Top Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) Tools/Platforms For 2022

AutoML or Automated Machine Learning is a machine learning method that automates the training, tuning, and deploying machine learning models. AutoML can be used to automatically discover the best model for a given dataset and task without any human intervention.

AutoML is an important tool for making machine learning accessible to non-experts, as it can automate the process of training and deploying machine learning models. This can save time and resources and accelerate research on machine learning.

There are a number of different ways to approach AutoML, depending on the specific problem that needs to be solved. For example, some methods focus on optimizing a model for a given dataset, while others focus on finding the best model for a given task.

No matter what approach is taken, AutoML can be a powerful tool for making machine learning more accessible and efficient. In the future, we can expect to see more and more use of AutoML in both industry and research.

This post aims to introduce you to some of the top AutoML Tools and Platforms. These tools/platforms may serve as your most satisfactory source for the AutoML functions. Please note this is not a ranking article

Here are some of the important and most used AutoML Tools for 2022:


It is a mechanized machine-learning programming package called Auto-SKLearn, which is based on scikit-learn. An AI client has been released from hyper-boundary tuning and computation choice thanks to auto-SKLearn. It features standout design strategies like automated normalization and One-Hot. The concept uses SKLearn assessors to address relapsing and grouping concerns.

While Auto-SKLearn can produce the current deep learning frameworks, which need excellent performances in massive datasets, it can’t do so well with small and medium datasets.


A robust Python package for automated machine learning is called MLBox. According to the authoritative archive, it provides features like quick reading and communicated information reprocessing, cleaning, and designing, profoundly potent element determination and release identification as well as precise hyper-boundary enhancement, State-of-the-art prescient models for order and relapse (Deep Learning, Stacking, LightGBM, and so forth), forecast with model translation.


Genetic algorithms are used by TPOT, a tree-based optimization tool for machine learning pipelines. The classifiers from scikit-learn are used by TPOT. To determine the optimum link for the data, TPOT evaluates thousands of connections.


RapidMiner’s machine learning technology may significantly minimize the time and work needed to develop predictive models for any association or organization that doesn’t care about the sector, the assets, or the estimations.

The Auto Model may produce predictive models in about five minutes. It doesn’t call for any particular expertise. Customers may readily transfer their data and determine the outcomes they require.

Auto Model will then produce high-esteem experiences at that moment. Computerized data science may be finished with RapidMiner Auto Model. Analyzing and displaying data is part of this.


A well-known open-source and low-code Python machine learning library for automating machine learning models is called PyCaret. It is a well-liked efficient, and effective solution for model management and end-to-end machine learning to increase productivity. Data preparation, model training, hyperparameter tweaking, analysis, and interpretability, among many other capabilities, are included in this automated machine learning program.


Without any prior understanding of machine learning models and applications, Auto-Keras is a prominent AutoML program built on the Keras platform. Only TensorFlow 2.8.0 and Python 3.7 are compatible with it.


By creating user-friendly machine learning software, H2OAutoML meets the demand for machine learning specialists. This AutoML tool aims to provide straightforward and consistent user interfaces for various machine learning algorithms while streamlining machine learning. Machine learning models are automatically trained and tuned within a user-specified time frame.

Google AutoML Cloud

The architecture of neural networks is used by Cloud AutoML. The user interfaces for learning and deploying models on this Google product are straightforward.

The platform is paid, though, so it makes more sense to utilize it solely for business ventures in the long term. On the other hand, Cloud AutoML, with limitations, is offered without charge all year long for research purposes.

Uber Ludwig

The Uber Ludwig project aims to automate deep learning with the least amount of code possible. Other ML models are ignored by this framework, which only supports deep learning models. Naturally, as is frequently the case with Deep Learning, the volume of data is also a key factor.


It is a Scala-based AutoML framework for structured data that utilizes Apache Spark. It was developed to boost the effectiveness of machine learning developers with ML automation and an API that mandates reuse, modularity, compile-time type safety, and transparency. Thus, with a time reduction of roughly 100 times, it reaches nearly hand-tuned precision.


An AutoML tool that trains highly accurate machine learning models on raw tabular datasets like CSV files using just one line of Python code. While most AutoML frameworks concentrate on selecting models and hyperparameters, AutoGluon gets to the point by constructing many models and stacking them on different levels. It was created using the ideas of predictability, fault tolerance, robustness, and simplicity. Tabular Prediction AutoGluon may be used for image prediction, object detection, text prediction, and multimodal prediction.


The data mining program is called AutoWeka. Its foundation is the Weka machine learning software. It is incredibly user-friendly and loaded with robust capabilities, making it suitable for both beginners and professionals. Using two machine learning methods, this program facilitates the rapid development of predictive data mining models (i.e., support vector machines and artificial neural networks).


DataRobot benefits organizations by cutting costs, delays, and hazards while increasing predictive analytics for improved decision-making. This ML platform is for people who need to automate, ensure, and accelerate predictive analytics, assisting data scientists and analysts in developing and deploying correct predictive models in a fraction of the time required by other solutions. It gives them access to a continually expanding library of the most recent algorithms, pre-built prototypes for data preparation and feature extraction, and automatic assembling if you are an expert in the area and need advanced features. The techniques and parameter values are readily available to new data scientists, so there is no need for trial-and-error guesswork.


The above is only the tip of the iceberg. This software platform aids in searching, analyzing, and visualizing the information obtained from the many websites, sensors, devices, and other applications that make up your company’s IT infrastructure. Real-time processing is Splunk’s main selling feature. You’ve undoubtedly observed that while CPUs and storage devices have improved over time, data transfer has not. Splunk thus handles this issue. With the help of this platform, you may precisely forecast the resources required for expanding the infrastructure, get Alerts / Events notice at the start of a machine state, and produce knowledge objects for operational intelligence.

Amazon Lex

This enables you to create applications that use a voice or text interface and are driven using the similar technology that underpins Amazon Alexa. Advanced natural language models are used by Amazon Lex, a fully managed artificial intelligence (AI) service, to design, construct, test, and deploy conversational interfaces in applications.


One of AutoML’s most well-known products, BigML, simplifies and makes it simple for businesses to use a variety of machine learning models and platforms to take their operations to the next level. This automated machine learning software offers a complete platform, quick access, models that can be understood and exported, collaborations, automation, flexible deployments, and many other features.


A popular AutoML solution that offers user-friendly machine learning without coding is JADBio AutoML. Researchers, data scientists, and others may effectively engage with machine learning models using this program, AutoML, by starting with machine learning. Utilizing AutoML only requires five steps: prepping the data for analysis, doing predictive analysis, learning new information, interpreting the findings, and applying the machine learning model that has been trained.


Anyone may use Akkio, an intuitive visual platform, to improve your marketing, sales, and financial operations. AI models may be trained and put to work in under five minutes. Not a consultant. There is no software to set up. No discussions about sales. There is no requirement for prior AI experience. Start now to learn how AI can help you build your company.


To share Python Notebooks with Mercury and get the most satisfactory results with MLJAR AutoML, it is one of the best AutoML programs. The most advanced automated machine learning software is available for tabular data. With extensive feature engineering, algorithm selection and tweaking, automatic documentation, and ML explanation, it facilitates the construction of a comprehensive machine learning pipeline. The MLJAR AutoML framework features four built-in modes, which make it well recognized. is a well-known AutoML solution for continuous machine learning that can be understood by people and real-time data. Allowing business domain experts to apply machine learning to obtain forecasts is beneficial. The supervised, unsupervised, and semi-supervised machine learning models are used by the AutoML program.

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