Sony Patents Machine Learning Model That Increase or Decrease Level of Difficulty in Beating Video Game Opponent

It’s over!! The game is stupid. I don’t want to play it anymore!!!

Almost all of us have faced the issue when the challenges in a video game turn into frustration. Sony thought to work on this issue and planned a new AI feature that could change difficulty standards as per the player’s stats and experience.

The Patent is titled “Use of machine learning to increase or decrease difficulty in beating video game opponents” and was first spotted by SegmentNext.

The AI might be a little more forgiving for gamers struggling with a particular fight. However, things would get more difficult for the gamer with good skills with bosses potentially learning “to circumvent a specific attack or attack pattern waged by the particular video game player. 

A new patent application published last week from the Japanese tech titan comes up with an ML system to automatically adjust difficulty levels when gamers are struggling at some point in the game.

It uses AI to decide or change a boss’ moves based on tactics previously used by a player. The tactics may include particular attacks such as a low kick, flying punch, etc. The ML model would determine new behaviors from the system that make them more or less tricky to defeat as required. For example, the model might lead the AI to restrict the boss from using a weapon or attack that always slaughters you or give the boss a protective new shield if the player is making the killing.

These changes could be calculated based on the data from an individual player or some patterns recognized by multiple players. The model might award the Higher-level gamers with some particular trophy/medal, some game currency/game points, etc., for their skills depending on the difficulty level. The above may 

Even if the Patent is accepted, it will take many years to see the results. However, Sony’s system certainly sounds promising as it could help establish a tricky balance between challenges and frustration.

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