Monitaur Announces The General Availability of ‘GovernML’ Platform to Bring Responsible AI/ML Systems into Practice

What is AI governance?

AI governance is the concept that there should be a legislative framework to ensure that machine learning (ML) technologies are thoroughly explored and developed to assist mankind in equitably navigating the adoption of AI systems. With concerns like the right to be informed and potential breaches, AI governance seeks to bridge the gap between accountability and ethics in technology innovation. As the deployment of artificial intelligence spreads across healthcare, transportation, economics, business, education, and public safety, the problem of conclusively describing AI governance grows.


The critical areas of focus for AI governance include AI concerning justice, data quality, and autonomy. This includes determining answers to questions about AI safety, which industries are appropriate and inappropriate for AI automation, what legal and institutional structures must be involved, control and access to personal data, and the role moral and ethical intuitions play when interacting with AI. AI governance, as a whole, decides how much of daily life may be changed by algorithms and who is in charge of overseeing it.

The demand for governance rules particular to AI use cases has risen as the usage of artificial intelligence has moved into areas that increasingly influence people’s health, privacy, and civil rights.

That’s a need that Monitaur Inc. aims to address with a platform that assists enterprises in creating and enforcing AI governance rules. It addresses a need identified in a recent survey of chief analytics. AI data officers found that 65 percent of respondents said their companies can’t explain how specific AI model decisions or predictions are made, and 73 percent have struggled to gain executive support for efforts to prioritize AI ethics and responsible practices. Only 20 percent actively monitor their models in production for fairness and ethics.

Monitaur’s ML Assurance Platform includes GovernML and record-keeping, performance monitoring, and auditing modules. GovernML, which is delivered as a service, enables organizations to develop and maintain a system of record for model governance rules, ethical standards, and model risks across their whole AI portfolio, according to the firm.

Most firms manage governance policies manually, with little potential to replicate and expand effective models. Requirements for what constitutes adequate training data and standards for fairness are also missing. People at $70 billion corporations are still using scrap paper to document things.

Governance is projected to become more critical as regulators include it into their assessments of business operations and legal challenges mount from individuals and groups who claim AI systems have treated them unjustly. The stakeholder who has an incentive to do reviews must have the knowledge to confidently analyze an application, check that system, and deliver their objective judgment that it is fair and safe.

‘Regulation’ is frequently regarded as a dirty word, yet most individuals active in artificial intelligence acknowledge the destructive potential of developing systems and favor some kind of limitation and oversight.

Lousy training data leads to poor results.

The significance of fairness and high-quality training data was underlined four years ago when Inc. abandoned its AI-driven hiring tool after discovering it unjustly favored male candidates due to most male applications in the training data. Microsoft Corp. removed an AI chatbot from Twitter two years ago after pranksters taught it to make abusive and vulgar statements.

Monitaur’s platform centralizes policies, controls, and evidence across all advanced models in the organization. Its strategy is centered on risk management, a discipline that assists businesses in making decisions based on the degrees of risk to the organization. Discussions of AI governance tend to be overly focused on technical topics such as explanations of how models operate, monitoring, and bias testing while disregarding lifecycle governance and human oversight problems.

GovernML is incorporated into the Monitaur ML Assurance Platform to provide a lifecycle AI governance strategy that includes policy administration, technical monitoring, testing, and human supervision. If you realize that your data is skewed during pre-deployment, it will inquire where you obtained such data. A risk management technique was developed that spans the whole lifespan.

GovernML enables the management of responsible, compliant, and ethical AI projects by centralizing policies, controls, and evidence across all advanced models in the company.

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