Meet Kinetix: The No-Code AI Platform For Creating 3D Animations For Free

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As the metaverse grows, so does the demand for 3D content to improve the user experience. While there are several possibilities, most of them need coding skills, effort, and resources.

Kinetix’s AI-powered, no-code technology is solving this problem. Kinetix has been created to allow designers to input video clips, integrate materials from the Kinetix collection, such as Adobe Mixamo and Ready Player Me, pick a design, and have a fully-generated 3D identity in a flash. They offer a completely automated process that makes the 3D experience fluid and simple, as well as allowing non-technical users to create and alter 3D animations. Users may instantly share their works with their friends or export them to any Metaverse.

Kinetix opens up new avenues of expression in existing and future metaverses, increasing participation and spawning new sorts of user-generated content-based (UGC) games and experiences. It also allows users to monetize their works in virtual worlds and receive royalties from them.

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Kinetix’s mission is to make the metaverse more human. They’ve arrived at a point when gaming, artificial intelligence, and creativity converge. It makes 3D animation available to all creators, allowing them to create compelling tales and web3 experiences. They hope to empower creators by providing new revenue opportunities by enabling 3D content development.

The Paris-based 3-D animation company has raised $11M in a Seed funding round. This funding will assist the firm in achieving its goal of humanizing the metaverse. They will also explore options of stimulating collaborations with virtual environments such as The Sandbox and Zepeto, who also participated in the round.



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