Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Health Apps in 2022

In the context of healthcare, artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the use of sophisticated algorithms and software to simulate human cognition in the analysis, interpretation, and comprehension of complex medical and healthcare data. The top 10 AI healthcare companies are likely to dominate the global market for AI in healthcare, which is anticipated to reach US$ 28 billion in 2025.

38% of healthcare companies utilize AI to help with medical diagnoses. Around 100 different AI development tools were approved for medical usage in 2020. The most common specializations are hematology, cardiology, and radiology. Over US$4.6 billion will be spent on medical surgical robot use in 2020. By 2027, this number is projected to increase by 17.4%. A machine-learning algorithm developed by Stanford University can precisely predict the death of hospital patients.

By 2027, healthcare will have the most advanced AI research and application equipment. By 2022, machines in the healthcare industry that can function without human assistance are predicted to be 75% successful.

Here are some of the trending health apps powered by artificial intelligence that you may like to check:


Youper is an artificial intelligence-powered mental health aide that enables discreet, caring, sympathetic interactions and mindfulness exercises. A chatbot offers users several coping mechanisms to assist them in resolving interpersonal difficulties throughout the exchanges. This beautiful and simple application may be an extra tool in professional mental health counseling.


Another app that employs a unique strategy to address mental health concerns is Happify. It includes entertaining activities like games and other outings supervised by Anna, an AI teacher. In essence, it offers practical tools and services to help you regain control over your moods and emotions.


This is an image of a virtual reality nursing assistant who visits the patient once or numerous times each day. The patient can be asked to check their weight and blood pressure, give feedback and answer questions about their health at the request of the avatar. The implanted AI system records the results, which are subsequently relayed to the physicians.

The only equipment needed to utilize the health and fitness tracking app is a smartphone camera. It is an app for monitoring vital signs that primarily uses video. Users only need to launch the application and look into the camera. The software checks the face in around two minutes using light waves from the cheeks and reports symptoms like heart rate, stress levels, blood pressure, etc. Additionally, it stores the data and displays the typical ranges.


Using the instant messaging function of the app, users may submit their circumstances. The AI technology used by ADA asks simple questions to gain a more profound knowledge of the user’s situation. To help users truly understand their health and solve problems, ADA extracts data from its digital medical library using identification, convergence, and knowledge extraction.


To obtain insight into users’ mental health, the app collects behavioral data from them, such as how long they speak, how much they sleep, or how much they exercise. Based on all this, the app broadens access to cutting-edge mental health treatments by empowering its staff of knowledgeable mentors, counselors, and therapists using machine learning and AI technology.


This AI-powered healthcare app effectively clears up any uncertainty of those who assume sickness to be the cause of their symptoms by utilizing big data to create its algorithms and responses to questions given by the patient. By addressing users’ worries, the features of this healthcare app make it simple to diagnose any illness signs. Users may always book consultations with doctors available inside and after 24 hours if the confusion is not resolved despite this aid. Additionally, there are settings for managing lab results and medicines.


This generation wants a platform dedicated solely to mental health issues, remote access to qualified counseling, and psychological support. People may hardly afford to seek expert assistance due to the daily pressures of employment. As a result, an AI-powered healthcare app is programmed to connect users with therapists who can effectively grasp the patient once they respond to surveys. It either connects the user with the best therapists or gives them the option to make their own selection. They are both added to a virtual room to facilitate virtual sessions.


The health app is intended for people interested in living a healthy life with less body fat. The AI-powered healthcare software gives the user expert advice after assessing their weight, age, height, and aim. According to the direction, daily push alerts will remind the user to keep track of their physical activity and diet log. Additionally, it can link users up with others battling weight loss and having similar goals.


Healthcare AI enables some incredible practices that were previously hard to implement without the assistance of highly skilled personnel. We frequently consume foods that are unfamiliar to us or that we are unaware of. Through scanning, the artificial intelligence algorithms in this healthcare software identify the nutrients and kind of food and enliven the user by defining the nutritional values, ingredients, item name, and other associated information in broad terms.

Hello Heart

Healthcare professionals also utilize the records to assess the patient’s health. It is possibly a gadget, like the Apple watch, that sits on the wrist and monitors blood pressure levels in the body, reflecting indicators of deterioration. The user may receive a warning from this when least expects it, perhaps while engaging in some informal activity.


Since the start of the epidemic, the usage of the healthcare app and assistance with meditation has multiplied. Because almost all doctors recommend meditation as one of the most effective strategies to treat anxiety and sadness, the epidemic made many rethink that recommendation. The AI-powered healthcare software is educated to meet the user’s needs and moves in a specific direction once it understands what they want.


The healthcare app is like a companion for people who want to reduce weight through regular exercise and exercises. In addition to showing the user’s progress, it recommends better training plans depending on the user’s objectives. Specifically, trained professionals offer audio lessons. The user may stay on track with the aid of a combination of appropriate music that matches their level of enthusiasm and audio workout instructions.


Using this healthcare app, one may learn about the nutrients and nutritional values associated with it. The AI-powered healthcare software reminds users how many vital nutrients they miss out on based on their goals. This software can identify any item provided and reflect the nutrients it contains.

Sleep Cycle

The healthcare app is equipped with sufficient artificial intelligence algorithms to assess a person’s sleep patterns and quality and alert them to any disturbances that could have prevented them from getting a restful night’s sleep. A user-friendly dashboard also informs the user about new sleep patterns and informative, professional advice.


SkinVision enables you to evaluate your skin spots and monitor changes over time with only a quick snapshot from your smartphone camera. You may quickly and easily determine whether you need to see a doctor for a second opinion by doing a risk assessment (low, medium, high).

It’s far too simple to disregard skin changes, such as new patches, dryness, and itching. However, SkinVision makes it simple to keep an eye on these items and take appropriate action when warranted, assisting you in safeguarding yourself from harmful repercussions like melanoma or skin cancer.


Millions of people use WebMD every day to discover health information. You may use the WebMD Symptom Checker to detect common medical diseases based on your symptoms.

The application is easy to use. You must answer a few questions about how you’ve been feeling lately, input your age, gender, and symptoms (or choose a body area). The system will provide you with a list of ailments that might be the source of your symptoms. You may click on each one to read more about it, including risk factors, available treatments, and statistics on how prevalent the ailment is.

The app offers several tools to assist you in managing your medication requirements. Medication regimens, prescription interactions, pill identification, and even tracking allergies and other sensitivities are all possible.


An AI-powered personal healthcare assistant and telemedicine platform is the Babylon app. It gives you access to a secure archive of your health evaluations, conditions, and symptoms in one location, which makes it easier for you to remain on top of your health. It also uses cutting-edge AI and a chatbot to assist you in keeping track of all of your symptoms, their intensity, and duration.

All the data may be entered into the Healthcheck tool to summarize your present and potential health risks depending on your lifestyle choices. Then, depending on your evaluations and health profile, you’ll get recommendations for modifications. This will make it easier for you to consult a doctor if something changes or worsens.


With the free health app Symptomate, you can keep track of your symptoms, receive precise diagnoses, and gain knowledge about your health issues. If you need to make an insurance claim or schedule a doctor’s visit, keeping a chronology of your symptoms might be helpful.


With a simple layout and easy-to-use interface, the Healthily app may assist you in taking charge of your health and wellbeing. The app will walk you through a series of questions about your symptoms to provide a list of potential reasons once you enter your symptoms. If you later need to discuss your problems and symptoms with your doctor, you may also record them in a private health diary.

Check out the app’s self-care tools for guidance on managing sleep, stress, diet, mental health, and other medical insights based on data supplied by the NHS if you’re searching for more general advice on enhancing your overall wellbeing.


This Article is written as a listing article summary article by Marktechpost Staff based on the top health apps available in the market. Please note that the list of top health apps presented in this article is not ranked. This is just a list of trending mobile health apps.

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