This Singapore-Based AI Startup Has Developed a No-Code MLOps Platform That Allows Companies and Teams to Build Breakthrough AI Capabilities

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As businesses recognize the importance of AI and machine learning in various aspects of their operations, it’s becoming increasingly crucial for all employees, particularly those with domain expertise but no coding experience, to have access to the tools and solutions that machine learning provides. Today, industry experts do not have the technical skills to develop and deploy machine learning systems.

To close this technology gap, Datature, a Singapore-based startup, has developed a no-code end-to-end MLOps platform that allows businesses to build breakthrough AI capabilities. Without writing a single line of code, Datature’s comprehensive suite of solutions enables teams to annotate, augment, train, and deploy computer vision models. It allows teams to develop ground truths, perform transfer learning, and deploy AI models quickly.

Simply choose what you want to train, submit your data, and Datature’s tool will create a model for you, with no code or trouble. It also allows you to execute numerous machine learning projects simultaneously.

It is revolutionizing the modern workspace by democratizing access to complicated and deep-learning algorithms, allowing businesses to quickly develop their own AI breakthroughs allowing teams to focus on critical goals rather than coding. According to the company, thousands of teams have used the company’s platform to collaborate, build, and deploy innovative AI solutions in the medical, defense, manufacturing, and retail sectors.

The company has raised $2.7 million funding from local Venture Capital firm Openspace Ventures, which was also the early backer of firms like Gojek. The funding also saw participation from January Capital.

With the help of its operations team, Datature plans to collaborate with Openspace to expand its product development and accelerate its go-to-market strategy. They will also collaborate with incoming strategic investors to put together a full-stack, high-coverage machine learning solution for businesses. With the new funding, Datature will be able to develop its platform to cover more use cases, such as video analytics, medical and point-cloud data ingestions, and a neural network cloud API that allows customers to deploy AI capabilities everywhere.



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