This Surgical Intelligence Platform Combines Artificial Intelligence And Computer Vision To Better The Surgeon’s Performance

Theator, a surgical intelligence platform based in San Mateo, California, combines artificial intelligence and computer vision to better the surgeon’s performance. Recently, this platform managed to raise a total of $15.5 million in Series A funding. With the help of the machine learning technology used, the surgeons can get well-analyzed summaries of their performance in the surgery alongside the KPI, analytics, and rankings that would help the surgeons acknowledge the skill-set that he/she may lack and then work on the same. The total funding of this startup now stands over a whopping $18 million. With the new funding received, this surgical intelligence organization aims to level up its commercial operations and team up with the U.S providers to expand its research and development(R&D) base exponentially.

Surgical operations are performed at even the remotest corners of the world, but what happens when these surgical operations are prone to disparities? It has been found that there has been a significant increase in the levels of inequality during the performance of surgeries. There are around 5 billion people with little or no access to safe surgical care, and Theator has the mission of bridging this very gap. Launched in the year 2018 by Tamir Wolf, Theator claims that the products endorsed by them empower the surgeons to view video recordings of their procedures. This includes decompression, cycle dust leak, and a critical view of safety. They can immediately jump to the steps that they wish to learn and avoid the others to save their time.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have found their way into the health industry, and their use in the operating theatre is continuously on the rise. Theator utilizes computer vision to scan the footage of the procedures being performed in the operating theatre. By this, surgeons have the opportunity to look at the critical moments in the surgery. Theator has a library of 400,000 minutes of surgical videos and 80,000 intraoperative moments.


Artificial intelligence comes into play to complete the high granularity indexing of the datasets available at Theator. This allows for the data analysis of the surgical patterns being observed throughout the world and scientifically understand the best and most consistent practices. A Video Transfer Network has also been curated by the team at Theator, which provides the basic framework for video action recognition. This is a first-of-its-kind transformer, and it also reduced the training routine and accelerated the inference process. Most significantly, the state-of-the-art performance of the platform has been retained throughout.

With the onset of the pandemic, in-person contact with experienced surgeons has been limited to the very minimum. This has made the services of Theator one of the most practical solutions. It helps to broaden the surgeons’ expertise even in their houses’ comfort and at their own time and will. They need to not work precisely according to a schedule, and instead, they can learn whenever they’ve got extra time on their hands. With an ever-evolving world, it is essential to evolve alongside and keep up with the pace. The surgeons need to be well-versed with the new technologies, and with a platform like Theator allowing you to upload your procedures and view others, this may also become the new reality.

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Amreen Bawa is a consulting intern at MarktechPost. Along with pursuing BA Hons in Social Sciences from Panjab University, Chandigarh, she is also a keen learner and writer, having special interest in the application and scope of artificial intelligence in various facets of life.

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