This Free Artificial Intelligence (AI) Based Bot Creates Any Excel Formula For Your Sheets

Creating a data presentation in Excel might seem difficult if you’re not a Microsoft Excel power user who has already mastered many of Excel’s hidden features.

Excel is arguably less intuitive than a more straightforward product like Microsoft Word, and you don’t need to know much before getting started.

To our rescue, an AI bot intends to alleviate some uncertainty in creating an Excel spreadsheet, especially one with many formulas. They call it ‘Excel Formula Bot‘.

The site comprises an input field in which you are asked to describe the issue you are attempting to address. The website advises that the model results are most accurate when the questions are as detailed as feasible. Also,  If you are not getting the intended outcomes, consider rephrasing your phrase. The website also emphasizes always using single quotations, as double quotes will result in an error.

The website also features this example for the users to understand how to use it: “When column A matches the total of ‘hello,’ compute column B’s sum.” “What is the formula that the Excel bot returns to you?” =SUMIF(A:A,” hello”,B:B).”


The project is collecting contributions to help support future development. It’s also worth noting that visitors have used it to produce around 322,000 Microsoft Excel formulae thus far.

Meanwhile, for other Microsoft Excel updates, the company was delighted to announce the offering of the general availability of sheet protection, as well as semi-select for link generation in the web for Excel for the web and automated alt text recommendations for charts and Pivot Charts across Excel. They are also pushing out the feature to enter data from images in Excel for Windows to Insiders.

We believe this feature will be a boon for people struggling to write formulas in excel.



Nischal Soni is a consulting intern at MarktechPost. He is currently pursuing his B.Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Bhubaneswar. He is a Data Science and Supply Chain enthusiast and has a keen interest in the growing adaptation of technology across various sectors. He loves interacting with new people and is always up to learn new things when it comes to technology.

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