This Dutch Startup, Klippa, is Digitizing & Automating Administrative Processes Using Machine Learning and OCR Technologies

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In today’s digital world, data is extremely valuable. Companies can function more effectively if they have access to reliable, up-to-date data. The majority of data is now saved digitally, which was not the case previously. COVID-19 also requires organizations to limit the usage of physical documents as much as possible. As a result, data must be translated into a digital format. However, manual data entry is a time-consuming and tedious process.

Klippa, a Dutch company, is solving this problem using Machine Learning and OCR (Optical Character Recognition). The company specializes in apps and software to improve administrative processes, scanning receipts and invoices, processing expense claims, identity validation, and data extraction solutions. 

Klippa’s primary product, Klippa DocHorizon, assists businesses worldwide with document process automation. The platform is made up of a number of components that may be used together or separately. Mobile scanning, OCR, data extraction, classification, document conversion, anonymization, and verification are among the solutions offered by DocHorizon. Klippa’s OCR software identifies text in pictures (such as scans) and transforms it into searchable text in any format (CSV, JSON, XLSX, XML, etc.). 

Klippa DocHorizon provides services to companies in various sectors, including accounting and ERP software, financial services and banking, and marketing and loyalty. It has features such as a modern, user-friendly interface, field, and line item capture, EU and US cloud infrastructure, on-premise deployment, signature and image extraction, data masking, and image preprocessing. Klippa’s OCR is a cloud-based SaaS solution, ideal for firms wishing to integrate Klippa’s finest scanning SDK or OCR API into their applications.

Founded in 2015, Klippa’s goal is to digitize & automate administrative processes with modern technologies. Since its start, Klippa’s solutions have been used by more than a thousand customers. Klippa currently has an international team of 65 people, with offices in Groningen, Amsterdam (both the Netherlands), and Brasov (Romania). The company aims to use its technology to relieve people from doing tedious administrative tasks. It helps prevent errors and fraud, reduces costs, and enables organizations to focus on their core business.

The company has raised €1.2 million from Bizcuit group, a fintech investor. It is interesting to note that Bizcuit group was earlier a customer of Klippa for three years and used their automation technology for financial document processing in their firm. 


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