This SF Based Startup is Working on Cloud Video and AI for Colonoscopies and Other GI Endoscopy

In the United States, around 75 million endoscopic medical procedures are performed each year. They all include a physician making a diagnostic or performing surgery while seeing a real-time video feed from inside their patient. The actual video feed used by the physician is not captured in most of these procedures. Earlier, doctors had to rely on DVDs and external hard drives to record and store video footage from procedures.

Virgo Surgical Video Solutions addresses this issue by providing a platform for gathering and organizing endoscopic video data. A medical practitioner can automate endoscopy video capture without the workflow hassle and video highlights and instrument detection for efficient analysis. Virgo’s device can be externally plugged into the digital video output on a hospital server, and it helps record and save the video on the cloud with the push of a button. Virgo’s vision is to create automation and AI technologies for endoscopy in order to improve patient outcomes and clinical workflows in healthcare. It is the leading endoscopic cloud video capture, administration, and artificial intelligence analysis platform. A variety of academic, integrated, and private practice healthcare providers use the Virgo platform to improve patient care through video-based research and training endeavors.

It provides three solutions: Virgo AI, Virgo Trials, and Virgo Video. Virgo AI provides innovative AI solutions in GI endoscopy, Virgo Trials helps accelerate recruitment and results in GI clinical trials, and Virgo Video is a platform to easily record, manage, and access endoscopy videos.

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Virgo assists doctors and pharmaceutical companies in getting the most out of endoscopic video data. Pharmaceutical companies face a significant recruitment difficulty in clinical trials, which slows the delivery of new treatment choices to patients.VirgoTrials allows healthcare professionals to use the endoscopic data to recruit patients for clinical trials. Virgo is also a highly scalable solution, enabling health systems to quickly deploy across numerous facilities while maintaining direct connections with other EHR systems.

This leading AI startup for endoscopy video automation recently closed their Series A funding round, led by FCA Venture Partners. With this funding round, the company aims to scale its endoscopy video network and develop new solutions to help pharmaceutical companies decentralize and accelerate clinical trials. Virgo also aims to hire more software engineers, applied machine learning scientists, clinical research coordinators, customer success representatives, and sales executives to expand its operations.


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