This Israeli Based Artificial Intelligence Startup Claims To Have A Plan To Develop An AI System That Can Recognize Your Face From Just Your DNA

One of the most effective surveillance technologies ever created is facial recognition software, which maps, analyses, and then validates the identification of a face in a photograph or video. While many individuals use face recognition to unlock their phones or sort their images, it has a wide range of other uses, including security, surveillance, law enforcement, criminal identification, and so on.

Corsight AI, an Israel-based startup, is emerging as a facial recognition technology leader. It is committed to developing facial recognition technology that is unsurpassed in terms of speed, accuracy, and privacy. Autonomous AI, a powerful artificial intelligence system built by top AI experts, lies at the heart of the technology.

Their objective is to revolutionize facial recognition technology while adhering to the highest ethical standards in the preservation of human privacy. It has recently announced that its Autonomous AI-powered solution, Fortify, has reduced gender and racial bias. The findings published by the globally respected National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) illustrate the organization’s profound dedication to eliminating biases in AI algorithms.

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They offer facial recognition solutions for the most challenging situations, allowing enterprises to operate with optimum security while respecting the privacy of others. Corsight AI’s technology can reliably identify people overcoming difficulties, including facial coverings, harsh settings, varying illumination, and more at an unrivaled speed. Corsight AI works with companies and government organizations across a wide range of industries, including aviation, law enforcement, retail, and entertainment.

In its product roadmap, Corsight AI claims to be working on a solution that will take DNA from human hair or nail or any other body part to construct a face model, which can then be run through a facial recognition system to identify the face. Although, experts in the field believe the endeavor is scientifically impossible. If they are successful, it will be a game-changing advancement in criminal identification technology.



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