FDA Clears Abbott’s AI-Powered Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Imaging Platform For Scanning Coronary Arteries

Abbott’s latest OCT imaging platform powered by Ultreon Software has received clearance from the FDA. The system being powered by Abbott’s new Ultreon Software, which combines what we already know about optical coherence tomography (OCT) with artificial intelligence to provide us more insight into coronary blood flow and blockages to better understand how they may affect our cardiovascular health.

Earlier this year, this new device and the AI software was launched in Europe that uses laser light to scan inside an artery from a small catheter. This offers a cross-section view for doctors as well as helping them automate the imaging process while also better seeing built-up calcium and plaque than ever before.

The AI can guide physicians step-by-step through the process by gauging calcification. It can even measure a blood vessel’s diameter, which helps determine where they should best place their stent for optimal results.

study by the company OCT Imaging shows that with new imaging techniques and AI support, doctors were able to alter treatment strategies for blocked coronary arteries in 88% of cases. This was shown following a postprocedure scan where damage to the artery would have gone unnoticed without these newer technologies.

The Ultreon software is an innovative solution that helps physicians in the process of performing cardiac care. The program functions by combining Abbott’s Dragonfly OpStar imaging catheter and PressureWire X guidewire to create a platform for improved diagnostic accuracy, more efficient treatment, and reduced hospital stays across Europe.

It was only last April when this unique product began its European rollout after receiving CE Mark approval earlier this year. To make things even betterβ€”the Ultreon has also received Japanese regulatory clearance since then!

Source: https://abbott.mediaroom.com/2021-08-03-Abbott-Receives-FDA-Clearance-for-its-Imaging-Technology-Using-Artificial-Intelligence-for-Vessels-in-the-Heart

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