gather and analyze data from many IT environments, such as metrics (push/pull), events, logs, dependency data, and streaming data. All machine-generated data is streamed and normalized by Zenoss, utilizing real-time dynamic ML-based analytics.


Nastel assists businesses in delivering digital services that are supported by integration infrastructure flawlessly. Nastel offers middleware management, monitoring, tracking, and analytics so customers can quickly make decisions, innovate continuously, respond to business-related inquiries, and advise decision-makers. As well as supporting RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, Blockchain, IoT, and many other technologies, it mainly focuses on IBM MQ, Apache Kafka, Solace, TIBCO EMS, ACE/IIB, and IBM MQ.


An AI-Ops platform called the Zero Incident Framework (ZIF) offers improved network operations management in asset discovery, hybrid infrastructure monitoring, proactive detection, and automation. The platform uses distinctive characteristics from cutting-edge technologies like intelligent automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. ZIF is an AI-Ops technology that helps organizations move closer to a Zero Incident EnterpriseTM by enabling proactive detection and remediation of possible incidents. In any environment, whether cloud, on-premises or hybrid IT infrastructure, ZIF components give organizations full-fledged proactivity and a level of resilience that would enable higher availability and “zero outages.”


When and where you require endless insights for logs, metrics, tracing, and security data, Coralogix is a full-stack observability platform that delivers. Because observability data is analyzed in-stream using the proprietary Streama technology rather than indexing, your data inform your product, operations, and company. Data is remotely written to an archive bucket under the client’s control after being ingested, processed, and enhanced. There are never any trade-offs made to achieve observability because components in the stream store the system state to offer stateful insights and real-time alerting without ever needing to index the data.

Users have unlimited retention with complete control and access to their data thanks to the archive’s direct querying functionality, which can be accessed anytime from the platform UI or CLI. You may see and query your data from every dashboard using any syntax. GDPR, SOC 2, PCI, HIPAA, and ISO 27001/27701 are just a few security and privacy compliances that Coralogix has successfully executed for BDO.


With AIMS, an automated monitoring solution powered by AI, you can increase your IT operations’ confidence level. AIMS automatically identifies modifications you make to applications and adds them to the scope of your application monitoring. Receive early warnings from automated anomaly detection of problems that might shut down your company and learn which other systems might be affected via automated service dependency identification. Increase your IT operations’ flexibility, efficiency, and confidence with AIMS in days rather than months or years.


Digitate, a pioneer in autonomous enterprise solutions founded in 2015, transforms reactive processes into proactive ones by delivering agility, assurance, and resilience to IT and business operations. With its innovative, closed-loop approach that combines context, analytics, and intelligent automation to automatically forecast and avoid issues, Digitate’s flagship product, ignioTM, reimagines the enterprise IT and business landscape. As they expand to satisfy their customers’ demands and lessen their enterprises’ ever-increasing workload, Digitate is assisting Fortune 500 firms in using the power of AI and automation.

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