This London-based AI Startup, SLAMcore, is Helping Robots “Find Their Way” by Using Deep Learning

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Drones, robots, and consumer devices all require navigation and understanding of their surroundings to function independently. They undoubtedly require robust and real-time spatial knowledge as they become more widely available to businesses and consumers in the coming years. The advancements in this domain have been limited.

SLAMcore is utilizing deep learning to enable robots, consumer devices, and drones to recognize physical space, objects, and people in order to help them traverse the real world autonomously. While running in real-time on conventional sensors, SLAMcore’s Spatial Intelligence enables precise and robust localization, dependable mapping, and increased semantic perception. Quality maps properly represent surroundings, and semantic perception eliminates dynamic things and fills maps with object positions and categories, allowing for improved navigation and obstacle avoidance.

Through Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), its algorithms enable robots ranging from residential vacuum cleaners to more advanced autonomous systems in factories to precisely map the physical environment around them and position themselves perfectly inside those maps. Major technological businesses, such as Meta, are already using the startup’s technology. Producers of VR and AR headsets that require mapping and location to exactly match virtual and actual worlds also employ the technology.

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Founded in 2016, SLAMcore creates cost-effective, industry-leading algorithms that let robots and machines comprehend where they are and what’s around them. Its mission is to make quality spatial Intelligence available to all on low-power, cost-effective hardware and deliver highly reliable positioning and mapping intelligence.

The London-based startup has raised $16 Million in a Series A funding round. Presidio Ventures and ROBO Global Ventures led the round. It also saw participation from MMC, Octopus, Amadeus Capital Partners, Global Brain, IP Group, Samsung Ventures, Yamato Holdings, and Toyota Ventures. SLAMCore will use these funds to expand the company’s operations and business reach in order to capitalize on its technology.



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