This UK Based Artificial Intelligence Company Is Making No Code Causal AI-Powered Products For Various Industries

Artificial Intelligence is unquestionably altering the way we perceive solutions to many problems. Making predictions using algorithms after training some data has been the method of determining outcomes. Still, it does not address counterfactual questions — the “what ifs” at the heart of human imagination and creativity.

CausaLens is a London-based Deep Tech startup that believes it can tackle this challenge. CausaLens, the pioneer of Causal AI, provides a causal inference AI technology that quantifies cause-and-effect linkages to reason alongside humans in a reliable, explainable, and fair manner.

It’s a human-centered, No-Code AI platform that helps businesses make better decisions. Its main products are causaLakecausaLab, and decisionOS. Spurious correlations contaminate the results when scanning enormous data lakes for meaningful data, resulting in signals that businesses cannot trust. causaLake discovers the most valuable data for a specific use case intelligently. Causal AI models describe how systems work. They combine the best of human knowledge and AI to create a genuinely trustworthy and transparent approach. CausaLab helps find the best Casual AI model. The goal of AI is to shape the future, not just predict it. AI must grasp the human context and the aims and limits of companies to produce high-quality decisions. DecisionOS is a software platform that bridges the gap between predictions and decisions.

Customers and partners of CausaLens include companies in the healthcare, financial services, and government sectors, among others, where the company’s technology is utilized not only for AI-based decision making but also to add additional cause-and-effect depth to results.

The revolutionary startup recently raised $45M in a Series A funding round. Dorilton Ventures and Molten Ventures led the round, with participation from existing investors IQ CapitalGeneration Ventures, and GP Bullhound. With this round, the company aims to double its team, meet the global demand for Casual AI, and use the funding to maintain its technological lead in the domain.



Consultant Intern: Currently in her third year of B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Goa. She is an ML enthusiast and has a keen interest in Data Science. She is a very good learner and tries to be well versed with the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence.

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