Meet ‘Butlr,’ An AIoT-Based Anonymous Real-Time Spatial Intelligence Platform To Estimate Office Occupancy

People occupy homes and workplaces that are unaware of the people who reside there. They consequently heat and cool places even when no one is there. Falls occur among the elderly population without anyone being aware of them. As hybrid workforces emerge and employee preferences change, some teams want to collaborate in open areas while others need private meeting rooms. Because of this, businesses pay for office space that they never utilize.

With its people counting and occupancy sensing wireless platform, which uses body heat to determine occupancy, headcount, body position, and activity, California-based Butlr is attempting to solve these issues. With the use of this data, precise, historical, and real-time spatial insights can be produced.

Butlr’s technology employs thermal sensors and AI to deliver information on previous activity and space occupancy. The only networking hardware needed for the company’s sensors is a Wi-Fi connection and hub. Butlr shows data such as which office spaces are busiest and how many people have visited and left a space via a cloud dashboard and API. 

The company’s mission is to make spaces people-aware without sacrificing privacy, enabling more intelligent buildings and improved quality of life. They believe that adapting spaces like workplaces and homes to people will make life safer, healthier, and more fulfilling while lowering our carbon footprint.

Butlr has raised $20 million in a Series A funding round. The company plans to use these funds for product development and expanding its team.

Additionally, the business struck a contract with Carrier Global Corp. to use its technology. The body heat detection technology from Butlr will be integrated into Carrier’s Abound cloud-based digital platform as part of the agreement with Carrier Global. The firms claim that this combination will reduce carbon emissions while increasing energy efficiency in buildings.


Consultant Intern: Currently in her third year of B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Goa. She is an ML enthusiast and has a keen interest in Data Science. She is a very good learner and tries to be well versed with the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence.

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