This California-Based Startup is Building a Collaborative Data Science Platform on Top of Jupyter-Compatible Notebooks

Data scientists and analysts don’t work alone. As a result, they must continuously check each other’s progress in order to collaborate effectively. Sending files, charts, and images through email is a tedious and slow process. A Data Science collaboration tool is the need of the hour.

Deepnote, a California-based company, solves this problem by offering a collaborative notebook tool that allows teams to explore, analyze, and display data from beginning to end together. Deepnote enables users to share projects with others via just a link. Setting team permissions allows the user to control who can edit code and who can view it. It also has capabilities like adding comments and checking the notebook’s modification history. It operates on the cloud and is compatible with Jupyter Notebook.

Deepnote assists users in cleaning their data, writing complicated queries, developing predictive models, and making attractive applications. By reusing the same environments throughout the projects, it ensures repeatability for the team. Without any scripting or visualization libraries, it can quickly create interactive charts to identify trends in data. It offers Intelligent autocomplete and linting tools that let the users develop faster. It supports all popular programming languages, frameworks, and databases.

Companies like Discord, ByteDance, and Gusto use the company’s platform. Deepnote also provides its tools to students because the data science market is developing swiftly, but expertise is still scarce. Deepnote is used at 80 of the world’s top 100 institutions. Deepnote offers a free tier, as well as a paid Pro tier that starts at $12/month/editor, which is also free for students and teachers.

The company recently raised a $20 million Series A round, co-led by Accel and Index Ventures. The round saw participation from existing investors Credo Ventures and Y Combinator as well. The company earlier raised a $3.8 million seed round in 2020.

The company plans to use this funding for marketing and enhancing its product. It also aims to hire more employees by the end of the year.


Consultant Intern: Currently in her third year of B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Goa. She is an ML enthusiast and has a keen interest in Data Science. She is a very good learner and tries to be well versed with the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence.

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