Google Adds Machine Learning-Powered Studio Lighting To Video Calls

This Article Is Based On The Google Article '7 ways AI is making Google Workspace better'. All Credit For This Research Goes To The Researchers of This Project ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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The number of emails, chats, and meetings in inboxes and on calendars has increased as more people work from home, so researchers have been looking for new methods to apply machine learning to combat information overload and keep us feeling productive. Here are seven upcoming Google Workspace capabilities, the majority of which are enabled by AI:

1. Portrait restoration employs Google AI technology to boost the video quality. Your video will be upgraded even if you’re using Google Meet in a dimly lit room with an aging webcam or a weak WiFi connection.

2. Portrait light is a new feature that employs machine learning to imitate studio-quality lighting in your video feed, with the ability to modify the lighting position and brightness.

3. They’ve included de-reverberation, which eliminates echoes in rooms with hard surfaces, making it sound like you’re in a conference room with microphones even if it’s in the basement.

4. Live sharing will sync the shared content and allow participants to manage the media during a Google Meet conversation. Participants will see and hear what is going on simultaneously, whether they are at the office or at home, sharing or viewing the content. Our partners and developers can start integrating Meet into their apps right now using our live sharing APIs.

5. They released automated built-in summaries for Google Docs earlier this year. Now they are bringing auto-summaries to Spaces, so we can get a quick recap of any talks you might have missed.

6. They will be delivering automatic transcriptions of Google Meet meetings to Google Workspace later this year, so individuals can catch up on sessions they missed.

7. Many of the security features found in Gmail will be available in Google Slides, Docs, and Sheets. You’ll get an automated notice if a document you’re going to open includes phishing links or malware.

Visit the Cloud blog for additional information about all new AI features coming to Google Workspace.


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