LG Sets New Record By Successfully Transferring Data Over 100 Meters On 6G THz Band

Researchers at LG Electronics have successfully tested the next step in wireless transmission technology, sending data over a distance of 100 meters with 6G terahertz (THz) signals. The team did this by collaborating with researchers from Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and posted details on their company news page for all to read.

As 6G THz has short-range and experiences power loss during transmission, there have been many challenges in the evolution of wireless 6G. One major obstacle is that a stable signal across ultra-wideband frequencies cannot be achieved without an amplifier. The recent success at the test was due to LG’s partnership with Fraunhofer HHI and IAF on developing this crucial device for powering transmissions over longer distances.


The LG power amplifier can generate stable signal output up to 15 dBm in the frequency range between 155 and 175 GHz. This new technology from LG also gives users adaptive beamforming, which measures changes in channel or receiver position with high gain antenna switching that combines signals of multiple amplifiers to transmit them specifically for different antennas.

5G networks are slowly making their way around the globe, but engineers at multiple telecommunications companies have been hard at work on next-generation 6G communications technology. The next generation of wireless technology is expected to provide bandwidth up to 50 times faster than the current 5G and will cut latency down by 10%, making conversations more natural. The new standard also promises improved accuracy, which could drive a wave of advancements in the Internet-of-Everything industry with devices aimed for home and office use.

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According to Dr I.P Park, the president and CTO of LG Electronics, it is hopeful that this test will lead to a successful terahertz radio communication spectrum in the upcoming 6G era.

Source: https://www.lgnewsroom.com/2021/08/lg-records-6g-thz-band-milestone/

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