Microsoft Introduces The Latest Version Of Visual Studio Code (1.59) With Machine Learning (ML) Based Language Detection

Microsoft launched the latest version of their popular code editor, VS Code. This new update tweaked and improved many existing features while adding some exciting new ones like a preview function that can use machine learning technology to automatically determine The programming language used by an unnamed file.

Visual Studio Code 1.59 previews automatic language detection for untitled files, which uses machine learning to determine the programming languages developers are coding in and sets their mode accordingly. This feature uses the open-source machine learning library Tensorflow.js and a machine learning model from Guesslang. This provides more convenience by allowing users to jump right into new projects with an active editor using the appropriate syntax highlighting while they save their file’s name or open it later on when ready. 

The new version of VS Code has made several changes in the extension interface, including zooming into and out from what you see with your browser pane for extensions. It also enables adjusting to how much information is shown along the bottom or top side. Hovering over an extension will display more detailed descriptions about it, such as disabling capabilities if desired. These details are just one small subset among many other helpful features now available within this free source code editor developed by Microsoft Team. Developers can see all the status information when their extension is running, including warnings and errors that occurred.

In this new development, Microsoft has changed the Jupyter Notebook extension that was originally used to read *.ipynb files into a built-in extension. This means users can now open notebooks directly in VS Code without needing The Jupyter Notebook extension is fully installed, but it’s necessary to install the “Jupyter” extensions for use with execution cells and ipwidgets rendering types. Along with the above updates, TypeScript 4.4 support is included in this new version.

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