This France-based AI Startup Can Protect People And Communities Against Online Toxic Content Through Its AI-Based Text Moderation Solution

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Since its inception, the internet has been regarded as a unique free marketplace of ideas. It has since evolved into a vital tool for individuals to access information and services. The flip side is that, in addition to its many valuable tools, the internet also contains various hateful content intended to inflame public opinion against specific groups and set people against one another. is a France-based AI startup that uses its expert text moderation solution with proprietary smart & autonomous Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to detect, flag, and suppress online harmful content, cyberharassment, and hate speech. Bodyguard claims that it can detect and moderate over 95 percent of toxic content in less than 200 milliseconds with its AI. It works across various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch.

Users can select levels of toxic content protection based on the type of content: insults, threats, trolling, misogyny, hate, body-shaming, racism, LGBT+phobia, sexual or moral harassment, as well as rebuffing any promotional links, spam, or scams that may find their way into an online conversation on the platforms mentioned above. The company aims to make the internet a better place by eliminating online hate. works with many brands in media, entertainment, gaming, etc. Top names include Groupe M6, Brut, Konbini, Jellysmack, Powder, and the French Professional Football League. The company is helping these brands keep their user community safe and actively engaged.

This French startup recently raised €9 Million in a Series A funding round. Keen Venture Partners and Ring Capital led the round of fundraising. Starquest Capital, a previous seed investor, also took part in the latest round of funding.

The funding will be used to keep the company’s worldwide expansion initiatives continuing and launch a recruitment campaign that will double the team size by the end of the year.



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