Embold: Static Code Analyzer Uses AI To Help Developers Analyze And Improve Their Code

Embold is a simple but efficient AI-based static code analyzer that can help developers analyze and improve their code. The feature that truly makes it stand apart is its ability to analyze source code across four dimensions: code issues, design issues, metrics and duplication, and surface issues that impact stability, robustness, security, and maintainability.

Embold Score, which is calculated from these four dimensions, has a feature that helps understand the risk areas and makes it easier to prioritize issues that need to be solved. It tells about the components that can significantly impact the overall quality and need to be solved first. It can support over 17 languages like Java, C, C++, C#, Python, etc. It integrates with IDEs, Version Control, and Build Systems seamlessly.


Embold provides all the tools required by developers to write perfect code from scratch. Its visual and intuitive UI helps to understand software and codebase deeply with Embold’s profound analysis and intuitive visuals to deliver high-quality releases on time. Embold puts its software design as its top priority to provide architects with all the tools required to quickly understand the existing structure and frees up their schedule to devote more time to designing high-quality software.

Its built-in Artificial Intelligence recommends solutions regarding significant issues and enables a more comfortable and efficient workflow. It integrates seamlessly with the pre-existing tools that the development team uses like GitHub, Bitbucket, and Azure, and get instant results with its automated pull request review. Overall, Embold has many features to provide efficient code analysis, prediction to have a deeper understanding of the software and its problems, and provide solutions.

Source: https://builders.intel.com/ai/solutionscatalog/embold-ai-based-static-code-analysis-platform-650?linkId=100000019424741

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