This Singapore Based Startup Uses Artificial Intelligence Powered Clinical Assistant to Improve Doctor’s Productivity and Patient Care

Bot MD is a Singapore-based startup using artificial intelligence to power clinical assistants trained subjectively to provide hospital-specific content to the medical practitioners and answer their clinical queries. The platform integrates all the available data from the electrical medical records and other hospital stored information to allow instant access to the doctors. In the recent Series A funding round, the organization managed to receive a funding of $5 million, thereby taking the company’s total funding to $6.6 million. The funding received will be utilized in the direction of growth, both in terms of the services offered and its areas—the firm plans on expanding into Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and India.


Bot MD was co-founded in 2018 by Dorotha Koh and Yanchuan Sim with a vision to design technology and use artificial intelligence to create a chatbot that would answer all the clinical questions that a doctor might pose. With the help of this same technology, today the doctors can have instantaneous access to an entire plethora of information, including drug interactions, medical calculations, guidelines and protocols that need to be followed, and any form of medical information. The system also allows for integrating EMR into the chatbot to better the recommendations and services offered by the chatbot.


The entire team carried out extensive research before formalizing the chatbot to understand what is required by the medical practitioners. Because of this research, the end product curated was highly intuitive and did not require training which is a significant milestone to have achieved in the healthcare industry.

Advantages of the Solution 

The physician burnout rates are on a steep rise, leading to massive pressure on the entire healthcare sector. The productivity and effectiveness of the medical practitioners are things that cannot be compromised upon. The AI-enabled solution to this problem seems the most accurate one. The Bot MD team is working to better its design and expand the engineering team to add an entirely new range of queries that can be solved to help the doctors even further. This would include EHR integrations, billing, scheduling integration, clinical alerts, and so on. In the most recent endeavor, Bot MD was also able to use the bot and schedule radiology exams and simultaneously view and check the patient’s radiology reports. 

Bot MD has seen a surge of new users in the past year. From merely 20 doctors in January 2020, the company now claims to have over 13,000 doctors and 5,200 clinical users all across Singapore. The goal is to revolutionize the entire healthcare sector and integrate new AI-powered solutions to increase the doctors’ productivity levels and improve patient care taking place at different clinics worldwide. 

Amreen Bawa is a consulting intern at MarktechPost. Along with pursuing BA Hons in Social Sciences from Panjab University, Chandigarh, she is also a keen learner and writer, having special interest in the application and scope of artificial intelligence in various facets of life.

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