This California-based HealthTech Startup is Using Artificial Intelligence To Modernize and Personalize Fertility Care

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About 180 million people around the world suffer from infertility. In the United States, an IVF(In vitro fertilization) cycle can cost up to $25,000, and people often go through three to five cycles before having a kid. IVF pregnancies that are successful rely on a complicated set of clinical decisions to provide the best care for each patient. There is, however, no uniform technology platform that can assist clinicians in making better judgments and improving the patient experience.

Alife Health, a San Francisco-based startup is using artificial intelligence to improve IVF fertility outcomes. Alife’s product, Stim Assist, assists physicians in making decisions during ovarian stimulations, which involve injecting drugs into the ovaries to cause them to generate mature eggs, which are then removed from the uterus, fertilized, and then reimplanted. Embryo Predict, Alife’s second product (currently investigational), is an AI platform that evaluates patient embryos and assists embryologists in deciding which ones to transfer.

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The company’s AI uses pattern recognition to examine its vast dataset from top fertility clinics around the globe and find links between treatments and positive outcomes. It can then tell you which treatment options have resulted in the best results for previous IVF patients with comparable indications. Clinicians can use these findings to create a unique IVF treatment plan with their knowledge.

The company’s mission is to increase clinicians’ machine learning skills, improve outcomes, and make AI-assisted fertility care accessible to everyone one day. Alife aims to establish a broad ecosystem of products to tailor IVF care and promote transparency for patients rather than a single solution for a single point in the IVF process.

The company recently raised $22 million in series A. The round was co-led by existing investor Deena Shakir at Lux Capital and new investors Anarghya Vardhana at Maveron and Rebecca Kaden at Union Square Ventures. This funding will help the company get its fertility products to market and conduct clinical trials for treatments that are still in the pipeline.



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