Microsoft and Verizon Partners To Launch 5G Private Mobile Edge Cloud Computing For Enterprises

In a new partnership between Microsoft and US telecom operator Verizon, the two companies announced that they will combine their 5G private network with Microsoft Azure Stack Edge to launch an enterprise-grade private mobile network solution. The combination of both networks is intended for businesses interested in edge computing, where data can be analyzed at its source rather than being collected by cloud services or transferred over long distances.

The new service, Verizon 5G Edge with Microsoft Azure Stack Edge, is integrated into the private enterprise network of On-Site by Verizon and offers edge computing services. The former provides mmWave spectrum through a base station infrastructure that includes packet cores and radio facilities, while the latter facilitates access to files in local storage from cloud-based solutions.

The Verizon 5G Edge with Microsoft Azure Stack Edge will be able to provide high-bandwidth, high-performance networking services that support computer vision, augmented reality and machine learning. Both Verizon and Microsoft believe that this program has the potential to penetrate the corporate market. A few applications may include using it in the retail industry for near-real-time analysis of operating data and inventory control, or manufacturing industries where one can use it to monitor the efficiency levels of factory equipment and adjust operations as needed accordingly.

Ice Mobility is an early adopter of the 5G edge from Microsoft Azure and Verizon and has deployed computer vision-assisted product packaging monitoring. Ice Mobility provides various services to carriers, including transportation logistics for all retail partners of Verizon.

Verizon is a partner of Microsoft Telecom’s cloud platform Azure for Operators. It also cooperates with the AWS Wavelength edge computing platform to launch a 5G network solution, which will help reduce latency and conserve bandwidth usage compared to other wireless networks designed based on 4G technology.

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Ice Mobility 5G and Mobile Edge Computing Use Case | Verizon

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